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(5 Fixes) Wyze Cannot Find Specified Network Name [2023]

Wyze Cannot Find Specified Network Name

Without a WiFi connection… 

You won’t be able to control your Wyze cam through its app. 

Which would defeat the purpose of getting this gadget in the first place. 

So, if your Wyze says it can’t find the specified network name…

You should address this issue ASAP. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • The most common reasons you see this error message. 
  • Which WiFi frequency you need to use to avoid this problem. 
  • 5 simple fixes for Wyze devices that can’t find the specified network name. 
  • And much, much more…

Wyze cannot find specified network name – why?

Your Wyze can’t find a specified network name because you’re not trying to connect to a 2.4 GHz network. This problem also happens if your WiFi’s name has special characters. Not using the right network password also causes this error to appear on your Wyze app. 

Wyze cannot find specified network name – 5 fixes

#1: Restart your devices 

Let’s start with the easiest solution for this error.

And that’s to restart/refresh your devices.

See, all gadgets have their limits.

And when devices glitch or become too overwhelmed with their ongoing tasks…

Sometimes, they start showing error messages. Like the one on your Wyze app now. 

Fortunately, though, unlike humans…

Gadgets don’t require a good night of sleep to recover. 

Because all they need is a few minutes to pause. And they’ll be back on track. 

So, that’s exactly what we’ll give your gadgets for this fix. 

Now, these are 3 devices you’ll restart for this process:

  • Router. 
  • Wyze cam.
  • Mobile phone (where the Wyze app is). 

So, ensure that they’re accessible to you.

Then, proceed to the specific steps to… 

Restart your router:

  1. Ensure your device is ON.
  2. Unplug your router from the outlet. 
  3. Wait for 1 minute. 
  4. Reconnect your router to its power source.
  5. Wait for another 3 minutes so it can fully boot up. 

Restart your mobile device:

iOS (iPhone X or later)
  1. Locate the Power and Volume Up buttons on your phone. 
  2. Press and hold both keys simultaneously. 
  3. Let go when you see a slider on your screen. 
  4. Drag the slider’s head to the right. 
  5. Wait for 30 seconds so your device can completely shut down.
  6. Press and hold your phone’s Power button.
  7. Let go when the Apple logo appears. 
Android (Samsung models)
  1. Find your phone’s Power and Volume Down keys. 
  2. Long-press both buttons.
  3. Let go when the Power Menu appears on your screen.
  4. Tap the green Restart icon. 
  5. Wait for your device to turn OFF and ON again. 

Note: If these steps don’t apply to your specific phone, check your device’s user manual. 

Restart your Wyze cam:

  1. Unplug your device from the outlet. 
  2. Wait for a whole minute. 
  3. Plug it back to power again. 
  4. Wait for 2 minutes so your cam can turn ON completely. 

Now, before connecting the Wyze device to your network again, you should… 

#2: Ensure you’re using the right password 

When you use the wrong WiFi password… 

The Wyze app shows the error message:

“Cannot find specified network name.” 

Instead of simply saying you’re using the wrong credentials to connect to your WiFi. 

So, another simple way to stop this problem is to… 

Ensure you’re using the correct network password:

Step 1: Disconnect a device from your WiFi

You may use your phone or PC to do so. 

Step 2: Reconnect the same gadget to your network

Type the password you’ve used to connect your Wyze device to the WiFi. 

Then, observe if the connection successfully goes through. 

If it does… 

That means you’ve already been using the correct password. 

So, this solution doesn’t apply to you.

However, if your device doesn’t reconnect to your network…

This implies you were using the wrong WiFi credentials on your Wyze app. 

So, first, double-check what your correct network password is. 

Then, use that one to reconnect your mobile device to your WiFi. 

Once you successfully do so…

Step 3: Connect your Wyze to the WiFi again 

Take note of the password you used to reconnect your gadget in the previous step. 

Then, use the same one to connect your Wyze device to your WiFi. 

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#3: Use a 2.4 GHz network 

All Wyze devices, including the smart plugs and cams, only work using a 2.4 GHz WiFi. 

So, for this solution…

You should ensure that you’re trying to connect your Wyze to this network frequency.

Now, luckily, all routers have a 2.4 GHz connection

However, if you have a dual-band network… 

You’ll need to select this frequency specifically. Or else, you’ll end up connecting to the 5 GHz network that your Wyze app rejects. 

Curious about how the 2 frequencies are different? 

Watch this video:

Now, don’t worry. Connecting your Wyze device to a 2.4 GHz network is easy. 

First, follow these…

Steps to check if you have a dual-band network:

  1. Grab your mobile device.
  2. Go to its Network Settings.
  3. Take note of your WiFi’s name.
  4. Disconnect your mobile device from the network.
  5. Let your phone discover nearby connections. 
  6. Count how many versions of your WiFi there are. 

If you only see 1…

You own a single-band network. 

And since this means your router exclusively has a 2.4 GHz frequency…

You can skip to the next solution. 

However, if you see 2 versions of your home network (with different word/number endings)… 

Then, ensure you connect your Wyze to the WiFi with any of these on its name:

  • 24. 
  • 2.4.
  • 24G. 

And if the problem persists… 

#4: Change your WiFi’s name 

As long as you use the right password… 

Most of your gadgets won’t have any problems connecting to your WiFi. 

However, with Wyze devices…

This isn’t really the case. 

See, Wyze products, especially the cameras, are very picky when connecting to a new network. 

That apart from the password you use…

They also have requirements for your WiFi’s name. Which shouldn’t have special characters like these ones:  

  • Space.
  • Dash (-).
  • Period (.).
  • Comma (,).
  • Asterisks (*).
  • Apostrophe (‘). 
  • Underscore (_). 

Because if it does, your Wyze product won’t connect to your WiFi. 

So, if your network’s title has characters apart from numbers and letters… 

Follow these steps to change your WiFi’s name:

Warning: This process will disconnect all devices connected to your network. So, don’t proceed if any of your gadgets are downloading/installing crucial data or updating. 

Step 1: Find your router’s IP address

You’ll see this at the back or bottom of your device. 

And it’ll be accompanied by these 2 headings:

  • Password. 
  • Username. 
Step 2: Open a web browser 

Prepare a PC or phone connected to your WiFi network. 

Then, launch any browser on your device.

After doing so, open a new tab before you proceed to…

Step 3: Type your router’s IP address in the search bar

Note: Ensure that you include the periods.

And once you double-check that the IP address you typed in is correct… 

Hit Enter on your keyboard and proceed to the next step. 

“But a warning appeared on my screen.” 

In that case, just tap the underlined Learn more text on the page.

Then, click the “Proceed to (your IP address)” option at the bottom. 

Note: Don’t mind this warning. You only see this because your IP address isn’t an established website. Not because you’re entering a dangerous page.  

Step 4: Sign in using your router’s username and password

Note: This is different from your WiFi name and password. 

You’ll find these specific credentials above or under the IP address on your router’s sticker. 

Step 5: Click Wireless

The exact location of this heading varies depending on your ISP.

But most of the time, you’ll find this at your browser’s top or side panels. 

Note: Other models use Wireless Security or WLAN headings instead of Wireless. 

Step 6: Change your WiFi’s name

At this point, you’ll see your network’s custom credentials. 

So, simply tap the current name of your WiFi. 

Then, replace it with one that doesn’t have any special characters. 

In other words, you should only use words and numbers for your network’s name. 

Step 7: Save the changes

Just tap the Save or Apply button. Whichever option you see on your screen.

Note: The exact steps to change your network’s name vary depending on your service provider. So, if this process doesn’t apply to your router, contact your ISP instead. 

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#5: Factory reset your Wyze cam 

Still seeing the same error?

Then, it’s time to factory reset your Wyze device.

Now, don’t worry.

Note: Factory resetting your Wyze cam won’t remove all your device’s information. This process only deletes your network and custom settings. So, other data, like your media files and firmware versions, will be unchanged. 

That said, here’s how you can… 

Factory reset your Wyze cam:

Step 1: Connect your device to power

Plug your cam into a functioning outlet. 

And once you see its LED lights turn ON… 

Step 2: Remove your cam’s microSD card

You’ll find the card’s slot at the bottom of your device. 

Step 3: Press and hold your device’s Setup button

This is also located at the bottom of your Wyze cam. 

“How long do I have to press the button?”

Well, that depends on the type of Wyze cam you have.

So, use this table as a guide:

Wyze cam versionHow long you have to press the Setup button
v115-20 seconds
v24-5 seconds
v310 seconds
Step 4: Wait for your cam’s LED to flash

For v1 and v2 models, you should see a flashing yellow light.

But if you have the v3 version, the LED will flash red.

Note: If your Wyze cam isn’t part of the models mentioned above, check your device’s user manual to factory reset it. 

Bonus: Contact Wyze 

If you still have trouble connecting your Wyze device to your WiFi… 

I highly recommend contacting the company’s representatives. So they can give you further solutions or replace your device if needed. 

You can contact Wyze by calling (206) 339-9646. 

Alternatively, you may head to the brand’s official support website.