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(11 Fixes) LG TV WiFi Keeps Disconnecting [Updated 2023]

LG TV WiFi Keeps Disconnecting

Smart TVs are supposed to make our lives easier.

But sometimes, they do quite the opposite.

And this WiFi disconnection issue is a clear example of that. 

But trust me, you’re in good hands right now. 

Because I’ve got the fix. 

Not to mention, a clear-as-day solution that takes under 5 minutes to do. 

So, what next then? 

Keep reading to find out: 

  • 11 instant-coffee-like fixes to wake up your LG TV’s WiFi. 
  • Why location and time zone settings can affect your internet connectivity. 
  • When to contact LG customer support (and what to do if it’s a hardware issue).
  • And so much more…

Why does my LG TV keep disconnecting from my WiFi?

Your LG TV keeps disconnecting from your WiFi because of network congestion. Another issue could be due to outdated software that’s causing bugs in your WiFi network. Other times, a streaming stick or USB can cause interference. Lastly, your location settings or TV’s WiFi module may be the issue. 

LG TV WiFi keeps disconnecting: 11 fixes

#1: Disconnect all other devices from WiFi

Here’s something that could’ve happened to your LG TV

It’s overwhelmed by the number of devices that are currently connected to your WiFi. 

Think of your LG TV as a puzzle piece that can’t fit no matter what it does. 

Not even if you use a jackhammer to slam it in. 

Now, why does this happen? 

Because of a WiFi network congestion. 

Put simply, there are too many devices connected to the internet. 

And in effect, 2 things can happen:

  1. Any new device will have trouble connecting to the WiFi server. 
  2. Devices that are far from the router will have a weak or no internet connection. 

So, let’s resolve the first issue. 

If your LG TV’s having trouble connecting to the WiFi, disconnect all other devices. 

Then, test and see if your LG TV can connect to the internet. 

If not, we’ll head to resolving the next issue by…

#2: Transfer your router’s position

As mentioned previously… 

Router positioning plays a role in your WiFi signal’s strength. 

The way it works is:

  1. Devices nearer to your modem or router have a stronger signal. 
  2. A device that’s far from your router will have a weaker connection. 

But what causes this? 

Think of your WiFi as invisible waves. 

Each wave travels over a certain distance. 

Now, keep this in mind: 

The farther a wave travels, the weaker it will be once it reaches a device.

Still confused? 

Here’s a scenario:  

Say your LG TV’s in the living room, but your router’s located in the bedroom on the 2nd floor. 

Those invisible waves we talked about earlier have to travel quite far, right?

But what if…

Your router was sitting right next to your TV? 

You’d hardly have any WiFi problems. 

And sometimes, the solution can be as simple as this: 

Repositioning your router. 

If you have a modem, make sure to reposition it beside your router too. 

Did that fix your issue? 

It’s worth considering buying a new router

Should you still experience the same problem, let’s keep moving to the next fixes. 

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#3: Reset your WiFi router and modem

Reset WiFi Router And Modem

Perhaps all your LG TV needs is a simple network refresh.

What does that mean?

Basically, you’re unplugging your router and modem from the power source to…

  • Refresh the system.
  • Resolve any glitches in the network. 
  • Clear a bug that caused your router and modem to crash and stop working.

Don’t worry, though. 

This fix is easy to carry out: 

  1. Unplug your router and modem. 
  2. Wait for 5 minutes. 
  3. Plug your router and modem back into the power source. 

Dig deeper: (11 Fixes) LG TV WiFi Is Turned Off

#4: Detach any USB plugged into your TV

Sometimes, your LG TV can’t connect to the WiFi because a device prevents the connection. 

Think streaming devices like Roku Express, Firestick, or Chromecast

And that includes TV set-top boxes like Roku Ultra or Streambar, Apple TV, or Fire Cube

In other words, these devices might be causing interference. 

Imagine your WiFi network currently guarded by a gate.

Even if your LG TV has the magic word to open those gates…

There’s a 10-foot-tall muscular giant that’s blocking the entrance. 

So, what can you do? 

Here’s a 3-step process of how to fix this: 

  1. Detach your USB or streaming device.
  2. Restart your router and modem.
  3. Test your LG TV’s WiFi connection.

#5: Restart your LG TV

Okay, enough with the WiFi troubleshooting for now. 

Let’s shift our attention to 1 component that could be causing this WiFi issue: 

Your LG TV. 

And we’re bringing the oldest fix that’s been known to man since TVs were born: 

Restarting your device. 

Here’s how it goes: 

  1. Unplug your LG TV. 
  2. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes. 
  3. Plug your LG TV back into its power source. 

#6 Try using an ethernet cable

Why do this? 

Because using an ethernet cable ensures your connection’s stable and consistently strong. 

Sometimes, relying on wireless connectivity isn’t enough. 

See – here’s the problem. 

Bluetooth devices, microwaves, and even baby monitors disrupt your WiFi signal. 

Remember those invisible waves we talked about earlier? 

When a wave crashes into a Bluetooth device, it splits in half. 

And as a result, the moment it lands on your LG TV, it’s pretty much a dead signal. 

That’s the beauty of an ethernet cable.

What it does is it prevents any interruption in your device’s connection. 

If you don’t have one, you can easily buy a new ethernet cable online. 

From here, follow these steps for a successful connection:

Step 1: Move your router closer to your LG TV.

Step 2: Plug your ethernet cable into your router and TV. 

You’ll notice 2 connectors on both ends of your cable. 

From here, you should…

  1. Plug 1 connector into the yellow-colored port of your router. 
  2. Attach the other end to your LG TV port (located in your TV’s back panel).

Step 3: Access your LG TV’s network settings.

  1. Tap the gear icon on your LG TV remote. 
  2. Select “All Settings.”
  3. Choose “Network.” 
  4. Tap “Wired Connection.” 
  5. Launch your browser or an app on your LG TV. 

Need a little more help?

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to connect an ethernet cable to your LG TV:

#7: Reset your LG TV’s location settings

WiFi problems still persisting? 

Then it could be your location settings that’s causing this frustrating issue. 

“How is that possible?”

Because LG TVs tend to be glitchy when you set…

  • Incorrect time zones (more on this later).
  • A location that doesn’t match where your TV is physically located.
  • Certain features like QuickStart can lead to an improper reboot. 

Now, when it comes to location issues, all you have to do is…

Step 1: Access “All Settings” on your LG TV.

First, hit the gear icon on your LG TV remote. 

You should see a drop down menu appear.

If you scroll all the way down to the 3-dot icon, this will be your “All Settings.”

Step 2: Select “General.”

Step 3: Click on “Location.”

Step 4: Tap “LG Services Country.” 

Step 5: Turn off “Set Automatically.” 

Step 6: Choose another TV location like “Canada” or “Mexico.” 

Confirm the change by clicking on “Yes.”

After, your LG TV should restart. 

Step 7: Go back to your location settings. 

Make sure to go to “LG Services Country” and check if “Set Automatically” is turned off.

Step 8: Set your TV’s location back to its original setting.

In the earlier steps, you changed your location to “Canada” or “Mexico.” 

But now, you’re going to revert it back to its original setting. 

So if your current location is “United States,” make sure it’s set to that. 

Step 9: Confirm the changes.

Once again, your LG TV will restart to save all the changes you made.

From here, test the WiFi connection by launching an app or your browser. 

#8: Make sure your TV’s set to its correct time zone

In rare occurrences, your TV’s time zone can also affect your WiFi connection. 

However, this doesn’t mean your router’s the problem. 

Put it this way: 

When your time zone doesn’t accurately match your location, your WiFi refuses to work.

It’s a weird glitch, but one you can quickly solve: 

  1. Hit the gear icon on your remote. 
  2. Scroll down and select “All Settings.”
  3. Tap “General.” 
  4. Choose “Time & Date.” 
  5. Tap “Time Zone.” 
  6. Set your time zone to its correct setting. 
  7. Check if your LG TV can successfully connect to the WiFi. 

#9: Turn off the QuickStart feature

“What does QuickStart even do?”

As the technical definition goes, this feature sets your LG TV in standby mode after turning it off. 

That way, when you turn on your TV, it powers up more quickly. 

Normally, though, this setting is harmless and mostly a convenient feature. 

However, it can also lead to improperly rebooting your TV. 

What does that mean exactly?

Now, you’ve probably seen this several times on your laptop or gaming console

The most common occurrence is during a power outage. 

When your TV shuts down suddenly due to an outage, you’ll likely notice a message saying:

“Sudden restart or shutdown. Please reboot your device properly.”

The biggest problem with this is it can damage your TV’s internal system.

And as a result, some functions or even components become faulty in the process. 

Because QuickStart leaves your TV in standby mode, here are a few things worth noting:

  1. Your power supply’s constantly running.
  2. The TV’s motherboard is working continuously.
  3. Majority of your TV’s components are still running. 

If you think about this short-term, you won’t notice any adverse effects. 


Because your components are constantly working 24/7, then…

  1. It reduces the lifespan of your TV’s hardware and components.
  2. If an electrical outage happens, it could burn your power supply.

In short, it damages your TV. 

And when your hardware components are faulty, it causes a serious issue (more about this later).

For now, let’s address the QuickStart issue: 

  1. Press the gear icon on your LG TV remote.
  2. Select “All Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Tap “General.”
  4. Select “QuickStart.”
  5. Turn it Off. 

In addition, make it a habit to unplug your TV every night after turning it off. 

#10: Check for any LG TV software updates

Why update your LG TV software? 

Because LG’s developers release new updates to solve the following: 

  • Recurring issues users have complained about several times. 
  • To clear any incompatibility issues between your TV and app or Airplay
  • When apps like Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, Netflix, etc… stop working.
  • Noticeable glitches or bugs that were caused by a previous software version. 

As it stands, your LG TV might not be able to connect due to a software bug. 

And the best way to resolve this is by performing an update: 

  1. Hit the settings function (gear icon) on your LG TV remote. 
  2. Tap “All Settings.”

Note: This is the 3-dot icon at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

  1. Choose “General.”
  2. Scroll down and select “About This TV.”
  3. Tap “Check For Updates.” 
  4. Confirm the installation of the new update. 
  5. Wait for your LG TV to finish updating. 
  6. Test your WiFi connection. 

#11: Hard reset your LG TV

When none of the fixes above worked, here’s what this could mean: 

It’s a TV system bug that can’t be resolved unless you do a hard reset. 

Put simply, this reverts your LG TV back to its default settings. 

However, it also erases stubborn glitches, corrupted files, malfunctions, and bugs. 

So, here’s how to do it on your LG TV: 

  1. Press Settings on your LG TV remote (gear icon).
  2. Choose “All Settings” at the bottom of the drop-down menu (3-dot icon).
  3. Select “General.” 
  4. In the “General” menu, scroll down and tap “Reset to Initial Settings.”
  5. Press “OK” on your remote. 
  6. Hit “OK” again to confirm the reset. 
  7. Set up your LG TV and WiFi again. 
  8. Launch your browser or an app to test the connectivity. 

#Bonus: Contact LG to replace your WiFi module

The worst-case scenario of your LG TV constantly disconnecting from the WiFi is due to…

  • Your LG TV’s WiFi module needs to be replaced. 
  • A faulty hardware component like your motherboard. 

But wait – what does the WiFi module even do?

Well, it handles the communication of all devices that are wirelessly connected to it. 

So if your LG TV’s WiFi module is damaged, it can’t communicate properly with your network. 

In other words, you notice the same issue happening repeatedly: 

Your LG TV keeps disconnecting from the WiFi. 

Because this is a hardware problem, contact LG support first and request a diagnosis. 

Or better yet, you can tell them all the fixes you’ve tried. 

That way, this helps LG on what steps they should take to solve your issue. 

Let them know you’re worried it could be your WiFi module that’s faulty. 

From here, you should be able to schedule a repair service or replacement.