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15 Best LG Smart TV Apps In 2023 (Free & Paid List)

Best LG Smart TV Apps

There are so many apps to choose from inside the LG Content Store.

But, there’s only so much space on your TV.

If you want to make the most out of what space you have, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve compiled a list of the best apps this 2022.

Continue reading to learn:

  • 15 of the best LG Smart TV apps.
  • Which paid apps have free versions.
  • What are the payment plans for Netflix, Disney Plus, and other paid apps (which you can install on your LG Smart TV).
  • And a lot more…

Which apps are best for LG Smart TV?

The best free apps for LG Smart TVs are LG Channels, YouTube, Spotify, Funimation, Facebook Watch, and Twitch. For paid apps, the best are Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, YouTube TV, and HBO Max.

6 best free LG Smart TV apps

#1: LG Channels

This is a built-in streaming service on all LG TVs. 

Now, it might not have those blockbuster movies that you want…

However, LG Channels does let you stream over 190 IP-free channels. 

So, expect to see a wide selection of shows from various genres. You can choose comedy, horror, and more.

Moreover, it streams content from all over the world. With that, LG Channels lets you in on all the entertainment and news info you need 24/7.

#2: YouTube 

Want access to DIYs, music videos, movies, and more?

Then YouTube is a must-have app for your LG Smart TV.

Just log in to your Google Account, so you can see your preferences, watch history, and more.

Reminder: The YouTube app also features full movies that you can rent or buy.

#3: Spotify

This is currently the best music streaming platform around. You get access to millions of music from popular and up-and-coming artists alike.

Now, Spotify has a free plan which is great on its own. 

However, there are 3 premium plans you might want to consider.


  1. Access to all playlists.
  2. Can play all music but only in Shuffle Play.

Individual ($9.99/month)

  1. Ad-free music.
  2. Play anywhere – including offline.
  3. On-demand playback.

Duo ($12.99/month)

  1. 2 Premium accounts for a couple under one roof.
  2. Ad-free music.
  3. Play offline.
  4. On-demand playback.

Family ($15.99/month)

  1. 6 Premium accounts.
  2. Block explicit music
  3. Ad-free music.
  4. Play offline.
  5. On-demand playback.
  6. Access to Spotify Kids

Student ($4.99)

  1. Hulu (with ads).
  3. Ad-free music.
  4. Play offline.
  5. On-demand playback.

#4: Funimation

This app is your center for all of your anime cravings.

And Funimation does come with a free version.

However, if you want an interruption-free experience, go for one of its paid plans.


  1. Access to limited library.
  2. With ads.

Premium ($5.99/month)

  1. Access to the entire library.
  2. No ads.
  3. Up to 2  simultaneous streams.

Premium Plus ($7.99/month)

  1. Access to the entire library
  2. No ads.
  3. Offline viewing.
  4. Up to 5 simultaneous streams.
  5. Shopping deals.

Premium Plus Ultra ($79.99/year)

  1. All perks from Premium Plus.
  2. Free shipping from store products.
  3. Special anniversary gift.

#5: Facebook Watch

This app on your LG Smart TV lets you view videos that you’ll find on Facebook.

What’s great is that you don’t have to log into your account to enjoy the app.

However, if you want to view videos from your favorite pages and personalities, it’s best to log in.

The platform also gives you access to live streams from pages and other accounts.

#6: Twitch

If you’re a big fan of gaming, then Twitch is a good platform to have.

This lets you watch through playthroughs of your favorite video games.

However, you can focus on supporting your favorite streamers as well. Better yet, the Twitch app lets you directly interact with your favorite streamers through comments and reactions.

6 best paid LG smart TV apps

#1: Netflix


This is currently the king of streaming platforms.

As such, it’s one of the essential apps to have for your LG Smart TV.

There are lots of shows to watch on Netflix.

After all, the platform is known for its amazing exclusives. As of writing, some of the best content on Netflix are:

  • You.
  • Fear Street.
  • Enola Holmes.
  • Stranger Things.
  • Umbrella Academy.

So, start enjoying these shows with one of the following plans:

Basic ($9.99/month)

  1. Access to the entire library on a laptop, TV, or tablet.
  2. Stream and download on one device.

Standard ($15.49/month)

  1. Access to the entire library on a laptop, TV, or tablet.
  2. Stream and download on two devices.
  3. HD streaming.

Premium ($19.99/month)

  1. Access to the entire library on a laptop, TV, or tablet.
  2. Stream and download on four devices.
  3. HD and Ultra HD streaming.

#2: Disney Plus 

Since launching in 2019, Disney Plus has become one of the most popular streaming platforms.

The app lets you stream content from Marvel, Disney, and even the Star Wars franchise.

Moreover, there’s a huge selection of Disney Plus exclusives that’ll satisfy Marvel and Star Wars fans alike. Some of the best exclusives to watch are:

  • Loki.
  • WandaVision.
  • Moon Knight.
  • The Mandalorian.
  • The Book of Boba Fett.

The subscription plans for Disney Plus are as follows:

Standard Disney Plus ($7.99/month or 79.99/year)

  1. All Disney Plus Content.
  2. Ad-free viewing.
  3. Unlimited downloads (10 devices).
  4. 100+ titles in 4k UHD and HDR.
  5. Up to 4 simultaneous streams.
  6. Parental controls.

Disney Plus-Hulu-ESPN Plus Bundle ($13.99/month, $19.99/month or $72.99/month)

  1. All Standard Disney Plus content.
  2. Live sport and ESPN Plus Content.
  3. Hulu shows.

Disney Premiere Access

$29.99/per movie (Disney+ standard subscription required)

#3: Amazon Prime Video

For many, Amazon Prime is a premium membership option that gives you access to perks on the online store.

However, with a great selection of shows and originals, Amazon Prime Video has become a favorite streaming platform as well.

After its price increase last year, the subscription fees for the membership are now:

  • Prime Video only – $8.99/month.
  • Amazon Prime – $14.99/month or $139.99/year.

Did you know? There are lots of other perks that come with Amazon Prime. These include:

  • Access to free games with Prime Gaming.
  • Discounts on WholeFoods and video games.
  • Unlimited access to a large music library with Prime Music.
  • Early access to Kindle releases and the Kindle Lending Library.

#4: YouTube TV

This app basically turns YouTube into a cable service.

For a set fee, you can gain access to over 85 channels for entertainment, news, soap operas, live sports, and more.

What are some of the channels you’re getting with YouTube TV? They’re none other than:

  • abc.
  • Fox.
  • CBS.
  • NBC.
  • CNN.
  • ESPN.
  • Food Network.
  • Comedy Central.

To subscribe, you can choose from these two payment options:

Base Plan ($54.99/month)

  1. 85+ channels.
  2. Unlimited DVR space.
  3. Can share with up to 6 accounts.
  4. Can add Spanish plan for $14.99/month.

Spanish Plan ($24.99/month)

  1. 28+ Spanish networks.
  2. Unlimited DVR space.
  3. Can share with up to 6 accounts.

#5: HBO Max 

This gives you access to HBO’s huge list of movies and award-winning shows. 

Right now, some of the best shows to look for include:

  • Euphoria.
  • The Gilded Age.
  • Game of Thrones.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Now, HBO Max is available in two paid plans:

  • With Ads plan – $9.99/month or $149.99/year.
  • Ads-free plan – $14.99/month or $149.99/year.

#6: Paramount Plus

This is a Netflix-style app that delivers exclusive movies and TV Shows on demand.

Additionally, the platform also streams content from channels, including:

  • MTV.
  • CBS.
  • CBS News.
  • CBS Sports.
  • Nick Jr.
  • Nickelodeon.
  • Comedy Central.

And you can subscribe to the service with one of these plans.

Essential (4.99/month)

  1. Basic Paramount Plus.
  2. Limited commercial interruptions.

Premium (9.99/month)

  1. Basic Paramount Plus.
  2. No ads.
  3. CBS station.

Essential + SHOWTIME (9.99/month or 99.99/year)

  1. Basic Paramount Plus.
  2. Limited commercial interruptions.
  3. NFL on CBS.
  4. UEFA Champions League.

Premium + SHOWTIME (12.99/month or 129.99/year)

  1. Basic Paramount Plus.
  2. No ads.
  3. NFL on CBS.
  4. UEFA Champions League.

Bonus: 3 best LG smart TV apps for adults

#1: AccuWeather

I understand that nothing’s more frustrating than heading out on a sunny day, only for it to rain a few hours later.

Luckily, LG TV’s AccuWeather has got your back.

This app gives you a full display of the day’s forecast. It’ll include temperature information for the week too.

It’s direct-to-the-point weather information, which is perfect if you’re always on the go.

Now, the basic version of the app is free.

However, if you subscribe to AccuWeather for $19.99 per year, you’ll get more detailed data. 

Additional information will include:

  • Longer-range forecast information.
  • Historical data within the local area.
  • Highly detailed radar information for better accuracy.

#2: Kitchen Stories

Every home chef needs this LG Smart TV app.

This is basically a recipe book on display on a larger screen. 

It illustrates recipes with high-resolution photos and video clips. Therefore, allowing you to follow even the most complex dishes.

Additionally, Kitchen Stories also throws in how-to videos that help you improve your kitchen skills.

#3: Daily Workouts

Working out with the help of training apps on your phone can be a hassle.

It’s much better on a larger screen.

Daily Workouts gives you that opportunity.

Basically, this app provides you with videos of over 100 different exercises.

Plus, it also gives routines that can last between 5 to 30 minutes.

And the app is free. However, subscribing to the Pro version for $20 a year will give you access to:

  • Exclusive routines.
  • Ability to build custom workouts.

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