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(11 Fixes) LG TV WiFi Is Turned Off (Updated 2023)

LG TV WiFi Is Turned Off

What makes a Smart TV superior to older sets?

Well, among others…

The ability to go online. 

Which is why it’s really annoying…

When your LG TV couldn’t even turn on its Wi-Fi option.

But we’ve got solutions for you. So let’s dive in. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • How to turn your smartphone into a hotspot .
  • How to directly connect your LG TV to your modem.
  • 3 home items that may be interfering with your TV’s signal.
  • How streaming devices can be the solution to your WiFi problem.
  • Which Location settings are possibly causing your LG TV’s WiFi issue.
  • And much much more…

Why is my LG TV WiFi turned off?

Your LG TV WiFi is turned off because of a defect in the WiFi module. It’s also likely that the cables connecting to the WiFi module are faulty. Your TV’s firmware may also be outdated. In addition, TV settings such as Location have been known to cause WiFi issues.  

LG TV WiFi is turned off: 11 fixes

#1: Perform a power cycle

Power cycle is the process of restarting an electronic device. 

For a lot of issues, a power cycle is enough. This simple process resolves many gadget problems. 

So if you couldn’t turn on your LG TV’s WiFi option? This is the first troubleshooting step.

We’ll advise you to power cycle not just your TV. It’s best to also include your modem and router. 

LG’s official website advises performing a modified power cycle. Where you’ll also have to long-press the TV’s power button. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn off your LG TV with the remote.
  2. Unplug it from the outlet.
  3. Press the TV’s Power button for about 30 seconds.

Don’t plug the TV back in just yet. 

The next thing to do is reset your modem and router. 

Here’s the fastest way to do it:

  1. Unplug your modem and router from the outlet.
  2. Wait for about 30 seconds to a minute.
  3. Plug it back in. 

Now, wait for your modem and router to power on. Check if the internet lights are now steady. 

Then plug your LG TV back in. And turn it on. 

Check the TV’s Network settings. See if you’re now able to connect to the internet. 

If you still can’t? Proceed to other potential fixes. 

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#2: Change the Location settings

In some LG TVs, the Location setting can cause glitches. 

When the Set Automatically option is selected…

It causes WiFi issues. Such as the disabled WiFi option.

There’s no apparent explanation for why it happens. 

But based on many reports… 

Changing the Location setting resolves connectivity problems. 

There are 2 particular Location settings you may try to change:

  • Broadcast Country.
  • LG Services Country. 

“Wait. What country should I change them to, then?”

Any random country other than your own. This will only be temporary, anyway. 

To change the Broadcast Country

  1. Press the Settings button on your remote. This should pull up the All Settings menu.
  2. Navigate to General and go to Location.
  3. Click Broadcast Country. 
  4. Unselect the Set Automatically option.
  5. Select any country other than your current location.
  6. Click Yes to confirm changes.

To change the LG Services Country

  1. Press the Settings button.
  2. Go to General and select Location.
  3. Click LG Services Country. 
  4. Unselect the Set Automatically option.
  5. Select a random country. 
  6. Click Yes to confirm changes. 

Your LG TV should reboot after. Once it’s back on, try to connect your TV to WiFi. 

Are you now able to connect? 

If yes, you may manually change the Location settings back to your country.

#3: Remove items that may cause signal interference

Some equipment may interfere with your TV. Specifically, with your TV’s ability to connect to the WiFi. 

According to LG’s website, these are a few examples of such equipment:

If you have any of these. Or similar gadgets. Try switching them off. Unplug them for a moment. 

It’s possible that one of these is interfering with the signal. That’s why your LG TV couldn’t connect to the WiFi.

#4: Do a smartphone hotspot test

One way to test your TV’s connection is by using a mobile hotspot

A mobile hotspot is essentially a smartphone turned into a localized WiFi network. With the use of mobile data. 

Your TV may be struggling to connect to your home WiFi. But perhaps it can connect to your phone. 

“How do I turn my phone into a hotspot?”

Check out the guides below:

For iOS users

  1. Turn on your Cellular data.
  2. Tap the Settings icon. 
  3. Select Personal Hotspot.
  4. Click the slider next to Allow Others to Join.

For Android users

  1. Turn on your Cellular data.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Select Hotspot & tethering.
  4. Tap WiFi Hotspot.

Try to restart your LG TV. Check if it can detect your mobile hotspot. 

#5: Check your TV’s Time Zone and Date settings

Similar to the Location settings… Sometimes your LG TV’s Time Zone and Date settings may also cause glitches. 

Try to manually change it and see if it resolves your WiFi issue.

This is how to do it:

  1. Press the Settings button on your remote.
  2. Go to All Settings and then General.
  3. Navigate to Time & Date.
  4. Try to make changes to the Date and Time.

Restart your TV afterward. In some cases, changing the time somehow resolves connection issues. 

#6: Switch off the Quick Start+ feature

Does your LG TV have Quick Start+

If so, you may want to turn it off. 

Quick Start+ is a feature that puts your LG TV on standby mode when you switch it off. 

Apps are still running in the background. 

This is so if you turn your TV back on again, apps will load up faster. 

Yet this feature’s been known to cause various issues. Including WiFi connection problems. 

Here’s how you can disable Quick Start+:

  1. Press the Settings button on your remote.
  2. Go to All Settings and select General.
  3. Navigate to Quick Start and click off.

Perform a power cycle afterward. Then check if the WiFi option can now be turned on. 

For a visual guide, you may also refer to this video:

#7: Turn off the SIMPLINK feature

LG TV’s SIMPLINK function allows you to control multiple HDMI-connected devices. With only one remote control. 

It’s an excellent feature. But we also couldn’t rule it out as the cause of your TV’s WiFi problem. 

It may be wise to turn it off temporarily. 

Here are the steps to switch off SIMPLINK:

  1. On your remote, press the Settings button.
  2. Select All Settings then General.
  3. Look for SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC). Click it to turn it off.

#8: Update your LG TV’s firmware

Smart TVs like LG rely on firmware to function properly. 

That’s why it’s important to always keep it up to date.

Normally, firmware updates are automatic. As long as your TV’s connected to the internet.   

“Well, obviously my LG TV can’t connect to the WiFi. So what now?”

Not a problem. Because there’s an easy workaround.

All you’ll need are 2 things:

If you have them, you may proceed with the download and installation. 

How to download the latest update

  1. Go to LG’s Support Home Page
  2. Type in your LG TV’s model number in the search box.
  3. When the model number appears in the drop-down menu, click it.
  4. Once you’re on the Product Support Page, look for the download link to the latest firmware file. Click it to download the file to your computer. 

How to save the firmware update to your USB flash drive

  1. Extract the downloaded firmware update to any location on your computer.
  2. Create a folder named LG_DTV in your USB flash drive. 
  3. Copy and paste the extracted file onto the LG_DTV folder. 

Note: Make sure the folder name is exactly spelled as LG_DTV. All caps. Or else, your LG TV won’t be able to read it. 

How to install the firmware update using your USB flash drive

  1. Plug in the USB flash drive containing the update to your TV.
  2. Restart your TV by turning it off and on.
  3. The firmware update install should start automatically.

#9: Directly connect your TV to your modem

If you really need to connect your LG TV to the internet. Then consider bypassing your router. And plug your TV directly into your modem.

You’d only need an ethernet cable to do this. LG TVs have a port for this type of cable.

This might not be the most convenient solution. Especially if your modem may be too far from your TV. 

But there are long ethernet cables available online. You might consider ordering one. 

#10: Use Streaming Devices

Take it from the old-school TVs. They can’t connect to the internet. Yet they’re still relevant. 


Because of streaming devices. 

Such as Roku, Chromecast, and Firestick

Yes, these devices still need an internet connection to function. But your TV itself won’t.

So if your LG TV’s WiFi problem persists? Consider using one of these streaming devices. 

And you’d be able to enjoy streaming again in no time. 

#11: Perform a Factory Reset

A factory reset restores your TV’s settings to their original state.

It isn’t a highly-recommended solution. Mainly because it’ll wipe out all of your LG TV’s data. 

All of your files. Custom settings. Installed apps. All of them would be removed if go with this option. 

So see to it that you exhaust all other means first. 

But if you’ve decided. Here’s how can do it:

  1. On your remote, press the Smart button.
  2. Find the Gear icon on the top right and click it.
  3. Select General.
  4. Navigate to “Reset to Initial Settings”. Click that to begin the reset process.

Your TV should restart. It’ll ask you to enter your account information all over again. 

You may then check if you’re TV’s now able to connect to WiFi. 

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Bonus: Contact LG for repair

Contact LG For Repair

If none of the fixes work? It may very well be a hardware issue. 

The WiFi module, in particular, may be defective. 

A WiFi module is an electric component found in computers and Smart TVs. It’s necessary to achieve a wireless connection to the internet. If it’s faulty, it needs to be replaced. 

Another possible issue is the flat cable that connects to the WiFi module. If it’s bent, your LG TV may struggle to connect to the internet. 

But it’s not advisable to attempt to fix it on your own. 

Trying a do-it-yourself repair may void your TV’s warranty. It’s always best to contact your nearest LG Service Center for repair options.