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How Much Do AirPods Weigh? 5 Surprising Answers (2023)

How Much Do AirPods Weigh

“Wait – my AirPods were inside my pocket this entire time??.”

That’s how light your AirPods weigh. 

But if they’re inside your charging case, it’s a different story.

And if it’s an AirPods Pro, well…

Let’s just say they’re slightly heavier.

Want the specifics? 

Read on to discover:

  • If AirPods are heavier compared to other earbuds.
  • How much your AirPods weigh (exact measurements). 
  • Weight of all AirPod models (1st-gen, 2nd-gen, 3rd-gen, and Pro).
  • And so much more…

How much do AirPods weigh?

The standard AirPods (1st generation) weigh 0.28 oz. (8g). The dimensions for each are 0.65 x 0.71 x 1.59 inches (16.5 x 18.0 x 40.5 mm). Each AirPod weighs 0.14 oz. (4 g). For the charging case, it weighs 1.34 oz. (38 g). Put together, your AirPods and case would weigh 1.62 oz. (46 g).

How much do AirPods Pro weigh?

AirPods Pro weigh 0.38 oz. (10.8 g). 

The weight of each AirPod Pro is 0.19 oz. (5.4 g). 

Other size dimensions for an AirPods Pro include the following:

Dimensions Per AirPod ProAirPods Pro (combined)
Width0.86 inches (21.88 mm)1.72 inches (43.7 mm)
Depth0.94 inches (24 mm)1.88 inches (48 mm)
Height1.22 inches (30.9 mm)2.44 inches (62 mm)

As for the AirPods Pro charging case, here are its dimensions: 

  • Weight: 1.61 oz. (45.6 g).
  • Width: 2.39 inches (60.6 mm).
  • Depth: 0.85 inches (21.7 mm).
  • Height: 1.78 inches (45.2 mm).

How much do AirPods weigh in box/case?

The standard AirPods (1st gen) placed inside its charging case/box weigh 1.62 oz. (46 g).

Want the full details and breakdown for all AirPod models?

Here it is: 

AirPods modelWeight (AirPods)Charging CaseTotal Weight
1st gen AirPods0.28 oz. (8 g)1.34 oz. (38 g)1.62 oz. (46 g)
2nd gen AirPods0.28 oz. (8 g)1.35 oz. (38.2 g)1.63 oz. (46.2 g)
3rd gen AirPods0.30 oz. (8.56 g)1.33 oz. (37.91 g)1.63 oz. (46.47 g)
AirPods Pro0.38 oz. (10.8 g)1.61 oz. (45.6 g)1.99 oz. (56.4 g)

How much do AirPods weigh in grams?

When it comes to 1st gen and 2nd gen AirPods, both models have a total weight of 8 grams. 

However, 3rd gen AirPods weigh just a tad bit heavier. 

As for the Pro model, there’s no doubt they’re the heaviest. 

Here’s a complete table to show how much each Airpod weighs in grams:

AirPods modelWeight (per AirPod)Weight for both AirPods
1st generation AirPods4 grams8 grams
2nd generation AirPods4 grams8 grams
3rd generation AirPods4.28 grams8.56 grams
AirPods Pro5.4 grams10.8 grams

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Are AirPods heavy compared to other earbuds?

AirPods are lighter than most earbuds. 

And that’s not just for the 2nd gen or 3rd gen AirPod models. 

Take the Samsung Galaxy earbuds, for example. 

It weighs 0.20 oz. (5.6 g) per earbud. 

Although the Samsung Galaxy earphones weigh more than 2nd gen and 3rd gen AirPods…

They’re only slightly heavier than the AirPods Pro model, which weighs 0.19 oz. (5.4 g). 


Other brands like Sony, Google, Jabra, and Bose are much heavier than AirPods. 

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Want proof? 

Here’s a table showing the weight of several earbud models: 

Earbud ModelWeight (per Earbud)Weight (both Earbuds)
Samsung Galaxy Earbuds0.20 oz. (5.6 g)0.40 oz. (11.2 g)
Echo buds (2nd gen)0.20 oz. (5.7 g)0.40 oz. (11.4 g)
Jabra Elite Active 65t0.23 oz. (6.5 g)0.46 oz. (13 g)
Anker SoundCore Life A10.19 oz. (5.5 g)0.39 oz. (11 g)
Sony WF-1000XM40.26 oz. (7.3 g)0.51 oz. (14.6 g)
Panasonic RZ-S500W0.24 oz. (7 g)0.49 oz. (14 g)
Google Pixel Buds A-Series0.18 oz. (5 g)0.35 oz. (10 g)
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 20.21 oz. (6 g)0.42 oz. (12 g)
Bose QuietComfort Earbuds0.30 oz. (8.5 g)0.60 oz. (17 g)
Shure Aonic Free0.24 oz. (6.7 g).0.47 oz. (13.4 g)
Jaybird Vista0.21 oz. (6 g)0.42 oz. (12 g)
Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus0.16 oz. (4.6 g)0.32 oz. (9.2 g)
Beats Fit Pro0.20 oz. (5.6 g)0.40 oz. (11.2 g)

As you can see, the majority of earbuds are heavier than AirPods. 

However, 0.07 to 0.11 ounce (2 to 3 g) doesn’t make much of a weight difference. 

AirPods Max

In other words, you wouldn’t feel the difference if you had, say…

An AirPods Pro in your right pocket and a Sony WF-1000XM4 in your left pocket. 

“What about AirPods Max?”

An AirPods Max weighs about 13.6 ounces or 384 grams.

Compared to other headphones in the market, it’s a lot heavier by about 3.53 oz. (100 g). 

To give you a good idea of what I mean, here’s a table to see how much heavier an AirPods Max is:

Headphones ModelWeight
Bowers & Wilkins PX710.93 oz. (310 g)
Sony WH-1000MX48.96 oz. (254 g)
Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II8.29 oz. (235 g)
Microsoft Surface Headphones 210.23 oz. (290 g)
Cleer Enduro ANC9.88 oz. (280 g)
Beats Studio 3 Wireless9.17 oz. (260 g)
Anker SoundCore Life Q309.28 oz. (263 g)
Sennheiser Momentum 310.76 oz. (305 g)
Shure Aonic 5011.78 oz. (334 g)

From the table above, you’re looking at a weight difference of 50 g to 149 g (1.76 to 5.26 ounces).

It’s quite obvious that an AirPods Max is a lot heavier compared to most headphones today. 

And that difference in weight is quite noticeable, whether you’re bringing it around in a bag or on its own.