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Alexa Lights Meaning: 7 Colors Reviewed (2023 List)

Alexa Lights Meaning

When I set up Alexa the first time…

I was worried when it flashed orange a few days later. 

Ever since then, I’ve seen blue, purple, green, red, yellow, and white.

But after figuring out what each color means and how to fix it…

Alexa’s lights don’t bother me anymore. 

Read on to discover:

  • Why Alexa flashes certain lights.
  • 7 light rings of your Alexa device (and what each color means).
  • What you can do when Alexa flashes a certain color on your Echo device.
  • And so much more…

What do Alexa colors mean?

Alexa’s colors have several meanings. A blue light appears when Alexa responds to a command. Orange means it’s in setup mode or connecting to the WiFi. White means Alexa’s in Guard mode. Yellow indicates you have a notification. Red when your mic’s mute. And purple indicates Do Not Disturb mode. 

Alexa light meaning: 7 colors reviewed (list)

#1: Alexa blue light

Alexa’s blue light is the simplest to understand. 

And it’s also the first light you’ll most likely see when you use your Echo device

When Alexa flashes in blue, it could mean any of the following: 

  • Alexa’s processing your request/command. 
  • Your Echo device is actively listening to your request.
  • Your Alexa device is turned on and powering up.

If you unplug your Alexa device and plug it back in, you’ll notice a blue ring. 

However, it’ll be a spinning blue light. 

When you speak to Alexa, the light is usually solid or pulses. 

So why does it spin then? Put simply, the blue spinning light means:

Your Alexa device’s powering itself back up after it was turned off. 

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#2: Alexa orange light

The first time you set up your Echo device, an orange light will appear. 

This means Alexa’s currently in setup mode. 

If you’ve done a factory reset on your Alexa device before, you’ll notice an orange light as well.


Because a factory reset means returning your Echo device to its default settings. 

As a result, Alexa has to set up your device all over again. 

“But what if I see an orange light if I’ve already set up my Echo device?”

Don’t worry. 

In times like these…

The orange light you see means Alexa’s trying to connect to the WiFi due to:

  • An internet outage in your area. 
  • Your WiFi signal is weak and Alexa can’t connect. 

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After Alexa establishes a connection with your router, the orange light will disappear. 

“What if the orange light doesn’t stop and keeps spinning?”

Then, you should either re-enter your WiFi password or, it could be a router problem. 

If this happens often, you might need a new router

Especially if you have a lot of devices at home using WiFi.

Now, why does this matter?  

Because when too many devices are connected to your router, it congests your network. 

The result? 

More buffers, lags, and WiFi connection problems. 

#3: Alexa green light

If you see a pulsing green light all of a sudden, it means there’s an incoming call. 

Someone’s calling your phone. 

To ignore the call, simply leave your Echo device alone and the green light will disappear. 

Alternatively, you can say “Alexa, hang up,” and bye-bye green ring. 

However, if the green light’s spinning, it means either of the 2: 

  1. You’re in an active call.
  2. Someone’s about to Drop-In.

“What’s a Drop-In?” 

Basically, it’s one of Alexa’s features where an approved contact drops in your Echo device. 

Think of a Drop-In like an intercom. 

But unlike an incoming call that you can ignore or hang up, you can’t ignore a Drop-In. 

Fortunately, there’s a way to fix the green light on your Alexa device. 

You can manually toggle off the Drop-In feature on your Alexa app

After doing so, you’ll only see a green light when someone’s calling you or during an active call. 

#4: Alexa red light

If someone pressed the microphone button on your Alexa device, you’ll see a red light. 

As a result, your Echo device’s microphone is currently set to mute. 

Meaning, Alexa won’t be able to hear any of your commands or your voice.

This might be useful if you don’t want Alexa to spy on your conversations. 

To fix Alexa’s red light, simply press the microphone button on your Echo device. 

The red light should disappear right after. 

Now, in some cases, Alexa’s red ring could also mean the following:

  • Outdated Alexa software.
  • A glitchy WiFi connection. 
  • Faulty or defective wall charger. 
  • Your Alexa device’s malfunctioning. 

“So, what should I do from here?”

There are several steps you can take to fix Alexa’s red ring of death

One solution is to move Alexa closer to your WiFi router. 

Another effective approach is to use a different wall charger for your Echo device. 

And if all else fails, a factory reset should drive the red ring of death away. 

#5: Alexa yellow light

Alexa Yellow Light

The first time I saw Alexa flash a yellow light, I was confused. 

My WiFi worked fine and my Echo device was operating normally, so what gives? 


It turns out I bought a new monitor from Amazon. 

And that’s essentially what a yellow light does: 

It tells you when you have a new message or notification that needs to be reviewed. 

In other words, Alexa’s yellow light means it notifies you if your Amazon: 

  • Package is ready to be shipped.
  • Order’s out for delivery or has been delivered.

In my case, Alexa notified me that my new monitor was ready for delivery. 

Whenever you see your Alexa device flash a yellow light, just say either of the following:

  • “Alexa, what messages do I have?”
  • “Alexa, what notifications do I have?”

If you don’t have any new message or notification, it might be a reminder. 

So, you can say: “Alexa, what are my reminders?”

Now, what if you don’t want to hear any of your notifications?

What you can do is, say: 

“Alexa, delete all notifications.”

However, you can take that a step further and toggle off the notifications on your Alexa app. 

Doing this means you won’t see the yellow light anymore when you get a message or notification from Amazon. 

In other words, it disables the yellow ring on your Alexa device. 

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But take note, though. 

Alexa’s yellow light can be useful against porch pirates or package theft. 

If you don’t have any security system in place like a camera doorbell, for example, then…

The yellow light on your Echo device is actually quite useful. 

How so?

Because it notifies you if your package from Amazon is on its way. 

Not to mention, you’ll know when your Amazon order arrives on your doorstep. 

In effect, your package won’t sit on your front porch for hours and leave it vulnerable to thieves. 

#6: Alexa purple light

Alexa’s purple light means you’ve activated Do Not Disturb on your Echo device. 

“What’s Do Not Disturb?”

It’s a feature that turns off all notifications, messages, Drop-Ins, and calls. 

Do Not Disturb is useful during work hours to eliminate any distractions in the area. 

Put simply, if you don’t want Alexa to disturb you or jump-scare you because of a sudden notification…

Turn on Alexa’s Do Not Disturb feature. 

Take note, though. 

When you activate Do Not Disturb, you’ll see a spinning blue light first then a purple light after. 

In addition, voice commands still work. 

However, every time you say a voice command to Alexa in Do Not Disturb mode, a purple light will flash. 


To remind you that your Echo device is currently in Do Not Disturb mode.

Want to turn it off? Just say:

“Alexa, turn off Do Not Disturb.” 

In some cases, though, the purple light will look like it’s swinging like a pendulum. 

If you see this, it means your Alexa device couldn’t connect to your WiFi network. 

It could also mean that your Echo device failed to connect to your router during the WiFi setup process. 

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#7: Alexa white light

One of the best features I love about Alexa is its Alexa Guard feature. 

When Alexa Guard is turned on, you’ll see a spinning white light.

“What is Alexa Guard?”

Think of it as your personal security…uhm, speaker? 

Jokes aside… 

Alexa Guard is a safety feature that protects your home while you’re away. 

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How it works is it listens for any dangerous sounds, such as:

  • Smoke alarms.
  • Glass breaking.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors.

If Alexa hears any of these sounds, it sends a message to your phone. 

In addition, it also sends you a 10-second clip of the noise. 

Of course, you also don’t need Alexa Guard when you’re home, right? 

So, to disable the white light on your Echo device, just say:

“Alexa, I’m home.”

But wait – there’s one more thing about Alexa’s white light. 

You might also see a solid white light at times on your Echo device. 

This only appears when you’re adjusting the volume of your device. 

#BONUS: Can you manually disable the colors on your Alexa device?

You can only disable two colors on your Alexa device: green and yellow. 

As for the other Alexa lights – red, blue, purple, white, and orange – you can’t. 

With Alexa’s green light, you can manually disable the Drop-In feature to disable the green light. 

But when you receive a call, the green ring inevitably appears. 

The only solution for this is to set your Echo device to Do Not Disturb. 

That way, you won’t receive any calls that may lead to Alexa showing a green light.

As for Alexa’s yellow light, your only option is to toggle off all your Amazon shopping notifications.