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17 Best Alexa Devices In 2023 (#3 Is My All Time Favorite)

Best Alexa Devices

Have you ever tried clapping to turn on your lights?

Didn’t work, did it?

Well, Alexa can make this dream come true and turn it even better.

With only your voice, you can control almost your whole house.

So what devices can you add to your home for this experience?

Keep reading to learn:

  • 17 best Alexa devices in 2022.
  • A kid-friendly smart lamp that’s Alexa-enabled.
  • The best security devices for your home (that come with Alexa features).
  • And much, much more…

What is the best Alexa device? 17 best Alexa devices

#1: Amazon Echo (4th Generation)

Amazon Echo is your introduction to Alexa.

It’s a speaker you can talk with. And you can command it to:

  • Play music.
  • Create a grocery list.
  • Control your smart home.

The 4th generation has an all-new round design. It replaces the cylindrical shape that you might be more familiar with.

Along with the revamped look is a host of new features. 

It has better audio performance, so you can turn up the music while you cook.

Tip: When you’re planning a smart home, a device like Echo is your first step. It acts as a hub that manages other Alexa devices.

#2: Sonos One (Gen 2)

Are you looking for an alternative speaker to Echo?

Well, Sonos One got you covered.

It has Amazon Alexa built-in, and its features are pretty much the same as Echo.

On top of the unit are the physical buttons, one of which is for turning voice controls on and off.

What makes it different is the wider range of services it supports.

It comes with Spotify, Amazon Music, and other apps out of the box. It can even pair with Apple AirPlay 2.

As for me, I like that the Sonos One has a boxy build with soft corners.

The design is more flexible and fits in with more types of decor.

#3: Amazon Echo Dot with Clock 

Having to always ask Alexa for the time can get pretty tiring, doesn’t it?

Well, the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock solves that issue for you.

You can tell the time at a glance with its LED display. It also shows you the temperature outside. It even lets you set a timer.

Moreover, it can be your new bedside companion. So set alarms, then just tap the top to snooze.

The Echo Dot comes with all the features of the Echo we’ve mentioned above.

However, it’s smaller than the standard Echo. It has lower-quality sounds, as well.

At around $60, though, the Echo Dot with Clock remains a solid choice for a first-timer.

#4: Amazon Fire TV Omni

The Amazon Fire TV marks the company’s first appearance in the television scene.

With all the other smart TVs out there, is it worth a look?

For one, its edge-to-edge 4K display is worth noting. But, its colors and contrasts are a bit lacking compared to big brands.

That said, it supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10.

It has your favorite streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Its best offering is its built-in Alexa capabilities. You can control the TV in full with only your voice.

So no need to use your hands when you’re turning the TV on or switching the channel.

Don’t have an Alexa speaker? No worries, you can still talk to your voice assistant through the TV.

#5: Sony X900H TV

We get it…

Not everyone wants to risk buying an expensive item from an industry newcomer like the Fire TV Omni.

That’s why we also have Sony X900H on this list.

This model connects with Alexa seamlessly, allowing you to use voice commands.

Some of the things Alexa can do on this device are to:

  • Launch apps.
  • Switch channels.
  • Turn on/off the TV.
  • Control the volume.

It has a 4K Ultra HD display, which is one of the best in the industry. It’s Sony, after all.

Plus, the TV also has a game mode.

So you get to enjoy high refresh rates and an overall smooth gaming experience. With that, you can celebrate your next victory on a bigger and clearer screen.

#6: Amazon Fire TV Cube

What if you don’t want to buy a brand new TV?

But, you still want to enjoy the Alexa viewing experience.

Don’t worry, Amazon offers the Fire TV Cube.

It’s a nifty little gadget that turns your “dumb” TV into a smart one with the following features:

  • Dolby Vision HDR.
  • Streaming services.
  • Internet connectivity.
  • 4K Ultra HD resolution.
  • Hands-free entertainment.

It also infuses Alexa into your TV, allowing you to connect it to your other Alexa devices.

You can then control your smart home through the Cube.

How neat is that? 

#7: Kasa Smart Plug Mini

The smart plug is a personal favorite.

With it, you can make any old appliance or electronic smart.

All you have to do is plug it into a socket, then plug any gadget into it.

You can then control it from the Kasa app or through Alexa. 

Now, the Kasa smart plug allows you to turn the device you plugged on and off wherever you are…

… So no more worrying whether you’ve left the hair iron plugged in.

Moreover, the smart plug also lets you create schedules.

Or do you want a particular lamp to turn on as the sun sets?

Then feel free to set a time.

And how about creating a countdown timer?

With it, your flat iron for clothes can shut down automatically.

A bonus feature is that it tracks the electricity usage of any appliance plugged into it. 

So you can view weekly and monthly summaries. Those will help you monitor your consumption and savings.

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#8: Amazon Echo Glow

Kids deserve their own Alexa gadget, too.

And the Amazon Echo Glow is something they might appreciate.

It’s a smart lamp that glows in different colors. And it glows at 100 lumens, which makes it just right for mood lighting or as a nightlight. 

But most people would say it’s too expensive for a lamp…

And even I would agree with that.

However, it has many other fun features, such as:

  • Rainbow timer.
  • Integration with Alexa Routines.
  • Support for Amazon FreeTime service.
  • Customizable colors for children’s activities.

Note: The Echo Glow doesn’t have a microphone or a speaker. You need to pair it with an Alexa-enabled device to control it.

#9: Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Smart Light Bulbs

We’ve all been there…

We’ve all gotten cozy in bed, ready to drift off to sleep, before remembering we forgot to turn off the lights.

Then you begin to gather energy to get up again and turn it off. It’s almost too frustrating, actually.

So do you want to put a stop to it?

Don’t worry, the Philips Hue light bulbs will save you.

The White and Color Ambiance smart bulb is voice-controlled through Alexa:

  • Dim the lights.
  • Turn it on and off.
  • Change the colors.
  • Set the right mood.

Pro-tip: Get the Hue Bridge to unlock advanced features. It gives you full control over your light bulbs. Moreover, it allows you to automate switches and create routines.

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#10: Ring Video Doorbell 4

You can’t always keep an eye out on your front door. But, Ring Video Doorbell 4 can.

So do you want to know who visited your home while you were away?

Then connect your Ring device to your smartphone or laptop. With that, you can view any previous interactions.

Moreover, its motion detection feature turns it on to record videos.

Just tell Alexa to show you your front door, and it’ll give you a live feed. 

It has a speaker and a microphone, as well.

You can use it to tell the Amazon delivery guy where to put your package.

And with its night vision, you won’t miss a single detail even in the dark.

However, you do need a subscription to enjoy its full features.

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#11: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation)

Did you know? A study says that around 25% of people forget to lock their front doors.

This leaves the house wide open for burglaries, which can happen in as fast as 10 minutes.

So for a boost in home security, pair your smart doorbell with the August Wi-Fi smart lock.

This particular model is a crowd favorite. That’s because it does every feature right. With it, you’ve never been safer in your home.

Moreover, you can use Alexa to lock and unlock your door even when you’re in another room.

For example…

Do you want to enter your home while holding bags of groceries?

This smart lock will unlock itself as you approach.

Note: You have to enable this setting through the app on your smartphone or Apple watch. You must be carrying the device with you, as well.

#12: SimpliSafe 5-Piece Wireless Home Security System

Are you ready to give your home an all-around security system?

SimpliSafe’s DIY kit is ready to protect you, as well.

You can customize your smart home security system by adding accessories. But, the 5-piece kit already includes:

  • Keypad.
  • Key fob.
  • Base station.
  • Entry sensor.
  • Motion sensor.

If you need a more complete solution, you can also add:

  • Smart lock.
  • Smart doorbell.
  • Indoor cameras.
  • Outdoor cameras.

The SimpliSafe may have multiple components, but the setup is a breeze.

With only a few steps, you can use it with Alexa in no time.

Refer to this video for more information:

#13: Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat has long been a trusted device. 

The Premium version takes it further by adding a built-in Alexa speaker.

Of course, it also adds other advanced features, like:

  • Radar sensor.
  • Air quality sensor.
  • Zinc body replacing plastic.

If someone in your house is one to closely monitor the thermostat…

Then, its voice-controlled features are a dream come true for them.

Moreover, it detects when you’re not home or just arriving soon. 

With that, the thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature. With that said, you’re always going to be comfortable whenever you’re at home. 

#14: iRobot Roomba j7+

iRobot Roomba J7+

Can Roombas get any more functional (and cuter)?

Yes, with the help of Alexa.

iRobot first launched Alexa integration in 2017, but it had limited capabilities.

Today, however, you can tell it to:

  • Start or stop cleaning.
  • Schedule cleaning times.
  • Send announcements through speakers.

Roombas, through Alexa’s AI, can start cleaning jobs when you’re not home.

The Roomba j7+ model, in particular, is smarter than its peers.

It can detect dog poop, so you don’t come home to brown strikes on the floor ever again.

#15: Meross Smart Garage Door Opener

Not many smart garage door openers work with Alexa, which makes Meross stand out.

This model lets you lock and unlock the garage door via voice control or through the Meross app on Android and iOS.

So even if you forget to close the garage door, Meross will do that for you.

Set it to close after a specific period of time to keep your home secure.

Pro-tip: Make sure the Wi-Fi signal is strong in your garage area. Otherwise, the garage door opener may not respond to your commands.

#16: Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen)

What else could you possibly need in an Alexa-enabled home?

A smart display, of course.

The Echo Show 8 gives Alexa a screen to allow you more controls.

It acts as a touchscreen tablet, so you can see what you’re asking Alexa to do.

Plus, the Echo Show 8 has a built-in speaker.

Everything you can do with the Echo is possible here.

Just don’t expect crisp audio, though. That’s the biggest downside on this device.

Regardless, it makes even with its front-facing camera with 13 megapixels.

#17: Amazon Echo Show 15

We have here the bigger sibling of the bunch.

With 15 inches of screen, it’s perfect to be the command center of your smart home.

Hang it on the wall, or display its prominence atop a desk.

Either way, it’s easy to access.

Not that you need to control it with your hands, anyway.

Like the other devices in this line, you use voice controls to view anything you want.

This means you can also use it to watch your favorite Netflix series in your kitchen.

Because of the bigger screen, it can display more than one app at once.

For instance, it’s easy to remain on your video call while you check out who’s at the front door.