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7 Steps To Change Amazon Music Account On Alexa (2023)

How To Change Amazon Music Account On Alexa

Thinking of changing the Amazon Music account on your Alexa device?

Well, you’re at the right place.

And the good news is, you can do this within only a few minutes.


Keep reading to discover:

  • 7 steps to change an Amazon Music account on Alexa.
  • What’s an ‘Amazon Household’ and how you can create one.
  • How you can unlink your Amazon Music from an Alexa device.
  • Whether Alexa can play different Amazon Music accounts or not.
  • And many more…

How to change Amazon Music account on Alexa?

To change the Amazon Music account on Alexa, open the Alexa app first. Next, go to the “More” tab by clicking the icon on the bottom right corner. Select “Settings” and “Device Settings.” Then, click the device where you wish to change profiles. Tap “Deregister” and then log out from your Alexa app.

After this, you can now sign in to your other Amazon Music account. And then connect your Alexa device to it.

If you want to know more, let’s get started.

7 steps to change Amazon Music account on Alexa

#1: Launch Alexa

First, open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone.

Then from its homepage…

#2 Navigate to “More”

Look for the icon with 3 lines. Then click it to see more preferences.

This can be found at the bottom right corner of your screen.

#3: Click “Settings”

After selecting “More,” a menu will show up.

The app will display a list of preferences. But among them, find and tap “Settings.”

#4: Select “Device Settings”

Choose the 3rd tab which is named “Device Settings.”

And then…

#5: Deregister the account that you want to change

Upon clicking the “Device Settings,” Alexa will show all your linked devices.

So pick the one where you want to change your Amazon Music account.

Next, scroll down through the settings until you see the “Registered To.”

Tap “Deregister” to unlink the current Amazon Music account linked to the device.

Note: If you’re using a computer, the steps are quite similar. But instead of the Alexa app, go to and log in to your current account. Go to “Settings” and click “Deregister” to unlink your Amazon Music. 

#6: Login with your new Amazon Music account

Amazon Music Account Log In

Once you’re done removing your account, you’re now able to register a new one to your device.

But before you can do this, sign out from your Alexa app first.

And then, log in using your other Amazon Music account.

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#7: Link your device

Next, from the Alexa app homepage, tap “Devices.”

It’s the button with a house symbol on the bottom part of your screen.

Then click the Echo or Alexa device that you want to link with your new account.

And that’s it.

Note: Test whether your Alexa can play songs with your other Amazon Music account.

Aside from this, there are also many things you can do with the app.

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Can Alexa play different Amazon Music accounts?

Alexa can play different Amazon Music accounts. If you want, there’s a feature named ‘Amazon Household.’ And this allows more than 1 account on 1 Alexa device.

“How many accounts does it allow?”

According to Amazon, you can link up to:

  • 4 children.
  • 4 teens (ages 13 to 17).
  • 2 adults (ages 18 and up).

The adult profiles can manage the other accounts. So they could set certain restrictions for the teens and children. 

They’re also permitted to access many digital contents. Say, audiobooks, games, and apps.

This includes Amazon Music too. As well as Free Prime Video and Twitch Prime. 

While teens can also stream and make a purchase on Amazon. But still, they’re under the supervision of the adult accounts.

Whereas children profiles can’t shop and buy on Amazon. And some Prime content can’t be shared with them as well.

How to create an Amazon Household?

If you want to make one yourself, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click this link to go to the Amazon Household page.
  2. Sign-in to your account.
  3. If you want to add an “Adult,” “Teen,” or a “Child,” select the corresponding button.
  4. Enter the name and email address of the account you want to add in the household.

For children’s accounts, you need to make their profiles by yourself. While you only need to invite a teen to join the Amazon Household. 

So, ask the person who you want to invite if they already have an Amazon account. Then an email will be sent to them – asking for their permission.

How can I change Amazon Music accounts?

You can easily shift to different profiles by saying, “Alexa, switch accounts.”

But if you’re confused about which profile you’re using right now, try this.

Say, “Alexa, identify account.”

Then your device will let you know which account you’re currently on.

Pretty neat, right?

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But if you’ve already set up many profiles, you may also wonder…

How do I remove an account in Amazon Household?

It’s possible to unlink an account in the household. And this can be done by doing the following:

Step 1: Go to the Amazon website.

Step 2: Navigate to “Manage your Household.”

You’ll be taken to a page where you’ll see all the profiles in your Amazon Household.

These can be found on the left side of the site. 

Step 3: Click “Leave” or “Remove”

Amazon will give you 2 options.

If you want to leave the household, select “Leave.”

But if you wish to remove a profile (whether an adult, teen, or child), simply click “Remove.”

Note: If an adult account was unlinked, it’ll take up to 6 months before he or she can join the household again. 

However, if you want to completely remove Amazon Music from your device…

How do I unlink my Amazon Music from Alexa?

To unlink your Amazon Music from Alexa, you need to change your default music service. To do this, open your Amazon Alexa app and go to “Settings.” Now, select “Music & Podcasts,” then change Amazon Music with your desired app.

Check out these more detailed steps:

Option #1: Using your phone

  1. Open your Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Click the icon with 3 lines on the upper left corner of your screen.
  3. Select “Settings.” (You can see this at the bottom of the menu.)
  4. Cycle down and click “Music & Podcasts.”
  5. Tap “Default Services.”

Note: You should see Amazon Music as the default service for “Music.” As well as “Artist and Genre Stations.”

  1. Click “Change.”
  2. Find and select the app that’ll replace Amazon Music.

Option #2: Using your computer

  1. Launch your web browser.
  2. Go to the Amazon Alexa website and log-in to your account.
  3. Find the “Settings” tab in the left menu.
  4. Select “Music and multimedia.”
  5. Click “Select predefined music services.”
  6. Search and choose your new desired music service.
  7. Tap “Finish” to save the changes.

And there you go. Your Amazon Music is now unlinked to your Alexa device.

So whenever you ask it to play a song or podcast, it’ll now direct to the new chosen app. 

Note: There are some music streaming services that can’t be played by an Alexa device. So check with your manufacturer first.