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3 Ways To Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription

How To Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription

You’d think that after buying a Ring doorbell you’re set…

But no, you’ll have to subscribe to Ring to be able to save and view video.

And you’re hesitant to keep spending.

So, you go looking for loopholes.

Well, let me provide you with a few.


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How to save Ring doorbell video without subscription?

To save a Ring doorbell video without a subscription, you can record the live feed. By using a built-in screen-recording feature on your device. If you don’t have that, install a recording application on your phone or desktop. Other than that, you have the option to go for the 30-day free trial. 

3 ways to save Ring doorbell video without subscription

#1: Built-in screen-recording feature

Oh, the answer might just be on your device all along…

I’m talking about your phone that lies in your palms.

But for this to work, it has to be a newer model…

So, you should have the latest iPhone or Android phone.

Those kinds of devices have a built-in screen-recording feature.

So, how can you pull this off?

How to screen-record your Ring Doorbell Video

Step 1: Make sure that you enable your Ring notifications. 

According to Ring’s FAQs page, enabling notifications can vary from one device to another.

So for that, here are helpful links that can help you set it up:

Still need more info?

This article’s with you all the way…

So, here’s a brief yet straightforward video that can also assist you:

With that, any motion detection will send you a notification. It goes the same way when someone rings the bell.

Now that you’ve enabled notifications, it’s time to perform your duty…

And that’s to be on stand-by…

That’s because you should be ready to catch a notification.

Step 2: Access the live feed

Now, you get a notification that there’s motion detected.…

Or, someone you might or might not have expected is at the door.

With that, it’s time to open the live feed.

You can access it from their app, ‘Ring – Always Home’ (iOs and Android).

Step 3: Start recording

 But, let me give you a little warning when proceeding to this…

Take good note that there’s a catch to this trick.

I’m talking about…

The cons of screen-recording your Ring Doorbell Video

The problem with this gimmick is that you’ll always have to be on stand-by.

When you’re notified, you must open the live feed immediately. 

And then, you must hit record instantly to record the complete interaction.

Now, that could get tiring every time…

Plus, you’re surely not on your phone all the time. With that, you can miss a lot of chances to record.

But wait, that’s not everything….

When I say con, I don’t just mean to mention the disadvantages of this loophole.

It’s actually a double meaning…

How so?

That’s because the Ring doorbell doesn’t allow recording any footage for free.

With that, screen-recording without a subscription is indeed a con.

And when Ring finds out that you practice this…

Oh, your account might get suspended.

Then, this trick won’t always be possible for every device. 

Some phones with this feature don’t allow recording when using a specific app.

And that’s not all…

The Ring application undergoes regular software updates as well.

That’s because it has to watch out for practices like this.

And so, Ring gets smarter per update…

Unfortunately, this trick can stop working after some time.

But don’t lose hope just yet.

You can still…

#2: Install a 3rd party recording software

This one’s a great option for the following cases:

  • Built-in screen-recording quality no longer works.
  • Devices without a built-in screen-recording feature.
  • Using a desktop to record and save the doorbell video.
  • Phones with fixed screen-recording quality but don’t allow it on the Ring app.

For all of those instances, you can install a recording app or software.

And don’t worry much about it…

I’ve rounded up some recommendations for you, no matter which device you use.


Note: Many of these recommendations work best with newer phone models.

Apple (iOs) devices

1) Record It! Screen Recorder

It works similarly to the built-in recorder of the iPhone.

But it has a plus…

And that’s to record with your front camera. With that, it can both capture your phone’s screen and your reaction from the live feed.

2) Go Record: Screen Recorder

This works just like the first one.

Of course, you can record your screen. And while you do, you can also take a video with your front camera.

Plus, you can edit the recording using its editing suite.

3) Mobizen Screen Recorder

You can record and stream your screen using this app.

Android devices

1) AZ Screen Recorder

This is the top choice out there for Android users…

This app can let you record, edit, and stream your screen live.

2) Screen Recorder – XRecorder

Document anything on your screen with this app. 

It attests that it can work for apps like the Ring’s.

Moreover, it’s a lot of people’s choice because it’s ad-free.

3) Mobizen Screen Recorder

This one’s also an available and leading screen-recording app for Android.

It has the same quality screen-recording features, just like everything else.

4) Super Screen Recorder

Save your Ring Doorbell video using the super option…

There are no time limits or watermarks when using this app.

The only downside is that it contains ads.

5) Screen Recorder

This is another option with no time limit. 

Moreover, the audio quality matches the high video resolution.

But, it does have a Pro option that requires payment. Purchasing it makes you enjoy other premium features.

Desktop (Windows)

First of all, the Ring desktop app will be discontinued in 2022.

Instead, they’ll move all desktop activities to

With that, there’s no need to install the app or update it frequently.

That aside, let’s talk about the desktop apps that have a screen-recording tool.

Free desktop screen recording apps

App #1: Free Cam

Not only can you record your screen, but you can also edit the recording.

Most of all, it’s a free app with no watermark and ads.

App #2: ShareX

This one’s a popular choice for many users.

It has a lot of features for such free software.

But that kind of quality is a double-edged sword…

So it might let you do a lot of things with your recording…

Oh, but its tools can look complicated at first. 

Moreover, some of its tools are advanced. Therefore, it might require some practice to use at first.

Still, it can definitely help you record your Ring doorbell videos with quality.

App #3: Ezvid

This is the most favored choice by many users…

First of all, Ezvid records your screen for free. And it does so with an automatic HD video resolution…

I’m talking about 1280 x720p.

Moreover, it isn’t laggy like the many free options out there. 

This one can save you a lot of time. That’s a guarantee.

App #4: TinyTake

(Also works on Mac)

You can capture the video on your screen with TinyTake.

This app also stores all your recordings on a cloud-based gallery. Then, you can access it all online.

But, the free version only allows 5-minute video recordings. Plus, some editing features aren’t available for free.

App #5: Debut Video Capture

This one might just be the best among the rest.

So, your main purpose of downloading is to record your Ring Doorbell video.

But with this app, there’s so much more that you can do.

It has the following features:

  • Time-lapse tool.
  • Green screen tool.
  • Schedule to record.
  • Unlimited recording time.
  • Numerous editing options.

Cons of using this method

Just like the first one, Ring doesn’t allow such a practice.

However, this one is a little different.

Account suspension won’t be the only thing you’ll get from this…

Using this method can permanently delete your Ring account.

So, kindly use this trick at your own risk.

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#3: Use 30-day free trial

Use 30-Day Free Trial

So, what can be the reason behind your search for an alternative?

Maybe you wanna save a few bucks per month…

Or, before being committed to a plan, you wanna see something first. And that’s if you can enjoy premium features for free…

I mean, who wouldn’t want that right?

But there’s another way for you to experience the latter. 

However, it’ll be for a short time only.

I’m talking about Ring’s 30-day free trial.

If you haven’t availed of this yet, it might be time to do so.

This is how you can activate your free trial period:

  1. Click on the pop-ups whenever you open your Ring app.
  2. If your account is new, they’ll show you a choice of starting your 30-day free trial. Just click and proceed.

Now, you probably know this…

But you can only avail of this option once.

So after the 30 days, you’re gonna have to do either of the 2:

Option 1: Not avail or continue with the subscription.

Hmm, so the subscribed experience proved to be satisfactory…

Despite that, you’re still choosing to enjoy your Ring doorbell for free. 

If it functions with no subscriptions, it’s more than fine for you to miss out on those smart features.

Moreover, alternatives presented in this article exist…

And with that, you decided not to avail of Ring’s Protection Plan.

Now, you must cancel the subscription (even if it’s free). 

Kindly do so before the free trial period expires. If you don’t, you’d be charged immediately for the first bill.

Option 2: Proceed to subscribe to the plan.

Again, being subscribed to Ring’s plan left you satisfied…

Now, you see that the subscription is worth a couple of bucks.

If this is how you feel, there’s no need to cancel your 30-day free trial period.

You’re just gonna have to let it be.

And with that, you can constantly enjoy their premium features. 

But if you ever wish to stop subscribing, you can still do so.

You can cancel your Ring plan anytime. 

Once you do, the premium features will no longer work after your next billing.

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5 advantages of subscribing to Ring Protect plan

The Ring Protect Plan comes in 3 types:

Plan typeMonthly/Yearly cost
Ring Protect BasicMonthly: $3
Yearly: $30
Ring Protect PlusMonthly: $10
Yearly: $100
Ring Protect PlusMonthly: $20
Yearly: $200

Now, each type of subscription plan has varying features.

Let me talk about the leading features as an advantage…

Feature #1: Video history, saving, and sharing

(Available in all plan types)

Of course, I’ll mention the one that leads you here in this article…

All types of plans have video history for 30-60* days.

*Note: It depends on your geographical location.

During that 30-60 day period, all videos are accessible…

You can share them or download them for future reference.

Feature #2: Detection of persistent visitor/s

(Available in all plan types)

This feature notifies you when people are loitering in front of your house.

Feature #3: Alexa Greetings

(Available in Plus and Pro plans only)

This feature lets you respond to your guest immediately. And you can do using the convenient Amazon’s Alexa.

Feature #4: 24/7 Professional monitoring

(Available in Pro plans only)

This time, the Ring team’s really got your back.

With this feature, a team monitors the video doorbell on your behalf.

For more information, kindly see Ring alarm licenses.

Feature #5: 24/7 Backup internet

(Available in Pro plans only)

Worried about losing connectivity?

Why won’t you? It can stop your Ring Doorbell Video from recording and transmitting…

So, the loss of the internet can defeat the plan’s purpose.

But not for the Pro subscription.

An all-day backup internet is provided for your Ring doorbell.

#BONUS: Explore other options with no subscription needed

There’s no lying about it…

Alternative methods, like the ones I provided here, are great.

Practicing them lets you enjoy a feature that isn’t supposed to be free.

However, they require your effort and time. 

And everyone knows how important those are, even if it’s not a currency.

With that, how about exploring other options?

There are many up-and-coming or staple video doorbells to choose from. And a lot are available for you to use, even without a subscription.

Yep, there are numerous choices out there. 

And if you’re thinking twice when it comes to quality…

Ring Video Doorbell isn’t the only high-quality video doorbell in the market.

So, here are a few starter examples. The following are video doorbells that don’t charge any monthly fees:

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