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7 Steps To Watch Apple TV On LG TV (2023 How-To)

How To Watch Apple TV On LG TV

Got an Apple TV subscription?

And you’re wondering how you can use it on your LG TV?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Apple TV is supported on many smart TVs, including LG ones.

So, let me quickly share how a few handy tips with you.

All you have to do is…

Continue reading to learn:

  • 7 easy steps to watch Apple TV on an LG TV.
  • How to stream Apple TV on your LG TV if the latter doesn’t support it.
  • 3 common reasons you can’t find the Apple TV app on your TV.
  • And so much more…

Can you get Apple TV on your LG Smart TV?

You can get Apple TV on your LG Smart TV if your TV model supports it. And as long as the service is available in your country or region. To get it on your LG Smart TV, download the “Apple TV” or “Apple TV Plus” app from the LG Content Store. And sign in with your existing or newly-created Apple ID.

How to watch Apple TV on LG TV: 7 steps

#1: Ensure that your TV is connected to WiFi

First things first, ensure that your LG TV is connected to WiFI.


Because you’d need internet access to download the Apple TV app on your unit.

Here’s how to check your LG TV’s WiFi connection:

Step 1: Press the Smart button on the remote. Look for a house icon.

Step 2: Select “Network” on the screen.

Step 3: See if there’s a “Connected to Internet” label on the WiFi settings.

Depending on your connection type…

You can find this label under “Wired Connection” or “WiFi Connection.”

If you can’t find this label, make sure to connect your TV to your WiFi network. 

To do that, tap “WiFi connection” and select your WiFi network. Or use an Ethernet cable to connect your LG TV directly to the WiFi router.

#2: Go to the LG Content Store

Note: It’s LG’s exclusive app store.

Press the Smart button on the remote. And search for and select “LG Content Store” from the options.

The LG Content Store usually has a pink background.

#3: Search for “Apple TV”

Once you’re on the LG Content Store page…

Tap the search icon on the top-right corner. And enter “Apple TV.”

#4: Click “Install”

To download the app, click “Install.”

It should be right under the Apple TV logo. And it usually appears as a pink button.

#5: Select the Apple TV icon on the home screen

Once installed, go to your TV home screen.

Then, look for and select “Apple TV” under the apps list.

#6: Sign in with your Apple ID

Sign In With Your Apple ID

After launching the Apple TV app…

Log in with your Apple ID credentials.

Or, if you don’t have one yet, create an Apple ID. Then, go back to the Apple TV app to log in.

#7: Select a movie or show to watch

Then finally, select a movie or show you want to watch on your LG Smart TV.

“I can’t watch Apple TV+ contents….”

If that’s the case, then either you’re:

  • Not subscribed to Apple TV+.
  • Logged in to a different Apple ID account.

So, check whether you’re using the right account. Or subscribe to Apple TV+ to watch Apple Originals.

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Can’t find Apple TV app on LG TV: 3 causes & fixes

#1: Your LG TV model doesn’t support Apple TV

If you can’t find the Apple TV app on the LG Content Store…

Then, perhaps your specific TV model doesn’t support it.

Apple TV is available only on select LG Smart TV models.

Basically, select OLED, NanoCell, UHD TV, SuperUHD SK, and LG UHD UK models from 2016 and later.

Note: For 2017 and 2016 models, make sure that your TV software is up-to-date to be able to download the Apple TV app.

How to fix it:

Supposed your LG Smart TV doesn’t support the Apple TV app, you have 2 options:

  • Stream Apple TV using AirPlay.
  • Access Apple TV using a supported streaming device.
Method 1: Using AirPlay 

Note: AirPlay is only available on Apple devices and select LG TV models.

To check whether your device supports it, see this list.

AirPlay is Apple’s casting feature. Which allows you to cast content from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Mac devices to your smart TV.

To watch Apple TV on your LG TV using AirPlay:

Step 1: Connect your devices to the same WiFi network.

Step 2: Enable “AirPlay” on your LG TV.

Go to the homepage > Home Dashboard. Then, select “AirPlay” and toggle ON its button.

Step 3: Open the AirPlay settings on your Apple device.

Scroll from the top of the screen to access the quick settings panel. Then, tap
Screen Mirroring.”

Step 4: Connect it to your LG TV via AirPlay.

On the devices list, select your LG TV. If prompted, enter the code displayed on the TV screen.

Step 5: Play content from the Apple TV app.

Open the Apple TV app on your Apple device. Then, play any movie or show you want to watch.

You can also watch this video to learn more about how to use AirPlay on your LG TV:

Method 2: Using a streaming device

You can also use a streaming device to watch Apple TV on your LG TV.

Apple TV is available on some streaming devices like:

To watch Apple TV using it:

Step 1: Set up the streaming device on your LG TV.

Step 2: Download the Apple TV app on the streaming device.

Go to the app store. And search for and install “Apple TV.”

Step 3: Open the Apple TV app.

Go to the streaming device’s home screen. And select the Apple TV icon.

Step 4: Log in or sign up using an Apple ID.

Step 5: Play any content you want to watch.

#2: The Apple TV app isn’t pre-installed on your unit

“My unit is advertised as Apple TV-supported. But I can’t find the app on my TV.”

“Apple-TV supported” only means that your TV model can download and stream the app. And it doesn’t necessarily indicate that Apple TV is pre-installed on your unit.

On most LG TVs, you’d have to download the app first to watch Apple TV on your device.

How to fix it:

If Apple TV isn’t pre-installed on your unit…

You can download it from the LG Content Store. (As long as your TV model supports it).

To do that, follow the comprehensive instructions above.

#3: Apple TV isn’t available in your country or region

Apple TV is a widely-used service worldwide.

In fact, it’s available in more than 100 countries and regions.

However, several things can cause it to become unavailable in certain places, including:

  • Payment system issues.
  • Geo-restriction or geo-blocked.
  • US trading restrictions (mostly on Syria and North Korea).

How to fix it:

If you want to use Apple TV, you may try changing the country/region on your Apple ID.

Warning: This isn’t a permanent fix. Apple may still be able to detect your location. And cancel your subscription and access to their services.

Here’s how to do it:

Note: You can only do this if you can access the Apple ID website, possibly using VPN.

  1. Go to the Apple ID website.
  2. Log in or create an account.
  3. Click “Personal Information.”
  4. Then, set the country/region you want.

Doing this may prompt you to change/update your billing payment details.

Otherwise, you’d watch until Apple offers their products and services to your county or region.

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