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(5 Fixes) Xfinity Cable Box Blinking Green [2023 Guide]

Xfinity Cable Box Blinking Green

Modern Xfinity cable boxes have come a long way.

Sure they can’t talk yet. At least not like Siri. Or Alexa.

But they can communicate via light indicators.

Seeing a green blinking light? 

Fret not. We have ways to fix it.

Continue reading to find out:

  • 3 cable box connectors that you need to check. 
  • What a power cycle means and how it can solve your issue
  • Whether you need to activate your Xfinity cable box and how to do it.
  • 3 different blinking light patterns and what they actually mean.
  • And this is just the beginning…

Why is my Xfinity cable box blinking green?

Your Xfinity cable box is blinking green because it’s not yet activated. You may activate your device online through Xfinity’s website. Or with the help of their tech support over the phone. Other possible causes of the blinking light include signal issues and update installations. 

Xfinity cable box blinking green: 5 fixes

We can’t go straight to the solutions just yet. 

Before we dive in, it’s important to know what’s actually causing the blinking green light. 

And you know what’s great about Xfinity cable boxes?

Their lights not only differ in color. They also have several blinking patterns. 

This makes it easy to determine what’s causing the issue. Allowing us to respond with the correct solution. 

For green lights, here are the 3 different blinking patterns:

  • A series of 2 short blinks.
  • A series of 3 short blinks.
  • Long, continuous, steady blinks.

“What do these blinking patterns mean?”

A green light that’s blinking at a steady and continuous pace could mean two things. 

First, the cable box may be struggling to get a signal. Perhaps due to an outage. It may also be due to loose connections. 

Second, your cable box hasn’t been activated yet. 

This is true, particularly with Xfinity’s Digital Transport Adapter (DTA). Or simply, Digital Adapter.

Some Xfinity customers may not even realize. But their cable box is actually a Digital Adapter. 

And if you’re having blinking green light issues? 

Chances are, you’re also using one. 

Digital Adapters vs regular Xfinity cable boxes

“How does a Digital Adapter differ from other Xfinity cable boxes?”

There are a couple of ways Digital Adapters differ from your average Xfinity cable box. 

Digital Adapters are smaller in size. And they’re typically used with older TV models.

Digital Adapters convert digital signals into analog. Which allows older TV sets to receive cable channels at decent resolutions.

And they would blink steadily with green light if not activated.

“Ok. What about the other 2 blinking patterns?”

A series of 2 short blinks means your Digital Adapter is now ready to be activated.

A series of 3 short blinks means your cable box is currently receiving an update. 

Got it?

Awesome! Now we can proceed with the solutions. 

#1: Perform a power cycle

A power cycle is just a simple restart of your device. 

It’s quick and easy to do. Yet it solves almost all issues. And that includes blinking green lights. 

Xfinity provides multiple ways to easily perform a power cycle on your cable box. 

Here’s the fastest way to do it:

  1. Press and hold the Power button on your cable box.
  2. The restart should be automatic. Just wait for the box to turn back on.

If your cable box has no built-in power button, you may try this other method:

  1. Directly unplug your cable box.
  2. Wait for about 30 seconds.
  3. Plug it back in and turn it on.

You may also check out this video for a visual guide on resetting your cable box:

#2: Check if the connections are secure

Xfinity cable boxes generally use 3 types of connectors:

Ensure that these connectors are properly attached. This is another simple way to potentially fix blinking green light issues.

Make sure that the coax cable is screwed properly. And the HDMI cable and power cord are plugged in securely.

#3: Wait until your Xfinity cable box is ready for activation

If you’re using a Digital Adapter. And their green light is steady and continuous… 

It means you can’t activate it just yet. You’d simply need to wait for the blinking pattern to change. 

Once it becomes a series of 2 short blinks, you may go ahead and activate it.

“How long do I need to wait until it’s ready for activation?” 

Is it a newly installed Digital Adapter? Give it about 30 minutes to an hour. 

If it’s taking longer, you may have to opt in for our “bonus” tip further.. 

#4: Activate your Digital Adapter

Are you now seeing a succession of 2 short green light blinks?

It means your Digital Adapter is ready for activation.

There are 2 important details you need to know before proceeding. Your:

  • Xfinity account number.
  • Digital Adapter’s serial number.

“Why do I need those?”

For verification purposes. This is for the security of your account. 

Providing the serial number also ensures the right Digital Adapter is activated.

“Where can I find my Xfinity account number?”

You can find it either in the instruction booklet that comes with your Digital Adapter. Or in your bill or receipt.

“How do I know the serial number?”

You can find it at the bottom of your device. It’s also on the label of the box where it was stored. 

Take note of your account number and the Digital Adapter’s serial number. 

Once you have them ready, you can proceed with the activation. 

There are two methods to activate your Digital Adapter:

  • Online through Xfinity Digital Now.
  • Via the automated activation line at 1-888-634-4434.

Here’s how to activate it over the phone:

  1. Make sure that your Digital Adapter is plugged in before calling.
  2. Contact 1-888-634-4434.
  3. Follow the voice prompt. You’ll be asked to supply your account number. As well as the Digital Adapter’s serial number. 
  4. Wait for a few minutes after activation before turning on your TV.

If successful, the green light should turn steady. You may now enjoy watching. 

If you still can’t, check out our bonus tip at the end… 

To activate online, simply log in through the Xfinity Digital Now link we provided. 

The instructions should be similar to the phone method. Except you’ll just have to type in the necessary details.

#5: Allow for the software update to finish

A series of 3 short blinking green lights means your box is undergoing an update. 

Updates for Xfinity cable boxes are usually automatic. Expect to receive one periodically. 

For Xfinity X1 TV Boxes, they happen on a daily basis at a set hour.

These updates help ensure that your cable box performs at the most optimal level. 

So if this is the light pattern you’re seeing, it’s best to wait it out. Don’t turn off or unplug your cable box during this process. 

“How long do I need to wait before the update is complete?”

Updates shouldn’t take that long. It should only take a few minutes. 

“What if it’s been over an hour and I’m still seeing 3 short blinks?”

If it’s taking that long, you may have to perform a power cycle. 

Bonus: Contact Xfinity for support

Contact Xfinity For Support

Does your Xfinity cable box still have a blinking green light?

If so, it’s best to contact Xfinity for tech support.

You may reach out to them via chat and email. Or through their customer service hotline at 1-800-XFINITY.  

Their lines are open 24/7. Regardless of your timezone, you’d be able to get timely service. 

You may ask their tech support agent to send a signal refresh to your box. This means the agent resetting your box using their computer.

In addition, you may ask them to send you a local technician. 

These technicians should be able to check for possible wiring issues in your home.

Note: Xfinity charges a fee for technician visits. The cost would vary depending on your location. And the nature of the visit. You may ask Xfinity’s customer service for more details.

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