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Are Arlo Cameras Compatible With Xfinity Home? 3 Facts

Are Arlo Cameras Compatible With Xfinity Home

Arlo Cameras offer high-tech capabilities, enhanced security, and advanced connectivity.

This connectivity makes Arlo Cameras compatible with most other smart home systems—but are Arlo Cameras compatible with Xfinity Home systems?

Arlo cameras aren’t currently compatible with Xfinity Home. According to the Xfinity website, you’ll need an Xfinity brand camera or doorbell to pair it with the home security system. Compatible cameras include the Xfinity Camera, iCam2, iCam1/iCam1000, and the Xfinity Doorbell.

Here, I’ll discuss the main things you need to know about compatibility between Arlo cameras and Xfinity Home.

I’ll also describe each system as a standalone product, as well as what smart devices are compatible with them.

Facts Regarding Arlo Cameras and Xfinity Home Compatibility

Arlo Cameras and Xfinity Home are two home automation security systems.

Arlo Cameras provide the security of indoor and outdoor cameras. Xfinity Home provides numerous options, from smart locks to light dimmers.

Both devices have their advantages. The good news is, both the Arlo Camera and Xfinity Home work well as standalone devices.

1. Xfinity Home Isn’t Currently Compatible with Arlo Cameras

On the Xfinity website, the company doesn’t list Arlo Cameras as compatible devices. As of September 2021, Xfinity Home only works with Xfinity-brand cameras and doorbells. 

Some Xfinity products offer third-party compatibility. However, the Xfinity Home Security system currently only works with Xfinity cameras and doorbells.

The Xfinity-brand cameras and doorbells that work with Xfinity Home include:

  • Xfinity Camera
  • iCam2
  • iCam 1/iCam1000
  • Xfinity Doorbell

Recently, the makers of Xfinity Home have enabled integration with third-party devices and systems.

This makes it possible for users to link their devices to one core platform.

Unfortunately, no cameras are on the list of compatible devices.

The only third-party systems compatible with Xfinity Home include specific brands/models of:

  • Smart switches
  • Dimmers
  • Bulbs
  • Locks
  • Zigbee modules
  • Thermostats

In September 2015, Xfinity announced that they were adding support for third-party hardware.

The article mentioned Arlo Cameras, however, the integration has yet to take place as of 2021.

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2. Arlo Cameras Are Compatible with Many Smart Hubs

The Arlo Camera is an HD security camera designed by Nextgear for security purposes.

Users can place the pod-like cameras in or around their homes. The devices relay live security feeds remotely.

Several cameras provide access from a single location when you set them up.

From there, users may utilize the mobile application to access the camera feed.

To reiterate, Arlo Cameras aren’t currently compatible with Xfinity Home.

With that said, these HD security cameras are compatible with many different smart hubs.

You can connect an Arlo Camera with different smart hubs, including:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Apple HomeKit
  • If This Then That (IFTTT)
  • Samsung SmartThings

When properly integrated, you can get live and real-time access through these smart hub systems.

The Amazon Echo Show Smart Display, available on Amazon, is one example of a compatible smart hub.

The Echo Show is easy to set up and allows you to view your Arlo Camera feed anytime.

You can even use two-way talk via the Arlo Camera and Alexa device.

The Arlo cameras aren’t just cameras; they are truly smart security systems.

They come with next-gen technology in a way that’ll give you maximum security feedback and controls.

3. Xfinity Home Works Best with Other Smart Home Systems

Homes are becoming increasingly tech-enabled. Almost every device in and around the house has become powered by software.

This presents several opportunities for greater security, safety, convenience and comfort. That includes both in and out of the home.

For instance, you may sync your thermostat with Xfinity Home. This allows you to adjust your home’s temperature without ever leaving your bed.

However, devices must integrate to carry out these particular tasks and functions.

Therefore, the Xfinity Home needs to sync with the devices you intend to use.

Yet, integrating your camera with these smart security systems can be a little complex.

There are so many of them.

With that said, Xfinity Home isn’t compatible with all devices. They do, however, intend to add additional third-party functionality in the future.

Fortunately, there are some brands of smart security lights, smart remote control systems, and smart lock systems with which Xfinity Home works.

The main downside is that each of these applications and devices requires mobile apps.

To control each of the devices, you’ll end up with a handful of apps on your smartphone.

Even more tedious is connecting each of these compatible devices to your Xfinity Home system.

However, there’s a way out. That’s by integrating with a central smart home security system.

With Xfinity Home, you can use Works With Infinity to connect compatible smart home devices.

The central smart home system provides a platform to operate the various smart applications and devices in a home.

With the central system, you do away with most of the mobile apps. You’ll be able to control almost all of the devices with just the Xfinity Home app.

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BONUS: Arlo Cameras Have Many Useful Home Security Features

Arlo Cameras Home Security Features

Even though Arlo Cameras aren’t currently compatible with Xfinity Home, they’re great as a standalone product.

So, if you’ve purchased an Arlo Camera and an Xfinity Home only to find that they’re not compatible, it’s not a complete loss. Both systems have their benefits.

The Arlo Camera’s features, for example, make it genuinely high-tech and convenient. These features include:

Camera Quality

These cameras are 100 percent wireless free. That makes them easy to place in and around the home.

In addition to ease of use, Arlo Cameras have great camera quality.

For example, the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera uses HDR and shoots at 2K resolution.

It has 160-degree vision and digital zoom. In addition, it uses LED infrared during night mode.

The high resolution allows you to get as many details as possible — which is especially important for home security.

The LED infrared technology ensures that you’re able to capture images, even in the middle of the night.

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Storage Capabilities

The Arlo Camera records regularly. That means that you don’t have to worry about staring at the camera feed all day.

In addition, the video recording systems store the feeds. Users may then access these feeds via the web portal or app (iOS or Android).

You may access these live and stored feeds shortly after they’re recorded.

With that said, the Arlo recording system doesn’t hold the videos permanently.

How long you’ll have the videos stored and accessible depends on the subscription plan you choose.

Video retention with Arlo can last as long as 60 days.

Keep in mind, however, that Arlo does not offer unlimited storage space.

If you’re worried about losing a video, rest assured that you can download them.

What’s even better is that you can store them on your own storage devices — and at razor-sharp resolution. 


Arlo allows users to access their feeds via the mobile app and web portal.

These platforms are easy-to-use and boast user-friendly features. They also offer intuitive navigation.

On these platforms, you can access the stored videos with ease. In addition, the platform stores the videos in an easily browsable format.

That makes accessing certain videos much easier.

Smart Features

The Arlo camera is actually quite “smart”. For one, it has the capability of capturing or recording live feeds and making sense of them.

Interestingly, these cameras can also detect special “events.” That includes sounds or motion that seems out of the ordinary.

From there, the app can notify you via app notifications, if you so choose.

In addition to recording videos, the cameras can also snap pictures of specific events. These photographs may also be accessed from the portal. 

Final Thoughts

The future of smart home systems is integration.

Rather than have many devices with multiple control terminals, we can just have one central system upon which everything else can run.

Unfortunately, not all smart devices are currently compatible with one another. 

For now, Xfinity Home and Arlo Cameras don’t work together, but that may change in the future.

Until then, these two systems work just fine as standalone products.