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3 Steps To Factory Reset A Wyze Plug In 13 Seconds (2023)

Wyze Plug Factory Reset

A factory reset is a must-know fix for your Wyze Plug.

This simple process only takes seconds to do.

But it can fix most, if not all, of your smart device’s problems. 

Haven’t tried this before? 

No worries. I’m here to help. 

Continue reading to find out: 

  • 5 scenarios when you should factory reset your Wyze plug. 
  • 3 simple steps to factory reset your Wyze plug in under a minute. 
  • 3 quick steps to set up your Wyze plug again after factory resetting it.  
  • And this is just the beginning… 

How do you factory reset a Wyze plug? 3 steps

#1: Plug your device into a functioning outlet 

Note: You’ll see a blue light on the upper-right corner of your plug when it’s connected to a reliable power source.

So, if your smart device doesn’t light up when you connect it to an outlet… 

Transfer your smart plug to a different one. 

#2: Locate the power button of your Wyze plug

You can find this on the left side of your device. 

Once you see it…

Press And Hold Wyze Plug Power Button

#3: Press and hold the power button 

Note: Continue doing so until the status light of your device starts flashing. 

At this point, you’ve successfully removed your device’s WiFi information. 

So, once again, it’s time to… 

Bonus: Set up your Wyze plug

This is a pretty simple process. 

But to make it even easier for you, follow these…

3 quick steps to set up your smart plug:

Step 1: Launch the Wyze application

Most likely, you already have this app on your phone. 

But if you need to reinstall/update it…

Head to the app’s official download page (iOS/Android). 

And ensure that you log in to your account before you… 

Step 2: Connect your smart plug to a power source

If you’ve already plugged your device into an outlet… 

Unplug it first, then plug it back again. 

This way, it’ll be easier for your Wyze app to detect the device. 

Step 3: Add your smart plug into the mobile application
  1. Click the Home icon on the bottom-left corner of your screen. 
  2. Tap the “+” button at the top. 
  3. Choose Add Device from the list.
  4. Select Power and Lighting. 
  5. Tap Wyze Plug. 
  6. Click the version of the smart plug you have. 

Note: If you see a key icon at the back of your device, you have the 2021 model. 

  1. Check the box saying, “Status light is flashing.”
  2. Choose Next. 
  3. Connect your smart device to your WiFi. 
  4. Give your Wyze plug a name. 

If you need a visual guide to this process, this video will help:

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When should you factory reset a Wyze plug?

You should factory reset a Wyze plug whenever you want to connect it to a new network. Or if you can’t successfully set up your smart device. You should also do a factory reset to troubleshoot issues with your Wyze plug quickly. 

And if you want to know when else this process would be helpful, here are… 

5 scenarios when you should factory reset your Wyze plug

#1: Trouble setting up your device

Setting up your Wyze plug is pretty easy.

But your smart device’s connection with its mobile app can sometimes glitch.

And this interrupts the setup process entirely. 

In this situation, a factory reset becomes your best friend.

Because in just seconds… 

This process removes minor bugs and glitches from your smart plug. 

So, you can easily set up your device afterward. 

#2: Wyze plug keeps going offline

You can only control your Wyze device if it’s connected to WiFi.

So, if your smart plug keeps going offline… 

It won’t be too different from the regular wall outlets inside your house. Hence, you should try to fix this problem as quickly as possible. 

Now, there are several solutions you can do for a Wyze plug that can’t stay online. 

But the most efficient fix? 

A factory reset. 

This process gives a fresh start to your smart device’s system.

As a result… 

Your Wyze plug strengthens its connection with the WiFi you connect it to. And this lets your device stay online for long durations. 

#3: Add your Wyze plug to a new network

This smart device can only connect to 1 WiFi.

So, if you want to change your router or bring your Wyze plug to a different location …

You first need to factory reset your device before you try linking it to a new network. Otherwise, your smart plug will reject the new WiFi connection. 

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#4: Can’t control your Wyze device through the app 

Most of the time, you can solve this problem by power cycling your smart plug. The process where you unplug your device for 30 seconds before plugging it back into the outlet. 

However, if a power cycle isn’t enough to fix this problem… 

A factory reset is highly recommended. Because this solution also stops the activities on your smart plug. Similar to what a power cycle does. 

#5: Wyze Plug schedule won’t work

Usually, this problem happens when your device overheats.

Or if you’ve accidentally turned ON Wyze Plug’s Vacation mode. A feature that randomly turns your appliances ON/OFF even though you’re not home. 

But sometimes, this issue occurs simply because your smart plug is glitching. 

And as explained…  

A factory reset is an expert at removing stubborn bugs and glitches from your smart device.