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3 Easy Ways To Get Crunchyroll On Your LG TV (2023 How-To)

How To Get Crunchyroll On LG TV

The best way to appreciate high-quality anime is to use a bigger screen. 

So it’s such a bummer to know this:

The Crunchyroll app isn’t available on the official LG TV app store.

But wait, nothing’s over. 

Because I know ways to get this streaming platform on your TV.

Continue reading to find out:

  • 3 hassle-free ways to get Crunchyroll on your LG TV.
  • 7 simple steps to download this app on any streaming device.
  • How you can cast the Crunchyroll app from your phone to the TV. 
  • And a lot more… 

How to get Crunchyroll on LG TV – 3 ways

#1: Cast the app from your phone

This is the easiest way to get Crunchyroll on your LG TV:

Cast the streaming app from your phone to the bigger screen.

Now, this process works for both iOS and Android.

So just prepare your mobile device, regardless of its brand. Then, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Install the Crunchyroll app on your phone 

For iOS devices:
  1. Turn ON your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Launch the App Store application.
  3. Tap the search icon at the bottom-right corner.
  4. Press the search bar at the top of your screen.
  5. Type in “Crunchyroll.”
  6. Select the official app from the results.
  7. Tap the blue GET icon.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions. 

Note: You may also click here to access the app’s download page directly. 

For Android devices:
  1. Turn your phone/tablet ON.
  2. Open the Google Play Store app.
  3. Type “Crunchyroll” in the search bar.
  4. Click the official app’s tile.
  5. Press the Install option.
  6. Input your password or passcode if needed.

Note: The exact steps may vary depending on the brand/model of your Android device. But you can also click this link to directly download the app. 

And once you have Crunchyroll on your phone… 

Step 2: Connect your mobile device and TV to the same Wifi 

You can only cast from your phone to the TV if they’re using the same network.

So now, you should…

Ensure that your phone is connected to the Wifi

For iOS users:

  1. Head to Settings.
  2. Tap Wi-Fi.
  3. Ensure that it’s connected to your home network.

For Android users:

  1. Head to the Settings app.
  2. Select Network & Internet.
  3. Tap Internet.
  4. Ensure that your phone is using your Wifi.

After this, you should also…

Double-check that your LG TV is using your Wifi network
  1. Press the Smart/Home key on the LG remote.
  2. Scroll down to access the menu bar.
  3. Tap the Settings option.
  4. Select OK.
  5. Click Network.
  6. Tap WiFi Connection.
  7. Ensure that your TV is connected to your Wifi. 

And now that your devices are using the same network…

Step 3: Find a Crunchyroll episode to play on your LG TV

Log in to the Crunchyroll application on your phone. 

Then, select an episode that you’d like to play on your LG TV.

“I don’t have an account yet.”

In that case, you should… 

Follow these steps to create a Crunchyroll account: 
  1. Open up the Crunchyroll app on your phone. 
  2. Tap the Create Account option. 
  3. Input your email address and your password. 
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions. 
  5. Press the Create Account button.

You may also use this video as a guide in creating your Crunchyroll account:

That said, once you’re signed in…

Play the episode/movie you wish to watch on your TV on your phone. 

Note: The episode of your choice should be playing full-screen on your mobile device.

Then, proceed to… 

Step 4: Turn ON your TV

Turn ON your LG TV if it isn’t yet, and proceed to…

Step 5: Tap the Cast icon on your phone

With the anime episode playing, lightly tap the screen of your phone. 

Then, select the Cast icon you see on your mobile device. 

Note: This will look like a rectangle with a diagonal Wifi icon at the bottom-left corner. 

After doing so…

Step 6: Select the name of your TV

You’ll see a list of all the devices your phone can cast to.

So from here, simply select the name of your LG TV. 

Once you do, go ahead and…

Step 7: Enjoy watching Crunchyroll 

The episode on your phone will now play on the bigger screen.

So you can simply enjoy watching Crunchyroll on your LG TV.

Fun fact: You can turn your phone OFF or use other apps in it while it’s still casting. And this won’t affect the show playing on your TV. 

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#2: Download the app using a streaming device 

Another way to get the Crunchyroll app on your TV is through the help of streaming devices.

See, while this platform isn’t available on Smart LG TVs… 

You can still download the app on input gadgets compatible with your LG device, such as: 

Plus, you can also use Crunchyroll on these gaming platforms:

That said, once you’ve decided which streaming device you wish to use, go ahead and… 

Step 1: Prepare your items

Before you proceed to the next steps…

Ensure that you have these items ready:

  • HDMI cable.
  • Your streaming device.
  • The input gadget’s power cable. 

Note: All of these are already included in the boxes of most streaming devices. However, if you have an Apple TV, you must buy the HDMI cable separately.  

Once you have all your items prepared, proceed to… 

Step 2: Connect your streaming device to your LG TV

Grab your functional HDMI cable. 

Then, connect 1 of its connectors to the HDMI IN port of the TV.

After doing so, plug the other end of the cord into the HDMI slot of your streaming device.

“My input gadget doesn’t have an HDMI port.”

In that case, your streaming device has a built-in HDMI connector instead. So you can simply go ahead and plug it directly into the HDMI IN slot of your LG TV.

Note: Remember the name of the HDMI port you used on your TV. That’s because you’ll need this later when changing the input source. 

Step 3: Plug your streaming device into the outlet

Connect your streaming device to its power cable.

Then, plug the cable’s adapter head into the wall outlet.

Note: For most models, you’ll see a light indicator on the streaming device at this point.

So once you see your input gadget’s LED light up, go ahead and…

Step 4: Turn ON your LG TV

Turn ON your LG TV using its remote or power button.

Then proceed to… 

Step 5: Change your LG TV’s input source

If you already see the welcome screen of your streaming device on your TV…

Then you can simply skip to the next step.

However, if you see other types of display… 

Follow these steps to change the input of your LG TV:
  1. Tap the Input button on your TV remote. 
  2. Tap the All Inputs option. 
  3. You’ll see the list of available input sources on your device. 
  4. Select the HDMI port that you used to connect your input gadget. 

Further reading: 5 Easy Ways To Change The Input On LG TV (How-To)

Step 6: Set up your streaming device

The exact steps here differ depending on the input gadget that you have.

But for most streaming devices…

You can simply follow the on-screen instructions on your TV at this point to:

  • Pair your remote with the TV.
  • Select the language you prefer.
  • Connect your streaming device to the Wifi. 

After following the steps you see on your screen, you’ll be on the home screen of your input source. 

So it’ll only take a few more minutes to… 

Step 7: Download Crunchyroll

For Roku TV: 
  1. Press Home on your Roku remote.
  2. Head to Streaming Channels.
  3. Tap Search Channels. 
  4. Type in “Crunchyroll” on the search tab.
  5. Choose the official app.
  6. Select Add channel. 
  7. Tap OK to finish the process. 
For Apple TV:
  1. Head to the App Store.
  2. Search “Crunchyroll” in the search bar.
  3. Select the official app’s tile.
  4. Tap the blue GET button.
For Fire TV devices:
  1. Head to your device’s home screen. 
  2. Press and hold the Mic button on your Fire TV remote.
  3. Say “Search for Crunchyroll in the apps” to your controller. 
  4. Select the official app from the tiles that you see.
  5. Click the Download icon below the app’s description.

Note: If you aren’t using any of these devices, head to the user manual of your gadget. Then, find the steps you need to take to download new apps. 

And just like that, you now have the Crunchyroll app on your LG TV.

So from here, you can simply log in to your account. Then, play any episodes or movies that you like. 

#3: Use your TV browser 

Press Home On Your TV Remote

You can also use the browser on your LG TV to stream on Crunchyroll.

And to do so, just follow the simple steps below. 

Step 1: Press Home on your TV remote

Turn ON your TV and tap the Home button on its remote.

After doing so… 

Step 2: Select the browser icon

This is the blue “Globe” at the bottom of your TV.

Step 3: Select the New Tab option at the top of your screen

You can skip this step if you’re already on a blank page, or you can see these subheadings:

  • Most Visited Sites.
  • Recommended Sites.

Step 4: Search Crunchyroll’s official website

Tab the search bar at the top of your TV screen. 

And using your remote, type in and hit Enter. 

Once the official site loads… 

Step 5: Sign in to your account

Tap the Login option at the top-right corner of the page.

Then, input your credentials to sign in to your account.

After doing so, you can proceed to watch all sorts of anime shows and movies on your LG TV. 

What can you watch on Crunchyroll?

You can watch thousands of Asian movies and TV shows on Crunchyroll. For the most part, this streaming platform focuses on anime series and films. However, it’s worth noting that Crunchyroll also has a fair amount of live-action series from:

  • China.
  • Japan.
  • Taiwan.
  • Singapore.
  • South Korea.

Plus, you can also use this app to read manga or Japanese comics on your phone/tablet. 

So really, Crunchyroll is just as versatile as other streaming platforms like Netflix.