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(7 Fixes) HBO Max Not Working On Laptop [Updated 2023]

HBO Max Not Working On Laptop

HBO Max is accessible on various platforms, including laptops.

Now, the HBO Max website should run smoothly on your laptop’s browser.

However, there will be instances where it won’t work as intended.

Not all is lost, though, as I’m here to help you out.


Continue reading to learn more about:

  • How to reset your HBO Max.
  • 7 easy fixes for HBO Max not working on laptop.
  • How to clear your laptop browser’s cache to get HBO Max running.
  • And a lot more…

Why is HBO Max not working on my laptop?

HBO Max isn’t working on your laptop because the servers are down. Moreover, you should also consider other factors such as your internet speed, your browser’s cache and cookies, as well as your HBO Max subscription. The extensions on your browser are a cause of problems too.

HBO Max not working on laptop: 7 fixes

#1: Check the servers

Fun fact: By the end of 2021, HBO Max hit 73.8 million subscribers. Therefore making it one of the most popular streaming services around.

So, as the platform accommodates that many users, server issues might arise from time to time.

Moreover, the servers are also affected if HBO decides to fix a few issues on their end.

If your HBO Max isn’t working on your laptop, you should first check Downdetector. This reveals the current status of the HBO Max website on your laptop.

There’s nothing you can do directly to affect server issues. Just wait for the fix to arrive on HBO’s end.

Reminder: You can download up to 30 shows and movies on your platform. This will allow you to enjoy HBO Max even if the servers are down.

#2: Check your internet

Check Your Internet

According to HBO, you need at least 5mbps to run on a laptop and on other devices. However, if you want to stream 4K videos, you need 50mbps and above.

Go to Fast or Ookla to check if your connection speed meets the requirements.

Then, refer to your data plan and check if you’re getting the right speed.

So, the speed detected isn’t matching your internet plan?

Whether that’s a yes or no, there’s no harm in trying to power cycle your router. To do this, you should:

  1. Turn off your router.
  2. Unplug it.
  3. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
  4. Plug it back in and turn it on again.

This should reset any internal problems with your router. 

And before you contact your service provider, consider these next steps first.

#3: Hook up your laptop to a wired network

One quick way to speed up your internet is by using an ethernet cable.

This hooks up your laptop directly to your router which increases speed by a small margin. This makes your connection more stable too.

#4: Bring your laptop closer to your router

“I want to watch my shows, but my ethernet cable won’t arrive till next week!”

That’s a bummer, isn’t it…

Well, for now, you can try bringing your laptop closer to your router if you can’t manage a wired connection yet.

Ideally, your laptop should be within 20 feet of your router for maximum speed. 

Clear physical obstructions between you and the router as well. These include:

  • Doors.
  • Thick walls.
  • Furniture and other appliances.

Note: Another cause of slow wireless connection is the number of devices connected to your network. 

If it’s okay, disconnect other devices from your network while you’re watching from your laptop.

#5:  Clear your browser’s cache and cookies

The browser on your computer stores cache and cookies to help websites load faster.

However, some of that data gets corrupted over time. 

Moreover, if your HBO Max’s data does get corrupted, this prevents it from running properly.

To clear your browser’s cookies and cache on Google Chrome:

  1. Click More Options at the top right of the browser.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Head to Privacy and Security.
  4. Select Clear Browsing Data,
  5. Tick all checkboxes
  6. Select Clear Data.

On Safari, do this:

  1. Click Advanced.
  2. Head to Website Data.
  3. Select Remove All Website Data.

After clearing the data, try to run HBO Max.

Here’s a video on how you can clear the cache on a few websites:

#6: Reset your HBO Max

Resetting is different from closing your HBO Max tab and then opening it again. For this, you’ll need to hard refresh your browser.

Fun fact: This type of refresh can clear your browser’s cache for a specific page. After doing this, your browser loads into the latest version of that page and that might include a fix to help HBO Max run.

Here’s how you can hard refresh on common browsers:

Google Chrome

  • Windows: Press and hold CTRL and tap F5.
  • Mac: Press and hold CMD + Shift and tap R.


  • Windows: Press and hold CTRL and tap F5.
  • Mac: Press and hold CMD + Shift and Tap R.


  • Press Opt + CMD +  E.

Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge

  • Press and hold CTRL and press F5.

#7: Contact HBO Max support

If none of these easy fixes work, it might be time to call HBO Max’s support.

After contacting support, they’ll help you troubleshoot your laptop’s HBO Max.

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