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(7 Fixes) YouTube TV Not Working On Vizio TV [2023 Guide]

YouTube TV Not Working On Vizio TV

“Aww, man. 

To think I just signed up for YouTube TV.

What a waste.”

I know.

YouTube TV not working on your Vizio TV isn’t what you had planned for the weekend. 

But I wouldn’t be too worried. 

Because I’ve covered a wide range of fixes below. 


Continue reading to discover:

  • 7 fixes to get Youtube working on your Vizio TV. 
  • How to reset your Youtube TV app and return it back to normal.
  • Why Youtube doesn’t work on your Vizio TV (and how to solve it).
  • And so much more…

Why is YouTube not working on my Vizio TV?

Youtube doesn’t work on your Vizio TV due to a cable connection issue. Other likely causes include a weak WiFi connection and TV glitch. That said, outdated software and temporary app bugs may be the problem. Lastly, your current Vizio TV model might not be compatible with the Youtube app anymore. 

YouTube TV not working on Vizio TV: 7 fixes

#1: Check all your cable connections

You may not believe this, but…

Your cables can prevent Youtube from working on your TV. 

Had I not found out about this by accident, I wouldn’t have been able to share this simple trick. 

If you have a cable attached to your TV’s input port, unplug it. 

It’s normally found on the back panel of your TV. 


The signal that comes from your video input cable interferes with a few apps. 

And unfortunately, Youtube’s one of them. 

In fact, I found this same issue with my Hulu and Netflix apps. 

After unplugging my video input cables, Youtube worked fine again. 

Now, here’s the thing, though. 

If this method doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. 

There are still 6 fixes to go, starting with:

#2: Restart your TV

When Youtube suddenly stops working, you’re most likely dealing with a TV glitch. 

But here’s the good news. 

TV glitches are easy to fix. 

Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Unplug your TV from its power source. 
  2. Wait for 1 minute. 
  3. Plug your TV back in. 

From here, try launching Youtube TV

More often than not, a simple restart should solve your issue. 

But if it doesn’t, it might be your WiFi that’s causing the problem. 

Which brings us to our next fix: 

#3: Troubleshoot your WiFi connection 

Your router has its greatest hits…

And it’ll also have epic fails. 

Sad to say, this might just be one of them. 

Now, common advice and instincts might tell you to reset your WiFi. 

But let’s not jump so far just yet. 

First, test your WiFi on another device like a smartphone or tablet. 

If everything loads normally without lags or buffers, wait a minute. 

Just because your WiFi works fine on your smartphone, that doesn’t mean everything’s okay. 

Meaning, your Vizio TV could have problems connecting to the internet. 

So, run a WiFi speed test on your TV. 

If you notice it’s slower than normal, here’s what you should do: 

  1. Reposition your router by moving closer to your TV. 
  2. Connect to your 5 GHz bandwidth. 

Why do this? 

For one, a 5 GHz bandwidth gives you a faster and stronger WiFi signal. 

But here’s the catch. 

5 GHz bandwidths are faster but also have shorter ranges. 

Put simply, if your router’s far from your TV, connecting to a 5 GHz bandwidth wouldn’t work. 

Once you’ve done all that and you notice your WiFi problems still persist, then…

Go ahead and do a reset: 

  1. Unplug your router and modem. 
  2. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes. 
  3. Plug your router and modem back into the power source. 

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#4: Reset your Youtube TV app

If it’s not a TV glitch or a weak WiFi signal, the problem lies with your app. 

It could be a glitch, bug, or malfunction that can’t be solved by simply resetting your TV. 

So, what next? 

You’ll have to reset the Youtube app. 

But here lies another problem. 

Most sources online say the only way to reset Youtube is by unplugging your TV. 

However, that’s not the case. 

Or, at the very least, what I found doesn’t involve cables and waiting for your TV to reboot. 

Instead, here’s what you have to do: 

  1. Open the Youtube app on your Vizio TV. 
  2. There should be a menu on the left part of your screen.
  3. Scroll down and tap the gear icon (settings option).
  4. Under “History & Data,” tap the “Reset app” option. 
  5. Relaunch Youtube. 

#5: Update your Vizio TV

Update Your Vizio TV

This isn’t the first time an outdated software’s caused problems on my TV. 

And I’m not referring to solely Vizio TVs. 

Sony, LG, Samsung, and even Hisense all run into issues if they’re not updated regularly.

One of the most common problems is an app failing to run. 

Take Hulu, for example. 

The app only works with LG TVs with a software version of 3.5 and higher. 

And that’s what could be happing with your Vizio TV. 

With outdated software, your Youtube TV app fails to work. 

Now, it’s pretty clear what the next step from here is, right? 

Here’s how to update your Vizio TV: 

  1. Tap “Menu” on your TV remote. 
  2. Select “System.”
  3. Tap “Check for Updates.”
  4. Confirm the update. 
  5. Relaunch Youtube TV. 

#6: Remove your Youtube account, then add it back

Glitches and malfunctions aren’t the only issues. 

How so? 

For one, it might be your Youtube account with the problem. 

In rare cases, there might be a corrupted file that causes Youtube to crash or stop working. 

So here’s how to remove corrupted data:

  1. Open the Youtube app on your Vizio TV. 
  2. On the left part of your screen, tap on your user profile.
  3. Select your user account. 
  4. Tap “Remove From TV.” 
  5. Close Youtube. 
  6. Relaunch the app. 
  7. Select your user profile icon again. 
  8. Tap “Add account.”
  9. Sign in with the same email and password. 

Now, if this method doesn’t work, there’s 1 more fix to remove corrupted files. 

#7: Factory reset your Vizio TV

As a last resort option, a  factory reset should solve your issue. 

Put simply, what this reset does is erase your TV’s data and personal preferences. 

Think of it as returning your TV back to its default settings. 

And as a result, it also clears any glitches, bugs, and corrupted files in the system. 

Here’s how to do it on your Vizio TV:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on your remote. 
  2. Tap “System.” 
  3. Select “Reset & Admin.”
  4. Choose “Reset to Factory Settings.”
  5. Confirm the reset process. 
  6. Set up your TV and WiFi network. 
  7. Relaunch Youtube. 

#Bonus: Use a streaming device

If none of the solutions above worked, there could only be 1 reason why: 

Your Vizio TV’s not compatible. 

According to Vizio, not all TV models work with Youtube. 

And when you have a compatibility issue, the best fix is to…

Get a streaming device, such as: 

Alternatively, AirPlay is a suitable option too. 

Since your Vizio TV isn’t compatible, not even a software update can solve the problem. 

And that goes for other fixes like…

  • Factory resetting your TV. 
  • Troubleshooting your WiFi.
  • Restarting the Youtube app. 

That said…

Streaming devices are the most effective solution to fix any TV-to-app incompatibility.