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Why Is My Shark Vacmop Not Charging? 7 Fixes [w. Video]

Why Is My Shark Vacmop Not Charging

With your Shark vacmop…

You can vacuum and mop your floor in just minutes. 

But without it? 

Well, expect to spend triple the time cleaning your home. 

See, this device is a must-have item in your household.

So, if it won’t charge… 

You need to fix your vacmop ASAP.

Continue reading to find out:

  • The most common reasons why your Shark vacmop won’t charge.
  • 7 quick fixes you can try to make your vacmop start changing again. 
  • How sanding your vacmop’s charging point can fix this problem (with video). 
  • And a lot more…

Why is my Shark vacmop not charging?

Your Shark vacmop isn’t charging because you’re using a faulty outlet. This problem also happens if your cleaning device’s charging point is too dirty or rusty. And your vacmop won’t charge if its battery has already degraded too much and needs replacement. 

Shark vacmop not charging: 7 fixes

#1: Change your outlet 

Let’s start with the easiest way to fix this problem:

Changing the power source of your vacmop. 

See, some outlets in your house may stop working or producing enough power output. 

And this usually happens when: 

  • Your circuit breaker trips. 
  • Outlets shut themselves off (GFCI models only).
  • Strong electrical currents burn your outlet’s wires. 

So, if you’ve only been trying to charge your vacmop on the same outlet… 

It’s time to plug it into a different power source. 

But before you proceed to charge your vacmop again… 

Do this little test on the new outlet you want to use:

  1. Plug a working lamp into the power source.
  2. Turn it ON.
  3. Ensure that the lamp lights up.

Note: If it doesn’t, the outlet isn’t working. So, you should test a different one. 

Once your new outlet passes the small test… 

Proceed to plug your vacmop and observe if it now stores power. 

#2: Check your vacmop’s battery 

Your vacmop’s indicator light is OFF when it isn’t charging.

But it also stops turning ON after 5 minutes when it’s fully charged. 

So, if you’ve noticed that your vacmop’s LED light turns OFF shortly after you charge it…

You may have already fully charged your vacuum. 

“How do I check my appliance’s battery?”

Easy. Just turn it ON, observe its LED light, then… 

Use this table to know your Shark vacmop’s current state:

Indicator light’s colorMeaning
Solid whiteNormal operation/Has enough battery
Blinking whiteLow battery 
Blinking redVery low battery
Rapidly blinking redOut of battery

If your vacmop doesn’t show signs of having a low power… 

Use it to vacuum for 10 minutes. 

And once you’ve drained some of its remaining battery, plug it into the outlet. 

#3: Let it charge overnight 

Here’s a common misconception:

Your Shark vacmop doesn’t take a long time to charge. 

Now, I admit also falling for this when I’ve only had mine for the first week.

See, this vacmop can only vacuum for 13 minutes on a full charge. And compared to some robovacs like Roomba that can clean for an hour, this is a very short time.

So, I assumed the Shark vacmops would need shorter charging times.

But I was completely wrong. 

See, new Shark vacmops take about 3.5 hours to charge fully. 

And that duration can even extend if you’ve had yours for more than a year. 

So, to ensure that you’re charging your cleaning device enough… 

Keep your vacmop connected to power overnight. 

“Won’t I ruin my device’s battery?”

Don’t worry. You won’t. 

See, your vacmop uses lithium-ion batteries. Which are also the ones used by your cellphone. 

And luckily…

This type of battery has built-in protection mechanisms. So once your vacmop reaches its full power capacity, it stops storing more. 

Pro tip: If you don’t want to plug your vacmop overnight, charge it for 5 hours during the daytime instead. 

#4: Clean your device’s charging point

For your vacmop to charge…

Its battery must make a direct and uninterrupted connection with its charger. 

And this is only possible if your vacmop’s charging point is free from too much dust or debris. 

That said, for this fix, you should follow these steps to… 

Clean your vacmop’s charging point and charger:

Step 1: Unplug your cleaning device from the outlet 

Leave it disconnected for at least 15 minutes before you proceed.

This way, you’ll avoid accidentally electrocuting yourself from any residual power. 

Step 2: Prepare a dry microfiber cloth

I don’t recommend using other fabric types.

Because other towels, like those made with cotton, leave too much lint or stray fibers. 

So, you’ll have a harder time removing debris from your vacmop. 

Warning: Don’t use a damp cloth. Because you may ruin your vacmop’s electronic parts. 

Step 3: Wipe your vacmop’s charging point

Note: This is the donut-shaped shallow hole at the back of your device. 

Now, when cleaning this part…

Focus on wiping the metallic part in the middle.

Because this is your vacmop battery’s charging contact point. 

This is only a small area. So, wiping it for about 30 seconds will be enough to remove any debris. 

Step 4: Clean the charger

Specifically, wipe its contact point. Or the donut-shaped metal at the end of the cable. 

Reminder: Continue using a dry microfiber cloth for this step.

And now that you’ve cleaned your vacmop’s charging point…

Connect it to power again. 

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#5: Sand down your vacmop’s charger 

Over time, your cleaning device’s charging point may start forming rust.

And if your vacmop does reach this state…

A gentle microfiber cloth won’t be enough to remove the debris. 

Hence, it’s time for a stronger cleaning alternative:

Sanding down your vacmop and charger’s contact points. 

I know this sounds like a dangerous thing for your cleaning device.

But trust me. This process is completely safe. 

As mentioned earlier…

Your vacmop battery’s contact point and charger are made of metal.

And sanding this material is a normal thing to do.

In fact…

This process is 1 of the easiest ways to enhance a metal’s appearance and remove its rust. 

That said, follow these… 

Quick steps to sand your Shark vacmop’s charging point safely

Step 1: Let your device cool down

Unplug it from power if it’s currently connected.

Then, let it rest for at least 15 minutes to cool down.

Step 2: Prepare a sanding paper

Whatever you have on hand would work for this process. 

But if you’re still on your way to buying one… 

I recommend getting sandpaper with at least 320 grit. 

Because this is the minimum recommended grit count for metal.

Step 3: Lay your vacuum flat

Place it on a table or a clean floor.

Then, position it so that the donut-shaped charging point is facing up. 

You should also place your vacmop’s charger near you so you can access it quickly later. 

Step 4: Sand down the charging point 

Grab your sanding paper.

Then, start rubbing the rough side against the metal charging point on your vacmop. 

Do this in a circular motion for about 10-20 seconds. 

Step 5: Sand your charger’s contact point

Note: Simply repeat the previous sanding process on the metallic part of your charger. 

After doing so, grab a clean and dry microfiber cloth.

Then, use it to wipe any metal or sandpaper residue around your device’s contact points. 

Want a visual guide for this process? Watch this video:

#6: Change the battery 

Like your mobile phone…

Your vacmop’s battery also degrades over time.

And unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid this outcome. 

But don’t worry. 

1 workaround for this problem is to replace your vacmop’s battery.

This way, your cleaning device will start charging efficiently. As if it’s brand new again. 

Now, different Shark vacmop models require specific batteries.

So, before you proceed to find battery replacements for your cleaning device…

Know your vacmop’s model number:

You can find this on the main body of your device. Usually above or below its charging point. 

And this is also written on the box that came with your vacmop. 

Note: This is a code with 5 or more digits labeled with the heading Model. The first 2 digits are letters, and the rest are numbers. 

Once you have this information… 

Here’s how you can buy your vacmop’s battery replacement:

Step 1: Go to the brand’s official website

Use your PC or phone to launch a browser.

Then head to

Step 2: Tap the Search icon

You’ll find this at the top-right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Type your device’s model number

Ensure that you’re writing the correct digits.

Step 4: Find your vacmop’s battery pack 

You’ll see this under the heading Other Search Results.

Step 5: Tap the Select model dropdown menu

This is located under the model number of the battery pack. 

Step 6: Select your vacmop’s model number

Some codes may look similar, so double-check that you choose the correct one. 

Step 7: Proceed with the purchase

Just tap the pink Add to cart button.

Then, click the shopping icon beside the Search button at the top-right corner of the website. 

After that, tap the Checkout option and follow further instructions. 

Don’t want to buy online?

In that case, visit the retailer where you purchased your Shark vacmop. 

And ask them if they have a battery pack for your device on hand.

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#7: Contact Shark

Stubborn problems require professionals to fix them. 

But luckily, Shark’s customer support team is highly responsive. 

If your vacmop still has charging issues at this point… 

Call Shark at 1-800-798-7398.

Or visit the brand’s official support webpage.