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7 Best Apps For Pokémon Card Prices In 2023 [Value Scanner]

Best Apps For Pokemon Card Prices

The most expensive Pokémon card costs $5.275 million.

And who knows?  

Maybe 1 of your decks also has a card worth millions in it. 

Well, that’s probably too far of a stretch. 

But it’s still helpful to know how much your Pokémon cards are worth.

Continue reading to find out:

  • How to check the value of your Pokémon cards. 
  • 7 best free apps to check your Pokémon cards’ prices. 
  • 3 features that stand out from each of the card trading apps listed. 
  • And this is just the beginning… 

7 best apps for Pokémon card prices

#1: TCGPlayer 

Let’s start with my personal-favorite Pokémon card-pricing app. Which is available on both Android and iOS.

TCGPlayer lets you scan any Pokémon card using your phone’s camera. 

And within seconds…

You’ll see exactly how much each of your collectibles is worth. 

Now, this app has tons of qualities to offer. 

But I don’t want to overwhelm you. So, I’ll focus on… 

The top 3 features of TCGPlayer:

#1: Fully integrated scanning 

I already briefly mentioned this.

But it’s important to bring emphasis to this feature.

Because not every app on this list has a built-in scanner. 

See, TCGPlayer has 1 of the most reliable card-scanning systems. 

And it even lets you scan foil (Premium) cards. Or the shiny edition collectibles that some apps don’t even recognize. 

Moreover, the scanner also works even if your cards are:

  • In sleeves.
  • Upside down.
  • Inside a binder. 

And you can even scan multiple cards at once if you’re short on time. 

#2: Real-time pricing

Some apps only state the average price of the card you scan or input.

But TCGPlayer is different.

With this application…

You’ll find your cards’ low, mid, and high market prices.

So you know exactly what to expect when you sell or trade them with others. 

#3: All-in-one application

Before I found TCGPlayer… 

I had 1 app for checking my Pokémon cards’ prices.

And another for trading with card gamers near me. 

I also had to go to trading websites to buy and sell cards manually. 

Honestly, switching back and forth between 2-3 apps was exhausting. 

But luckily, when I discovered TCGPlayer… 

Collecting, selling, and trading Pokémon cards became much easier to do. 

Because with this app… 

When you scan a card, you’ll immediately have the choices to:

  • Add it to your collection.
  • Create Trade-in submissions.
  • Sell or buy it using the app’s website version. 

Now, if you want to know how to use this app in detail, watch this video: 

Some downsides:

Most of the apps’ features don’t work offline

You’ll need to connect to the Internet even if you just want to check a card’s name. 

The app is glitchy if it’s out of date

TCGPlayer constantly releases updates. 

Now, this is generally a good thing.

But the app often glitches if it’s outdated. 

So frequent updates also result in regularly checking if newer versions are available. 

Otherwise, you’ll have a glitchy card price-checker.

#2: TCG Hub

Best Pokemon App TCG Hub

Similar to the previous application… 

TCG Hub (only Android) lets you know your cards’ prices using your camera. 

But unlike TCGPlayer…

This app focuses on organizing your cards instead of selling or trading them. 

Let’s get into the specifics with these… 

Top 3 features of TCG Hub:

#1: Knowing the stats of your entire collection 

TCG Hub has a dedicated page where you can simultaneously see your collections’ stats. 

Specifically, at a glance, you’ll know the following:

  • Your total number of cards.
  • How many unique cards you hold.
  • The monetary value of your entire collection.
  • What and how much your most valuable card is. 

Note: Other apps also tell you this information. But they rarely put all of your collection’s details on a single page. 

#2: Simple and clean user interface 

Ask anyone who uses TCG Hub and you won’t find a soul complaining about the design of this application.

Because TCG Hub is hands-down 1 of the card-pricing apps with the best user interface. 

Now, there’s nothing fancy about its layout.

But this is precisely what makes TCG Hub special. 

Other card-collecting apps add all sorts of graphics to entertain users. 

However, they just appear messy and confusing to navigate. Especially when you start storing hundreds of your cards’ data in the app. 

#3: Your data is saved in the Cloud 

Imagine this:

You’ve scanned almost 1000 Pokémon cards in your app. 

However, you lost your phone. 

Well, you might think you need to scan all your cards from scratch.

But not necessarily. 

See, the TCGHub app saves your cards in the Cloud. Not just your phone.

So, you can easily switch devices without losing your collectibles’ data.

Some downsides:

Only for English Pokémon cards

If you own some decks written in other languages…

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to add them to the app. 

Images don’t show the card variations 

Even if you add an Unlimited-edition Pokémon card to this application…

The picture you’ll see would still be in its base form.

So at a glance…

You won’t be able to spot special cards in your deck. 

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#3: Dex – for Pokémon TCG

Let me introduce you to the best-rated app in this list:

Dex – for Pokémon TCG (iOS only).

See, this application has an impressive App store rating of 4.8/5 stars. 

And that in itself proves how convenient this application is for card traders like you. 

“What makes Dex – for Pokémon TCG different?”

Good question. Here are…

3 features that make this application stand out from the rest:

#1: Neat and professional interface

The overall design of this application is pleasing to the eyes.

There’s a perfect balance between texts and graphics. 

And your cards are presented as tiles. Rather than being in a list format. 

So, scrolling through the app replicates the classic feeling of:

Flipping through your card collection’s binder. 

#2: You can check every card in detail

When you search for or select a Pokémon card…

You’ll see everything you need to know about it, including:

  • Whether you already own it. 
  • The complete stats of the Pokémon card. 
  • How much different websites/platforms list this card. 

This efficient setup lets you review dozens of cards in just minutes. 

#3: Powerful filters

If you only want to collect cards from a particular generation of Pokémon decks… 

This application will be very handy. 

See, the Dex tab remembers your filters even when you close the app.

So, you can hide other Pokémon cards you don’t like collecting or trading from your screen. 

Here’s the downside:

Unfortunately, similar to other apps…

You can’t input card variations using Dex – for Pokémon TCG.

So, even if you have a Reverse Holo card… 

The app would register it as a normal print. 

#4: Poke TCG Scanner

If you love seeing information and stats visually… 

You should check out Poke TCG Scanner (Android/iOS).

See, this app doesn’t just tell you the prices of your cards.

Because it also shows you whether your collection’s total value has increased. In comparison to the previous days, weeks, or months. 

On top of this feature, here are… 

3 more things I like about Poke TCG Scanner:

#1: Build inventories

You can organize your cards into folders after scanning them. 

And you may add custom images to represent your collection. 

Unlike other apps…

You’ll also have the choice to export your cards’ data as a text document with Poke TCG Scanner.

This app really takes organizing and customization to a whole new level.

So, it’s perfect for you if you love accurate statistics and data. 

#2: Weekly updates 

If you want to be up to date with your collection’s progress… 

You can schedule weekly email reports from the app. 

This way, you know exactly how much you gain or lose based on the current market price. 

#3: Scan Pokémon cards in foreign languages 

Poke TCG is 1 of the few card-collecting apps that let you scan non-English cards. 

And this is 1 of my favorite feature. As someone who likes buying Pokémon decks while traveling overseas. 

Some downsides:

The scanner is too sensitive

If you’re in a room without enough lighting… 

The app might not recognize the card you’re scanning. Especially if they’re shiny. 

Log in issues

Some users have complained that signing in to the app is challenging. Especially if your Internet is unstable.

#5: TCG Price Check

Similar to the previous apps… 

TCG Price Check (Android only) lets you check your deck’s value in minutes. 

However, for this application…

You’d have to manually type the name of your cards in the app. 

Now, some people find the lack of a scanning feature inconvenient.

But honestly, typing your cards’ names manually also has its pros. 

Because through this method… 

The cards you add to your app’s collection are always accurate. 

Now, there are still lots of things I love about this app.

So, let me introduce you to…

TCG Price Check’s 3 unique features:

#1: Data saver mode

TCG Price Check helps you avoid overusing your remaining data balance. Which saves you money in the long run. 

#2: Set your preferred currency

This is a beneficial feature if you want to sell or trade your cards with foreign collectors. 

#3: The app has a dark mode  

Most of the apps on this list only stick to their default viewing mode. 

But TCG Price Check lets you choose if you want to brighten or darken the app. 

This feature makes checking your Pokémon card collections much easier for your eyes. Especially if you’re using the app in the middle of the night. 

Some downsides:

Too many ads

You’ll have to pay for the premium version to use this app smoothly. 

It doesn’t calculate the total value of your decks

This isn’t the app for you if you want to sell your whole collection. 

Because you’d have to manually calculate how much your decks cost together. 

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#6: Pocket Prices

Not gonna lie… 

Pocket Prices (Android only) has fewer features than other applications in this list. 

But when it comes to the accuracy of the prices listed…

This app won’t be beaten.

See, Pocket Prices exclusively gets the cards’ value it shows you from TrollAndToad. Which is 1 of the most popular websites for TCG collectors. 

On top of its accuracy… 

Pocket Prices also has these 3 helpful features for card traders like you:

#1: Simple interface 

When you open the app, you’ll see these options immediately:

  • About.
  • Card lists.
  • Search for a card. 

All of these buttons are self-explanatory. And there aren’t any fancy distractions on your screen. 

So, even first-time users can navigate Pocket Prices with ease. 

#2: It calculates the total value of your collection

Just keep adding your cards to the app.

And when you’re done…

You’ll know exactly how much your total collection is worth. 

#3: You may organize your cards

Create Card Lists that you can use as a folder to group related cards together.

Some downsides:

Frequent crashes

Based on experience…

This application usually freezes or shuts down when you continuously add cards. 

No scanner

You have to input cards manually by typing their name. 

#7: CollX app

“Snap the value of your cards and get the value in seconds.”

This is the official slogan of CollX (Android/iOS). 

But honestly…

This simple sentence isn’t nearly enough to explain what this app can offer. 

So, let me show you the…

Top 3 features of CollX:

#1: Talk with other collectors. 

Most card trading apps focus on just organizing your decks.

But CollX helps you engage with other collectors. 

You can keep in touch with a community that also loves doing what you enjoy. 

#2: Buy, sell or trade within the app

CollX isn’t just for finding how much your cards are. 

Because you can also acquire or sell your decks in minutes within this platform. 

#3: Build your collection 

Save the Pokémon cards you have in the app. 

And know the value of your entire collection or specific decks in real time. 

Some downsides:

Scanner sometimes freezes

This usually happens after inputting more than 10 cards inside the app.

Some Pokémon cards aren’t in the system

CollX is an app for all trading collections, mainly sports cards. 

So, unfortunately…

This app’s database can’t recognize all Pokémon decks. 

How do I check the value of my Pokémon cards?

To check the value of your Pokémon cards, just install any of the apps mentioned above. Then, input each of your trading cards into the application. Manually or through a built-in camera scanner. And in just seconds, you’ll find out your cards’ exact market price.