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(7 Fixes) Spotify Not Working On Apple Watch [2023]

Spotify Not Working On Apple Watch

Being able to play Spotify through your Apple Watch is… 

One word: amazing. 

It’s so convenient and fun to use. 

That’s why it’s so disappointing when the best combination suddenly stops working. 

But now, it’s time to relax. 


Because you found the perfect article to help you.

Continue reading to find out: 

  • How updating your devices can fix Spotify’s bug. 
  • 7 effective methods you need to try to make Spotify work again. 
  • How using a dummy Spotify account can solve this issue with your Apple Watch. 
  • And more… 

Why is Spotify not working on my Apple Watch?

Spotify isn’t working on your Apple Watch because your devices aren’t up to date, or there are glitches stored in their system. Sometimes, it could be because you’ve simply forgotten to connect your iPhone and Apple Watch through Wifi and Bluetooth. 

Spotify not working on Apple Watch: 7 fixes

Before we proceed…

If this is your first time trying to play Spotify through your Apple watch… 

Double-check if you’ve met all the requirements you need to do so. 

The first factor you should check is your watch. 

Ensure that your watch:

  • Has a watchOS of 7.0 or above.
  • Is connected to Wifi or cellular data.
  • Is part of Series 3 or later of Apple Watch models.

Once you’ve checked that your watch meets all these requirements, proceed to…

Ensure that your iPhone:

  • Runs on iOS 12 or above.
  • Has the Apple Watch app.
  • Is connected to Wifi or data.

If you’ve noticed…

Both your iPhone and your Apple Watch have a minimum OS requirement. 

And that’s why our first fix suggestion is to…

#1: Make sure your iPhone and Apple watch are updated 

But I already have the minimum OS requirements.” 

Sure, you have them… 

But do you have the latest ones? 

Recent updates contain fixes to current bugs and glitches that devices are experiencing. 

So not having these helpful updates could be the factor causing your Spotify app to glitch. 

You have to update both your iPhone and your Apple Watch. 


Because if only 1 of them is updated… 

It won’t function as well as it should be if the other one isn’t. 

So with that being said, here are the steps to…

Update your iPhone’s iOS: 

  1. Open your iPhone. 
  2. Plug it into a socket or power source.
  3. Make sure it’s connected to Wifi. 
  4. On your home screen, find Settings. 
  5. Open the app and go to General. 
  6. Click Software Update. 
  7. Click Download and Install. 

Note: If there are 2 software updates available, choose the 1 you prefer. 

Now let’s proceed and update your Apple Watch.

Unlike updating your phone, you can update your watch in 2 ways.

And that’s by:

  • Updating directly on your watch.
  • Updating your watch using your iPhone.

To update your Apple Watch using your phone:

  1. Plug your Apple Watch into a power source. 
  2. Open your phone.
  3. Go to your Apple Watch app. 
  4. Tap on My Watch. 
  5. Proceed to General > Software Update.
  6. Download the update.
  7. If it asks for your passcode, enter it. 
  8. Observe your Apple Watch until the progress wheel appears. 
  9. Wait until the update is completed. 

Note: The update can last from a couple of minutes to an hour. Once the update is ongoing, don’t restart any of your devices or quit the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. 

 To update directly on your watch:

  1. Charge your Apple Watch. 
  2. Connect your watch to a stable Wifi. 
  3. Open the Settings app on your watch. 
  4. Go to General > Software Update. 
  5. If there are updates available, install them. 
  6. Follow the further instructions on your screen. 

After updating your Apple Watch, it’ll restart on its own. 

Try playing from your Spotify app again, but if it still doesn’t work…

#2: Know your subscription type

Are you perhaps trying to play Spotify offline

If so…

Did you know that you can only play Spotify without Wifi if you have Spotify premium?

If you didn’t, then that might be why your Spotify isn’t working on your Apple Watch. 

Offline Spotify music is only limited to Spotify Premium users. 

So if you’re using Spotify Free…

The only way to play the app through your Apple Watch is to…

#3: Connect both devices to Wifi and Bluetooth 

While this might sound obvious…

It’s not unusual for users to forget to connect their watch and phone to the same Wifi network. 

Wait, I have to use the same Wifi?”

Yes, you do. 

According to Apple, if you want to enjoy every feature of your Apple Watch… 

You need to turn on both Wifi and Bluetooth on your phone. 

Your watch and iPhone communicate very efficiently through these wireless connections.

How so?

If your iPhone is near, your Apple Watch communicates to it using Bluetooth. 

But once your phone is a bit further, it opts to use Wifi instead.

Efficient, isn’t it?

So forgetting to turn on 1 of them can cause problems in communication between the two. 

“How do I check if my devices are connected?”

It’s very easy to do so. 

And I’ll tell you exactly how to do it. 

To check if your iPhone and Apple Watch are connected:

Step 1: Open your watch’s Control Center.

Note: If you’re on the watch face of your Apple Watch, simply swipe up. If you’re on other screens, press and hold the bottom of your screen and swipe up. 

Step 2: Look at the top of your screen. 

Step 3: If there’s a red icon or “X,” it’s disconnected. If it’s green, it’s connected. 

If your device is disconnected, connect it to your Wifi, then try playing from your Spotify app again. 

#4: Update your Spotify apps 

Update Your Spotify Apps

As we mentioned in our second fix… 

You must update your apps and software frequently. 

And if earlier, you found that your software isn’t up to date yet, chances are…

Your apps aren’t updated to their most recent versions, either. 

But if this is why your Spotify isn’t working correctly… 

Lucky you, it’s easy to update your apps on your iPhone. 

To update your Spotify app:

  1. Open your phone.
  2. Go to the App Store.
  3. Click on your profile on the top right.
  4. Go to the UPCOMING AUTOMATIC UPDATES section. 
  5. Try to find Spotify. 
  6. Click the UPDATE beside it. 

But I didn’t find Spotify on there.”

Then that means that you already have the latest version of Spotify.

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#5: Restart your Apple Watch

Restarting your Apple Watch clears its current open applications and their temporary data. 

So if what you’re experiencing is only a temporary glitch…

Then a simple restart can go a long way. 

Rest assured, this fix is as easy as the previous ones. 

Note: Similar to iPhones, there isn’t a direct restart option in smartwatches. So to restart your device, you have to turn it OFF and ON again, manually. 

To turn off your Apple Watch:

  1. Locate your Apple Watch’s side button. 
  2. Press and hold this button until your screen changes. 
  3. Swipe Power OFF to the right.
  4. Wait for the animation to end. 

Wait for at least 1 minute. Afterward, you can go ahead and…

Turn your Apple Watch ON:

  1. Press and hold the side button of your watch again. 
  2. Let go when the Apple logo shows up. 
  3. Unlock your Apple Watch. 

After the restart, check if Spotify is finally working.

#6: Reinstall Spotify on Apple Watch

The following fix you’d want to try is to delete and reinstall your Spotify app on your watch. 

Why does this work?

Deleting an app deletes the caches and data it has stored over time. 

And whether we like it or not…

There are also bugs and glitches in the caches and data of our apps. 

But this isn’t always a bad thing. 

Because bugs are stored in the data, and the data is erased if the app is deleted…

That means deleting the app will also fix the problem caused by the bugs. 

So with that being said, let’s delete the Spotify app on your Apple Watch and reinstall it later. 

To delete Spotify from your Apple Watch:

  1. Locate the digital crown of your Apple Watch. 
  2. Tap it once to display your apps. 
  3. Once you find Spotify, press and hold it.
  4. Wait until the apps wiggle. 
  5. Press the X on the Spotify tile. 
  6. Confirm that you want to delete it. 
  7. Tap the digital crown again. 

Now that you’ve deleted your Spotify, it’s time to reinstall it. 

To reinstall Spotify to your Apple Watch:

  1. Tap the digital crown to display the apps. 
  2. Find and open App Store. 
  3. Go to Search on top of the screen. 
  4. Type “Spotify” and tap its tile. 
  5. Click the cloud with the downward arrow. 
  6. Wait for the installation to finish. 

If this couldn’t fix your problem, try to… 

#7: Create a dummy account

I know this fix sounds a bit odd. 

But believe me, for some users, this method has worked wonders. 

If your screen displays “Connecting…” every time you try to play Spotify through your watch. 

Then doing this trick can fix your problem. 

Now you might be asking…

“What exactly do you mean by creating a dummy account?” 

So let me explain it to you briefly. 

You’re going to replace your current Spotify session with a new one. 

How so?

By using a different Spotify account to play on your Apple Watch. 

That’s because… 

Using a new account will delete the data of your original one from your watch. 

And deleting data also means deleting glitches and bugs. 

So without any more delay, let’s proceed with the steps. 

Note: There’ll be 4 steps to this process, each having detailed instructions. 

To fix your Spotify bug using a dummy account:

Step 1: Log out from your Spotify app. 

  1. Open your Spotify App. 
  2. On the bottom left, click Home.
  3. Click the Gear icon to reach settings. 
  4. Scroll down and choose Log Out.
  5. Confirm that you’re logging out.

Step 2: Create a dummy Spotify account.

  1. Go to Spotify’s official Sign up page
  2. Enter your credentials with a different email. 
  3. Pass the reCaptcha test
  4. Click Sign up. 

Step 3: Log your dummy account into your phone. 

  1. Open the Spotify app. 
  2. Log in using the email you used in Step 2. 
  3. Enter your email and password. 

Step 4: Try playing Spotify through your watch. 

If Spotify works on your Apple Watch now, repeat Step 1.

And once you’ve logged out of your dummy account… 

Log in using your original Spotify account once more and do Step 4. 

And now all that’s left for you to do is… 

Enjoy your long-missed Spotify music experience through your Apple Watch! 

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