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19 Steps To Delete Spotify Account On iPhone (2023 How-To)

How To Delete Spotify Account On IPhone

Do you want to open a new Spotify account?

Or perhaps are you switching to using another music service app?

Then, I suggest you delete your account on your iPhone.

That way, you can get rid of all your in-app data…

Plus, you can cancel your subscription and unlink your connected accounts in one go!

Read on to learn:

  • 19 steps to delete a Spotify account on an iPhone.
  • How to delete a Spotify Free and Premium account.
  • Whether you can reactivate a deleted Spotify account.
  • And so much more…

How to delete a Spotify account on iPhone?

To delete a Spotify account on iPhone, log in to the Spotify support page using Safari. And contact Spotify support to request account deletion. But if you’re using a Spotify Free account,  go to the “Close my account” setting. And follow the on-screen instructions to delete your account yourself.

19 steps to delete Spotify account on iPhone

#1: Open your Safari browser

Unfortunately, you can’t delete your Spotify account through the app.

You’d have to request account deletion directly on the Spotify website to delete it.

So, for your first step…

Open your Safari browser. Or any browser you often use on your iPhone.

Note: The Safari browser has a compass icon. And it’s often blue unless you’ve customized your iPhone’s buttons.

#2: Log in to the Spotify support page

Next, log in to your Spotify account on the browser.

For easy access, go straight to Spotify’s support page.

And enter your Spotify account credentials.

Note: If you can’t log in using your connected account. Try logging in using your username/email and password.

#3: Go to “Support”

Once you’re logged in…

Navigate to the Support setting.

To do that, tap the MORE icon. Look for a three-horizontal line icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Fun fact: Others often call this icon the “hamburger icon.” Because it somehow depicts a hamburger.

And then select “Support” from the options. This will lead you to the “How can we help you?” page.

#4: Tap “Account & Payment”

Next, scroll down a bit and look for the “Account & Payment” submenu.

This is the first submenu right under the blue border.

Tapping it once will display more setting options.

#5: Click “Account Help”

From the displayed options, click “Account Help.”

It should be the first option from the “Account & Payment” submenu.

Doing this will lead you to the next support page.

#6: Select “Close your account”

Once you’re on the next page…

Scroll down until you reach the bottom of the page.

Then, search for and select “Close your account.”

It’s typically the 2nd-to-the-last option from the page. Right above the “Contact us” button.

Doing so will lead you to the “Close your account” setting page.

#7: If using a Premium plan, choose “contact customer support”

Contact Spotify Customer Support If Using Premium Plan

Note: The steps on deleting a Spotify Free and Premium account vary from this point.

Given that, continue reading this section if you’re using Spotify Premium. But if you’re using a Spotify Free account, jump to step #11.

Going back…

By this time, you should be on the “Close your account” page. And you’d see a “Got Premium?”  and “Don’t have Premium?” questions on the screen.

Navigate to the “Got Premium?” section. And tap “contact customer support.” 

This will open a new page for you to contact Support Bot.

#8: Click “Start” to send a request

On the “Get help from our Support Bot” page…

Click the “Start” button to send an account deletion request.

Right after clicking, a chat box will appear on your screen.

#9: Send a message to the support bot

On the chatbox, say that you’d like to have your Spotify Premium account deleted.

You can customize your message however you want. 

Just make sure to mention related keywords, such as:

  • Close.
  • Delete.
  • Spotify.
  • Account.
  • Premium.

Here’s one simple message template you can send:

“Hi!. I’d like to delete my Spotify Premium account permanently.”

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#10: Tap “Close account”

After just a few seconds, the Support Bot will auto-reply to your message.

It’ll confirm your request by rephrasing your message. And also offer two solutions which are:

  • “Close account.”
  • “Cancel Premium Plan.”

For this case, choose “Close account” to completely delete your Spotify profile.

#11: Click the link sent to your email

Once done, a message will appear on your screen saying that…

Spotify has sent an email to you to confirm your action.

So, what you’d need to do is…

Go to your email inbox and open Spotify’s message. Then, click the “Close My Account” button on the email.

Otherwise, the link will expire. And you’d have to repeat the process from the top.

#12: If using a Free plan, choose “Close your account”

Suppose you’re using a Spotify Free account. You’d have to delete it yourself.

And to do that, click “Close your account” under the “Don’t have Premium?” section.

Note: Its text is bold and blue. So, you should easily find it on the screen.

#13: Tap “Account”

Clicking the button from above will lead you to another support setting page.

And it’ll lead you to the “Hello. How can we help you?” page.

On that, look for the “Account” submenu. And tap the left-pointing arrow (>) to its right.

Wait for the “topics” to display.

#14: Select “I want to close my account”

On the selections, choose “I want to close my account.”

Note: This is third from the top of the options. Right below, “I want to cancel Premium.”

Selecting it will lead you to the next page. Wherein you’d have to confirm your action.

#15: Choose “Close Account”

On the next page, you’d see 2 sections:

  • “Close account.”
  • “Keep free account.”

Scroll down to go to the “Close Account” section. And tap the “Close Account” button under it.

Note: It’s the black button on the bottom of the page.

#16: Click “Close Account” on the verification email

The next page will ask you whether you’re sure about deleting your Spotify account.

If you’re fully decided to close your account…

Tap the “Close Account” button on the page.

Note: This time, the button is blue.

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#17: Verify the account you want to close

To avoid mistakes, Spotify support will display the overview of your account.

It’ll show your account:

  • Following.
  • Followers.
  • Username.
  • Email address.
  • Playlist number.

Check whether the displayed information matches your Spotify account.

If it is, click the “Continue” at the bottom.

#18: Accept Spotify’s account deletion terms

To help you decide whether you really want to delete your account. And explain what it’ll do to your account…

Spotify will show you its account deletion terms.

If you agree to it, tick the box next to “I Understand.” Then, tap the “Continue” button.

#19: Click the link sent to your email

After a few minutes, check your email inbox for any messages from Spotify.

Open it and scroll down to the bottom part of the page.

Look for the “Close Account” button and click it to confirm your Spotify account deletion.

Note: This will delete your Spotify account right away.

Need more help on deleting Spotify on your iPhone? Then, watch this short instructional video:

Why can’t I delete my Spotify account on my iPhone?

You can’t delete your Spotify account on your iPhone because you’re doing the wrong procedure. Or you’re using a different email address. It’s also possible that you’ve failed to agree to Spotify’s account deletion terms. Or haven’t clicked the verification link sent to your email.

There are 2 ways to delete your account through the Spotify website:

  • By contacting Spotify support (for Premium accounts).
  • By navigating the support page setting (for Free accounts).

Make sure to follow the right procedure that works for your account type. Otherwise, your Spotify account won’t be deleted.

“Can I reactivate my deleted Spotify account?”

Absolutely. But only within 7 days from deleting it.

After a week, you won’t be able to reactivate your deleted account. Plus, you won’t be allowed to use your old username to register a new account.

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