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(5 Fixes) Samsung Dryer Stuck On Cooling [2023 Guide]

Samsung Dryer Stuck On Cooling

Here’s what’s worse than having a mountain of dirty laundry:

Removing your clothes from the dryer and realizing they’re still damp. 

I know how frustrating this experience can be. 

So, let me help you fix your Samsung dryer that’s stuck on cooling.

Continue reading to find out:

  • 5 easy fixes for a Samsung dryer stuck on cooling.
  • 3 dryer components you need to clean to fix this issue. 
  • The most common reasons your Samsung dryer isn’t heating up like usual. 
  • And this is just the beginning… 

Why is my Samsung dryer stuck on cooling?

Your dryer is stuck on cooling because you’re not using a cycle with a high temperature. This problem also happens if your device’s Eco Dry mode is ON. In other cases, your dryer limits its temperature because it has a dirty exhaust vent or lint filter. 

Samsung dryer stuck on cooling: 5 fixes

#1: Change your dryer’s cycle and settings 

When your Samsung dryer can’t dry your clothes like usual… 

It’s easy to overthink that something might be completely wrong with its components. 

But sometimes, this scenario isn’t even caused by an issue at all.

See, you might simply be using a dryer cycle that doesn’t use enough heat. 

Or one that doesn’t even try to dry your clothes at all. Like your dryer’s Steam cycles.

So, as your first step to fix this problem…

Try using a cycle with a higher temperature, like these Sensor Dry Cycles: 

  • Normal. 
  • Heavy Duty. 
  • Very/More Dry. 
  • Bedding (PLUS).

Do you prefer using your dryer with manual settings instead? 

In that case, follow these tips:

  • Keep your dry level high. 
  • Make your cycles last longer. 
  • Stick to medium or high temperature. 

And before you test if your dryer’s still stuck to cooling… 

#2: Turn OFF Eco Dry (selected models only) 

As an electricity-efficient device… 

Your dryer has a power-saving mode called Eco Dry. 

And it’s main goal is to help you conserve energy. By reducing the temperature your dryer uses.

Now, with this feature… 

Each of your cycle’s duration can extend up to 3x than usual. 

So, if this feature is ON, and your clothes are still damp when you remove them from the dryer… 

Most likely, your device is simply not done with its prolonged Eco Dry cycle. 

Meaning, there’s really nothing wrong with your dryer’s heating capacity. 

So, all you need to do is turn OFF your device’s Eco Dry feature.

Note: Exact steps for this process depend on the model of your Samsung device. So, check your dryer’s user manual to do this process. 

Once you’ve turned this feature OFF… 

Damp several clothes or an entire bed sheet. 

Then, try using your dryer again to see if it’s still stuck on cooling. 

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#3: Clean the lint filter of your dryer

To prevent loose fabrics from clogging your dryer’s exhaust vent over time… 

Your device has a built-in lint filter.

Now, you need to clean this component in between each load.

Because once it’s covered with too much fabric…

Your dryer will have difficulty expelling its hot moist air, causing it to overheat. 

Which could potentially lead to a house fire. 

Luckily though, Samsung dryers are designed to avoid this worst-case scenario. 

Most models now limit their temperature when their lint filters are blocked. 

And this could be why your device appears stuck on cooling. 

That said, if you haven’t already done so… 

Follow these steps to clean your lint filter: 

Step 1: Turn OFF your dryer 

There’s no need to unplug your device from the outlet for this process.

So, just turn it OFF using its Power button, then… 

Step 2: Remove the lint filter 

You’ll find this inside your dryer’s drum. 

Step 3: Open the filter 

Samsung’s lint filters open from the top.

So, simply pull apart the 2 sides of the filter basket until they separate. 

Note: Replace your filter if it’s damaged or broken. 

Step 4: Remove the lint from the filter 

It’s completely safe to do this using your bare hands. 

But, if you want…

You may also use gloves or tissue to remove the lint.

Now, most of the time…

Simply removing the balled-up loose fabrics is enough to clean the filter. 

But if yours appears to be clogged… 

Run it under cold water without soap.

Then, let it air dry completely before you… 

Step 5: Return the lint filter to your dryer 

Snap the 2 sides of the filter basket to close it up again. 

Then, return it to its respective place in the dryer’s drum. 

Warning: Never use your Samsung dryer without its lint filter. Doing so can cause your dryer to overheat and potentially cause a fire. 

#4: Wipe your dryer’s sensor bar 

Samsung dryers have 3 cycle types: 

  • Steam. 
  • Sensor. 
  • Manual. 

Now, this fix is only applicable for cycles under Sensor.

So, if you’re using Manual cycles for your dryer, skip to the next solution. 

Note: You can visit this page to check which category your preferred cycle falls under. 

As the name suggests…

Sensor Dry cycles use your dryer’s sensors to detect whether there’s still moisture.

Now, this feature is generally accurate. 

But unfortunately, if you use dryer sheets frequently…

A residue can build up on your device’s sensor bars. 

And when this happens… 

The sensor won’t be able to detect moisture even when it’s still present. 

So, your dryer may end its cycles too soon. Thinking that your load is completely dry, even when it’s still damp

Luckily, you won’t need more than several minutes to…

Clean your dryer’s moisture sensor: 

Step 1: Prepare your materials 

You’ll need the following: 

  • Clean water. 
  • 2 microfiber towels. 
  • Mild soap (like dishwashing liquid) 
Step 2: Locate the sensors 

These are the 2 curved metal bars inside your dryer’s drum. 

And they’re usually located near the lint filter housing. 

Once you know where they are…

Step 3: Clean the sensors 

Grab 1 of the microfiber towels you prepared earlier. 

Then, slightly dampen it with water and 1 drop of mild soap.  

After doing so, use the towel to gently wipe your dryer’s moisture sensors 3x.

And proceed to…

Step 4: Dry the sensor bars 

Grab the remaining dry microfiber towel.

And use it to wipe the sensor bars until they’re completely dry.

Need a visual guide for this cleaning process? 

Watch this video: 

#5: Ensure your dryer’s vent isn’t clogged 

The exhaust vent is 1 of the most crucial components of your dryer.

After all, it allows your device to expel excess heat and moisture. 

A process that’s necessary to prevent your dryer from overheating. 

Now, similar to the lint filter earlier… 

Your dryer will reduce the heat it uses if its vent is clogged. 

So, if you still can’t make your dryer heat up properly, it’s time to…

Clean your device’s exhaust vent. 

But before you do, you should…

Run this vent blockage test on your dryer: 

Note: This only applies to selected Samsung dryer models. Check your device’s user manual to confirm whether it has a Vent Blockage Test. 

Step 1: Let your dryer cool down 

For this test to be accurate… 

Your dryer needs at least 2 hours of resting time.

So, if it hasn’t been that long since you’ve last used your device…

Let it cool down first until it reaches the ideal resting duration. 

Step 2: Empty your dryer’s drum 

After doing so, close its door, then… 

Step 3: Launch your dryer’s vent blockage test 

Turn ON your device by pressing its Power button. 

Then, within 5 seconds… 

Press and hold these buttons simultaneously:

Adjust Time Up + Dry Level.

And let go when you see “InS” or “In” appear on your dryer’s display. 

If this process doesn’t work…

Try these button combinations for your dryer instead: 

  • Cycle 1 + Wrinkle Prevent.
  • Air Fluff + Wrinkle Prevent. 
Step 4: Start the test 

Simply press and hold the START/PAUSE button on your dryer to do so. 

And once the test finishes after 2-3 minutes…  

Step 5: Read the results 

Use this table to interpret the code you see on your display:

Code Meaning What you need to do 
0 or End Vent is normal/unblocked Proceed to the next solution 
CLg/Cg/CL9/C9/C80/C8/C90Dryer can’t exhaust properly Clean the vent 
dcDoor is open Close the dryer and do the test again 
C1 or CL1 Laundry is detected Empty the drum before running the test once more 
Ct Internal temperature of the dryer is too low/high Do the test again once the dryer’s surrounding is at room temperature 

If you got 1 of the codes that indicated your dryer can’t exhaust properly… 

Then, you should clean your device’s exhaust vent. 

Now, I highly recommend that you contact professional cleaners for this process. 

But if you’re on a tight budget… 

Don’t worry. I’ll help you clean your dryer’s vent on your own. 

Just purchase 1 of these DIY vent cleaning kits.

Then, follow these steps to…

Clean your dryer’s exhaust vent: 

Step 1: Unplug your dryer from the outlet. 

Step 2: Disconnect your device’s vent pipe. 

Step 3: Remove the blockage inside your dryer’s vent hole.

If there’s lint near the opening…

You can simply use your hand to remove them.

But if the blockage is further down the hole…

Use the vent brush you purchased to remove it. 

After cleaning the dryer’s vent hole, use the same process to… 

Step 4: Remove any lint from the exhaust pipe. 

Once you’ve removed as much blockage as you can… 

Connect the pipe to the vent hole again.

Then, check if your dryer’s heating problem persists. 

Bonus: Contact Samsung support 

Is your dryer still stuck on cooling?

Then, it’s time time to contact Samsung’s professionals for help. 

See, your dryer most likely has serious hardware issues, like having a faulty:

  • Thermal fuse. 
  • Heating element. 
  • Cycling thermostat. 

And as fixing these parts can be pretty complicated…

It’s best to leave them in the hands of experts. 

Lucky you…

Samsung is 1 of the brands with the best customer support services.

You can easily contact its professionals by:

  • Calling 800-726-7864.
  • Texting “SUPPORT” to the number above.
  • Requesting in-person service through the brand’s official support page

And alternatively, you may also visit the branch you got your dryer from.