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(7 Fixes) Puffco Peak Not Charging [Updated 2023]

Puffco Peak Not Charging

Sometimes, there’s nothing more relaxing than using a vaporizer. 

So, now that your Puffco Peak isn’t charging… 

I know you want to find the solution to its problem ASAP.

Luckily, you found the right person to ask. 

You only need several minutes to get your Peak powered up again. 

Keep reading to find out:

  • 7 quick fixes for your Puffco Peak that isn’t charging. 
  • The most common reasons your Puffco Peak won’t charge.
  • How you can safely clean your vaporizer’s charging port and stop this problem.
  • And much, much more… 

Why won’t my Puffco Peak charge?

Your Puffco Peak won’t charge because it may already be fully charged. Sometimes, this problem happens because you haven’t turned your vaporizer OFF. And your Puffco Peak also won’t charge if its charging connectors are dirty or loose. In other cases, faulty USB-C cables cause this issue. 

Puffco Peak not charging: 7 fixes

#1: Use a different outlet 

Let’s first rule out the possibility of your power source causing this problem. 

And that’s by simply switching the outlet you use to charge your Puffco Peak. 

See, it rarely ever happens. But sometimes… 

Your outlets can stop working or producing enough power output. 

This scenario usually happens when:

  • Your house’s circuit breaker trips. 
  • Strong electrical currents burn your outlet’s wires. 

So, if you’ve only plugged your Peak’s charging adapter into the same outlet… 

Use a different one this time.

Now, before you use the new outlet to charge your vaporizer again, do this little test:

  1. Grab your mobile device and its charger. 
  2. Charge your phone/tablet using the new outlet.
  3. Ensure that your device is charging. 

Note: This process verifies that the outlet you’ll use works. 

So, once your phone/tablet starts charging…

Use that specific outlet to make your Puffco Peak store power.

And if it still refuses to do so… 

#2: Check your Peak’s battery level 

So, you’ve already plugged your Puffco Peak into a functioning outlet. 

But minutes later, its LED indicator still won’t light up.

Now, most likely…

Your immediate assumption is that your device has a charging problem.

However, this isn’t always the case.

See, when a similar scenario happened to my Peak last year… 

I brought it to a technician friend that same day. 

And not even 5 minutes later, he said this:

“Tim, your Peak doesn’t have charging issues. It’s just fully charged.”

I’m a pretty techy person.

But only then did I realize that if your Puffco Peak is already at 100% charge… 

Its LED won’t light up anymore when you plug it into an external power source. 

Now, I want you to avoid the same mistake.

So, for this step… 

You should check your Puffco Peak’s battery status. 


Just click your device’s button 3 times. 

Then, observe the color that appears on its base. 

If you see green… 

Your Peak is probably not charging because it’s already at 100% power. 

So, just use your device for at least 10 heating cycles before trying again. 

However, if you see yellow or red on your Peak’s base… 

That means your device isn’t fully charged. Which verifies its charging problem. 

Hence, you should proceed to the solutions below. 

#3: Use the official charger 

Unlike most devices you can charge using basically any adapter…

Your vaporizer is extremely sensitive when it comes to storing power. 

In fact…

Dozens of Peaks have met their unfortunate end because of nongenuine charging bricks. 

Because other adapters have watts and amperes that are too high for your vaporizer to handle. 

So, if you were considering using other charging adapters for your device… 

Stop the thought. 

Because not only will you most likely ruin your Peak… 

Puffco can also void your device’s warranty. 

Because it explicitly stated that Peaks are only compatible with their official brick.

#4: Ensure that your device is OFF before charging 

My friends and I often hang out with our Puffco Peaks together. 

And this is the annoying habit we can never seem to break:

Forgetting to turn OFF our concentrate vaporizer when not in use. 

Because of this… 

Most of our Peaks drain their battery in just hours. 

And, sometimes, they also have trouble charging. 

Because every now and then…

Peaks won’t store power if they’re ON. 

In case you need a refresher on handling your Puffco Peak, you can also watch this:

Now, let’s check if this is also what’s stopping your vaporizer from charging. 

So, just follow these steps to…

Double-check if your Puffco Peak is OFF:

Step 1: Hold its button down for 3 seconds 

This trigger action turns your vaporizer ON or OFF.

Step 2: Observe your Peak’s response

When your Puffco Peak turns ON… 

Its base flashes once. And your device vibrates twice.

So, observe whether these indicators appear on your device.

Step 3: Turn OFF your vaporizer 

If you saw the indicators mentioned in the previous step… 

That means your Peak was already OFF earlier. 

And you just turned it ON. 

Hence you should press your device’s button for 3 seconds again to turn it OFF. 

After doing so…

Skip to the next solution, as this one doesn’t apply to your vaporizer. 

However, if your Peak didn’t flash its light once and vibrate twice… 

Your device was ON earlier. Which was most likely the reason it won’t charge.

So, now that you’ve turned it OFF…

Try connecting your Peak to power again. 

#5: Try a different USB-C cable 

Cables are always prone to damage and tears. 

So, if you’re still having charging problems at this point… 

Your Peak’s USB-C cable could be the cause of the issue. 

And the only way to verify whether this is the case is to switch the cord you use. 

Luckily, unlike its charging brick… 

You can use any USB-C cable for your Puffco Peak. 

So, follow along with this guide to…

Switch your vaporizer’s charging cable: 

Step 1: Prepare your USB-C cable replacement 

I highly recommend purchasing a new cord.

Because this is the easiest way to verify that your replacement won’t have any:

  • Tears. 
  • Faulty wires.
  • Loose connections. 

But if you’re on a tight budget…

You may also use any extra USB-C cable you already have. As long as it doesn’t have any:

  • Dent.
  • Open wire. 
  • Deformation.
  • Discoloration. 
Step 2: Disconnect your Peak’s USB-C cable from the brick 

Prepare your vaporizer’s charger.

Then, unplug the cable from the adapter’s port. 

Once the 2 pieces are separated… 

Step 3: Plug your replacement cable into the adapter’s port 

Grab the cord you prepared in step #1.

Then, connect it to your Peak’s official charging brick port. 

After doing so…

Step 4: Try charging your Puffco Peak again 

Connect your cable’s small connector to your vaporizer’s charging port.

Then, plug your Peak’s brick into a functioning wall outlet.

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#6: Wiggle the charging port’s connector 

Puffco Peak is one of the best vaporizers in the market.

But honestly, its physical design can sometimes be disappointing.


Because the connector inside this vaporizer’s port is easily bent or worn out. 

And, of course, since this component is essential to charging your Peak… 

Your vaporizer will also have problems storing power if its connector is compromised.

Luckily though, even if your Puffco Peak’s connector leans slightly out of place.

You can easily fix it with a toothpick. 

All you have to do is slightly wiggle the thin connector inside your vaporizer’s port up and down. 

Now, if your Puffco Peak still won’t charge after this fix, you should try to…

#7: Clean your device’s charging port 

You may not hear this often…

But most devices can have charging problems if their connectors are too dirty.

Some examples of those gadgets are: 

And unsurprisingly, your Puffco Peak is also part of the list. 

Now, don’t worry. 

Cleaning your vaporizer’s ports won’t take you more than 5 minutes. 

Just have these materials at hand:

Then, follow these detailed steps to…

Clean your Puffco Peak’s charging port:

Step 1: Position your air duster

Place its nozzle an inch away from your vaporizer’s type-C port opening.

Then, point it at a slight angle. So you’ll push the dirt and debris out of your Peak’s port. Not further inside. 

Step 2: Spray the port 

You only need to do 2-3 short sprays for this process.

But between each one… 

Ensure to change the duster’s nozzle’s angle slightly. 

This way, you can remove most of the debris from the port. 

Step 3: Wipe the dirt off your Puffco Peak 

The dust you’ve removed from the port most likely stuck to your vaporizer’s body.

So, use the microfiber cloth you prepared earlier to wipe them off. 

After finishing this cleaning process…

Try plugging your vaporizer into its power source again.

And observe whether it’s finally charging. 

Bonus: Contact Puffco’s customer service 

If you still can’t charge your vaporizer at this point…

It’s time to get help from professionals.

Because, most likely, your Puffco Peak is experiencing serious software or hardware defects.

And these problems need the experts’ knowledge and tools to fix. 

Luckily, you don’t necessarily need to spend extra to get assistance from Puffco.

After all, if it’s been less than a year since you got your Peak… 

Your vaporizer is still under warranty.

So, the brand will most likely fix or replace your device for free. 

That said, to claim your vaporizer’s warranty…

Fill up this online form by Puffco with the accurate details of your device. 

Then, wait for the brand’s support team to reply to your concerns. 

“But my Peak’s no longer under warranty. What can I do?” 

You can still contact Puffco by texting them at (850) 783-3262.

However, if the brand’s representatives can’t provide you out-of-warranty assistance…

I recommend contacting local technicians near you instead.

Because most of the time…

They’ll fix your vaporizer for a price much less than official brands like Puffco charge. 

Warning: Be extra cautious when asking local technicians to fix your Puffco Peak. Some will try to scam you, and others may accidentally damage your device further. So always verify whether a technician is trusted before giving them your Peak.