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(5 Fixes) JBL Endurance Peak Not Charging [Updated 2023]

JBL Endurance Peak Not Charging

Your JBL Endurance Peak is packed with top-tier features. 

Those include only needing a quick 10-minute charge for 1 hour of music playback. 

Such a bummer that you can’t enjoy this anymore.

But don’t worry. 

You won’t need more than 10 minutes to fix your earbuds’ charging problem as well. 

Continue reading to discover: 

  • 3 ways to fix Endurance Peak cases that won’t charge. 
  • 5 quick fixes for your JBL Endurance Peak that isn’t charging. 
  • How to double-check if your device really has a charging issue. 
  • The most common reasons your JBL Endurance Peak won’t charge. 
  • And this is just the beginning…

Why won’t my JBL endurance peak charge?

Your JBL Endurance Peak won’t charge because its charging case doesn’t have enough power. Sometimes, this happens because your earbuds aren’t sitting on their vessel properly. In other cases, your JBL Endurance Peak won’t charge because its charging points are too dirty.

JBL Endurance Peak not charging: 5 fixes

#1: Double-check if your device really has a charging issue 

Like most Bluetooth earbuds… 

Your Endurance Peak has indicator lights that allow you to check its status. 

For example, if your earbuds are charging in their case…

They’ll show a solid red light.

Similarly, the case also flashes its LEDs when storing power from an external source. 

Because of this helpful visual indicator… 

Most people check whether their Endurance Peak charges through its LED lights. 

However, these indicators have a catch. 

And that’s they won’t turn ON if:

  • Your audio device is already fully charged. 
  • Your JBL Endurance Peak has a charging problem. 

Now, when most people don’t see any lights after connecting their audio device to power…  

Their immediate assumption is that their earbuds have a charging problem. 

When, in fact… 

This same “lights-not-turning-ON” situation also happens if your earbuds are fully charged. 

That said, before hopping into any of the actual solutions below… 

You should double-check whether your Endurance Peak actually has a charging problem.

To do so, simply use your earbuds for at least 30 minutes. 

Then, return it to its case. 

If your Endurance Peak doesn’t have charging problems…

You should see its indicator lights once again. 

But if your earbuds’ LED lights still refuse to turn ON… 

Then, it actually has a charging issue. 

So, you should proceed to the solutions below. 

#2: Ensure your charging case has enough power 

Like most Bluetooth earbuds… 

Your Endurance Peak has 2 components that need to be charged, which are the: 

  • Earbuds themselves. 
  • Charging case of your device. 

Now, your earbuds can only charge if your case has enough stored power. 

So, before you assume that your earpieces are the components having issues, you should… 

Charge your JBL charging case: 

  1. Grab your Endurance Peak’s charging cable.
  2. Plug the smaller connector into your device’s case. 
  3. Connect the other end to an active USB port/adapter. 
  4. Observe your JBL’s case lights. 

If the first LED is blinking… 

Then, wait until the 2nd light flashes before you charge your earbuds again.

Because most likely…

Your earbuds couldn’t charge earlier because their case just didn’t have enough power.

Now, if the LED flashing is the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th one… 

Then, that verifies that your Endurance Peak earbuds have charging issues. 

Because your case had enough stored power earlier to charge them. 

So, proceed to the next solutions below.  

“But my charging case didn’t blink when I plugged it to power.”

That means your earbuds’ case is the one having charging issues. 

So try these…

3 instant fixes for Endurance Peak cases that won’t charge:

Fix 1: Plug your charging cable properly  

It’s very easy to charge your JBL’s Endurance Peak case. 

After all, all you need to do is connect your device to power using its cable. 

However, the simplicity of this process often lets us forget to plug the cable firmly. 

Which results in the case’s charging points not meeting the ones from your cable. 

So, for the first solution… 

Let’s ensure that your power cable’s connector isn’t too loose by following these steps: 

  1. Unplug your case’s charging cable. 
  2. Wait for 1 minute. 
  3. Reconnect your cable’s connector to your JBL case. 

This time… 

Make sure that you’re pushing the USB connector all the way through. 

Then, observe your JBL’s charging case for 1 minute. 

And if none of its indicator lights are still ON… 

Fix 2: Replace the cable you’re using 

It’s not rare for cables to tear and wear over time. 

So, if you still can’t charge your JBL case… 

It might be time to replace the power cord that came with it. 

Unfortunately, JBL doesn’t sell official replacement charging cables on its website.

But don’t worry. 

I found this charging cable for Endurance Peak online. And it’s just as good as the official ones. 

Don’t want to spend extra? 

Not a problem. 

Because you can also use any USB-C cables you have. 

Fix 3: Charge your JBL case using a wall outlet 

You can charge your audio device’s case through the USB ports of gadgets like:

  • PCs.
  • Laptops.
  • Smart TVs.

But unfortunately…

These ports can’t always provide enough power to charge your audio device. 

See, even Roku streaming sticks may blink purple if plugged in using USB slots. As a signal that they’re not receiving enough power. 

So, if you’re not doing so already… 

You should charge your JBL case using a wall adapter. 

Now, if you’re thinking:

“I followed the fixes above, but my audio device’s charging vessel still won’t charge.”

Then, proceed to the last section of this article to contact JBL’s official support team. 

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#3: Place your earbuds properly 

It’s easy to align your Endurance Peak earbuds to their charging case. 

But if 1 or both of their ear tips are sticking out… 

Your earbuds won’t settle on their slots properly. 

When this happens…

The charging points on your earbuds won’t make direct contact with those on the case. 

Hence, your Endurace Peak won’t charge. 

That said, for this solution….

Double-check that your device’s ear tips are properly stuck to your earbuds. 

Then, when you place your JBL earpieces back into their case again… 

Push each of them downwards gently to ensure there are no gaps at the bottom. 

#4: Clean your audio device’s charging points

Being a portable device…

Your JBL Endurance Peak is prone to dust and debris buildup. 

And unfortunately… 

Too much dirt accumulation can block your earbuds’ charging pins from receiving power. 

Luckily, though…

Cleaning your Endurance Peak only takes several minutes to do. 

So, just follow these steps to…

Properly clean your JBL Endurance Peak: 

Step 1: Prepare your materials 

These include:

  • Q-tips.
  • Isopropyl alcohol (90% or higher). 

“Can I use other cleaning solutions?”

No, you can’t. 

Other cleaning solutions have too much water content. 

So if you use them to remove dust from your JBL earbuds… 

You’ll risk corroding your device’s components. 

Step 2: Locate the gold-colored charging points on your earbuds 

Remove your earbuds from their case 

Then, find the golden charging points on the inner side of your earpieces. 

Note: You’ll find them above the letters that indicate which side each earbud corresponds to. 

Once you spot them…

Step 3: Clean your earbuds’ charging points 

Grab a clean Q-tip.

Then, dip 1 of its end with isopropyl alcohol. 

After doing so…

Use the damp cotton swab to gently scrub the charging points on your earbuds. 

Once you’ve cleaned both earpieces…

Lay them on a clean towel or surface before you proceed to… 

Step 4: Remove dirt from your case’s charging points 

On the curved part inside your JBL case…

You’ll find the golden-colored charging points. 

So, simply repeat the process you did to clean your earbuds’ pins earlier. 

After doing so… 

Step 5: Let your earbuds and case dry for 3 minutes 

Warning: Charging your Endurance Peak while it’s wet can damage its components. So, don’t skip this step. 

Now, cleaning your audio device’s charging points ends here.

But if you want to take this time to also remove dirt from your earbuds’ ear tips…

Follow the instructions in this video: 

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#5: Reset your earbuds 

If you’re still having trouble charging your audio device at this point…

Your JBL earbuds are most likely glitching. 

So, you should follow these steps to…

Reset your Endurance Peak:

  1. Forget your earbuds from all your gadgets. 
  2. Place both earpieces inside their charging case. 
  3. Touch and hold the right earbud.
  4. Let go when the bud’s LED indicator starts flashing. 

And if this solution still couldn’t fix your device’s charging problem… 

Bonus: Contact JBL’s support team 

Luckily, JBL doesn’t shy away from taking responsibility for its faulty products. 

So don’t worry. 

You don’t have to bid your Endurance Peak goodbye yet. 

Now, if it hasn’t been 30 days since you got your audio device…

You can ask JBL to replace/refund your Endurance Peak.

Just head to the brand’s Return Products page if you’ve bought your device from the website. 

Or visit the retailer you got your earbuds from.

“But my earbuds have passed their return validity period.”

Don’t worry.

If it hasn’t been a year since you purchased your Endurance Peak, they’re still under warranty. 

So, JBL will still fix them for free. 

Just go to the brand’s official Warranty Request page

And fill up the necessary information so JBL’s support team can help you. 

Want to talk directly with the company’s representatives?

You may also:

  • Text them at 628-333-7807.
  • Call them at (800) 336-4525.

Note: For more information on how to contact JBL, visit the brand’s official Customer Service page