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27 Smart Devices To Save Electricity & Money (Updated 2023)

Devices To Save Electricity

Most people know that having a smart home saves you electricity. 

But in reality, not all smart devices are energy-efficient.

Wanna know which gadgets actually help you save money?

Don’t worry. I’ve done my thorough research to aid you. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • 27 useful smart devices to save electricity & money. 
  • The specific power-saving features of each gadget. 
  • 14 smart home device types you must use to reduce your expenses. 
  • And a lot more…

27 smart devices to save electricity & money

Virtual assistants 

Many of us waste money because being energy-efficient can be inconvenient. 

For example, after a long tiring day… 

I wouldn’t even have any energy left to turn OFF my bedroom lights. 

Of course, this habit made me rack up my monthly utility bills. 

But there’s a solution to this problem: 

Voice assistants. 

They’re the brains behind most smart home setups. 

And they offer a helpful feature on the table: 

Letting you control your smart devices with voice commands. 

Here’s the top gadget with a voice assistant… 

#1: Amazon Echo 4th Gen

This smart speaker is the home for Alexa, 1 of the best AIs in the world. 

And she can easily:

  • Automate your gadgets to work together (routines). 
  • Make your smart devices act upon your voice commands. 

My favorite feature of Alexa? 


This allows your AI to remind you to turn OFF certain gadgets that are idle. 

Hence, you’ll avoid wasting electricity. 

#2: Google Nest Mini

This device functions similarly to the Amazon Echo mentioned earlier. 

Because you can also use Google Nest Mini’s AI to:

  • Control your smart devices.
  • Schedule gadgets to turn ON/OFF. 
  • Set up Automation (like Alexa’s routines). 

However, this device is the better option if you’re primarily an Android user. 

Because with just your Google account… 

You can automatically link this smart speaker to all your Android devices. 

On top of that, Google Nest Mini also regularly offers discounts.

For example, you could save $20 if you buy 2 models. 

So, it’s also the better voice assistant if you’re on a budget. 

Smart thermostats

Heating and cooling make up most US households’ energy expenses. 

But luckily, with smart thermostats…

It’s easy to lower your AC and heater’s electricity consumption. 

Based on my experience…

Here’s the best thermostat you can buy in terms of quality: 

#3: Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen)

According to Nest, this device can:

  • Curb your cooling expenses by 15%. 
  • Reduce your heating consumption by up to 12%. 

So, on average, you could save up to $145 worth of energy yearly. 

And if you’re wondering how… 

Well, the Nest thermostat automatically adjusts your HVAC system depending on your activities. 

For example…

It’ll use a more energy-friendly temperature whenever you leave the house or sleep. 

This way, you can still save money without affecting your comfort. 

In addition, Nest Thermostat also has a Power Saving Mode.

And this feature saves energy by limiting your temperature usage.  

#4: Amazon Smart Thermostat

On a budget?

Then, this $60 device is for you.

Despite being extremely affordable… 

The Amazon Smart Thermostat still allows you to save up to $50 on your yearly electricity bill. 

All thanks to its energy-saving features, including:

As a bonus, after purchasing this device…

Amazon also informs you about the rebates you could get from energy providers in your area.

Because some utility companies give these offers to households with smart thermostats. 

Smart plugs 

The simplest way to ensure you’re not wasting energy is to… 

Remember to turn OFF your appliances. 

And luckily, smart plugs can help you with that. Because they allow you to: 

  • Schedule your devices to turn OFF at specific times. 
  • Shut down any smart gadget using a voice command. 
  • Set specific routines so your devices know exactly when to operate.

Here are my best picks: 

#5: Eufy Smart Plug Mini 

On top of the usual smart plug features I mentioned above… 

This device sends you daily and monthly reports of your electricity consumption. 

So, you’ll know whether you’re reaching your energy efficiency goals. 

“Is this smart plug hard to set up?”

Not at all. 

All you need is a reliable 2.4 GHz WiFi.

And you can immediately set this smart plug up with its mobile app. 

No physical hubs are needed. 

Note: This device doesn’t work with the smart home system HomeKit. 

#6: Wyze Plug Outdoor 

Many of us have outdoor outlets we often use during BBQ sessions. 

Or when we just want to breathe fresh air. 

And luckily, there’s a smart plug for your outdoor needs too.

This Wyze device only costs $12. But it’s packed with excellent features, including its: 

  • Weather resistance.  
  • Energy monitoring abilities.
  • Compatibility with voice assistants. 

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Smart lights 

All smart lights are made with LED bulbs. 

Which are 9-10x more energy-efficient than the old-school incandescent models. 

Now, regular LED lights will already allow you to save money. 

But if you want serious energy savings, go for the smart versions. 

Because smart lights:

  • Automatically turn OFF when you’re not home. 
  • Follow your instructions through voice commands. 
  • Let you schedule when you want your bulbs to turn ON/OFF. 

Let’s talk about the best smart lights I’ve tried, starting with… 

#7: Wyze Bulb

Don’t let their affordable price fool you.

Although Wyze Bulbs cost as little as $8 per piece… 

They can provide you with all the features mentioned above. 

Plus, they’re way brighter in person than advertised. Making them very different from other cheap smart bulbs on the market. 

The setup process? 

It’s a walk in the park.

Just install the Wyze app, connect your bulbs to your WiFI, and you’re good to go.

#8: Philips Hue Starter Kit

It’s impossible to talk about smart lights without mentioning this brand. 

Because smart device fanatics like me know that Philips Hue is the top brand for smart bulbs. 

See, it doesn’t matter what type of smart hub you have. May that be:

  • Google Home. 
  • Amazon Alexa.
  • Apple HomeKit. 

Because Philip Hue’s lights can interact with all the best smart home systems

The best part about this kit? 

It lets you add new Philips Hue lights to your current setup without hassle. 

So, if you’re planning to make every room in your house have an energy-efficient bulb… 

The Philips Hue Starter Kit is 1 of the best packages for you.

Smart sensors 

Smart Sensors

This smart gadget is a great addition if you already have smart lights. 

Because it’ll automatically turn ON your bulbs in your presence. 

And ensure that your lights are OFF when you’re away. 

#9: Hue Indoor Motion Sensor 

This sensor turns your lights ON within a half-second once motion is detected. 

But it’s not just great for detecting movements… 

See, it’s also excellent at setting your bulbs’ brightness based on the current daylight in your home. 

So, you won’t leave unnecessary lights ON, minimizing your electricity usage. 

Note: This sensor must be connected to an official Hue Hub from Philips. 

#10: SmartThings Motion Sensor

This device does everything you’d expect from a motion sensor. 

But, in addition, it also looks out for your security. 

Because whenever unexpected motion is detected when you’re away or sleeping…

Your SmartThings motion sensor will send you a notification. 

Hence, on top of minimizing your electricity usage…

It’ll also guarantee your safety. 

Note: This sensor also controls other smart appliances like A/C, heater, and thermostat. But you need a SmartThings hub to use this device.

Smart energy monitors 

It’s much easier to save energy if…

You know exactly how much electricity your home consumes at any given time. 

And luckily, smart energy monitors make this possible. 

All you have to do is connect this device to your electrical panel.

And it’ll automatically send updates like the following to your phone: 

  • Which of your devices are ON. 
  • How much energy you consume on average. 
  • The ranking of your devices based on energy efficiency. 

Warning: You should hire a professional electrician to install a smart energy monitor. Installing this device requires you to interact with your house’s electrical panel. Hence, you might electrocute yourself or cause a housefire if you’re inexperienced.

#11: Sense Energy Monitor

This isn’t the most budget-friendly energy monitor.

However, trust me. This device is worth its $300 price. 

See, not only will you get the features I’ve mentioned earlier… 

You’ll also get visual representations of your energy usage. 

For example, the Sense app shows graphs that visualize how much energy you consume:

  • Daily.
  • Weekly.
  • Monthly.

Plus, it also identifies if any of your appliances have excessive vampire load.

In other words, whether you have devices that still consume electricity when OFF. 

#12: Emporia Energy Monitor 

This model is almost half the price of the previous device ($169). 

But it’s just as good at tracking your energy consumption. 

Moreover, the Emporia Energy Monitor also sends suggestions on saving electricity. Based on your current living pattern. 

So, if you have this electricity monitor…

You’ll also have a personal adviser on being energy-efficient on your side. 

Smart refrigerators 

Here’s why smart refrigerators are better than regular models:

They automatically adjust their temperature to save energy. 

Plus, they send alerts whenever you’ve left the refrigerator door open.

So, you won’t waste electricity while keeping your food fresh. 

#13: Samsung Family Hub

Every time you open your regular fridge… 

You’re consuming more energy. 

“Then how can I check what’s inside my refrigerator?” 

Well, if you have the Samsung Family Hub model…

That won’t be a problem. 

Because this device has a built-in camera. Which you can use to check what’s inside your fridge through an app. 

Moreover, this model allows you to input when each food item expires.

And reminds you when those dates are approaching. 

Hence, you’ll also avoid wasting money on uneaten food. 

Interested in knowing more about Samsung Family Hub refrigerators? 

Watch this video:

#14: LG InstaView Smart Refrigerator

Wanna know what’s inside the fridge without wasting energy?

Just knock at this device’s door twice.

And its pitch-black glass will immediately become clear. Allowing you to check the food you have left inside your refrigerator. 

This device also has a corresponding mobile app.

So, you’ll get useful alerts whenever:

  • You’ve left the fridge’s door open. 
  • You’re not using an energy-efficient temperature. 

And these further lets you save electricity and money. 

Smart vacuums 

Robot vacuums use less electricity than the regular versions. 

So, if you replace your handheld vacuum with a smart model… 

You can save energy while still keeping your house clean. 

#15: iRobot Roomba j7+

Some robot vacuums clean an entire room aimlessly. 

But this model is different.

See, the Roomba j7+ can clean specific areas only. 

And you can also set it to operate during off-peak hours. Or whenever your electricity rate is lower.

So, not only will you save time from your chores… 

You’ll also reduce your vacuum’s electricity consumption. 

#16: Shark RV1001AE Robot Vacuum

This device has features similar to the Roomba j7+ earlier. 

But, in comparison, this Shark vacuum is $200 cheaper.

So, it’ll allow you to save more money immediately after purchase. 

“Is it compatible with voice assistants?”

Of course. You can command this vacuum to start or stop cleaning anytime. 

So, it’ll only consume electricity when needed. 

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Smart leak detectors 

According to statistics… 

10% of US households have water leaks that waste 90 gallons or more daily. 

Want to avoid being part of the bunch? 

Consider getting smart leak detectors. 

Because these devices notify you if there’s a leak detected around your house. 

#17: YoLink Smart Water Leak Sensor

This is 1 of the cheapest smart leak detectors you can find.

Because for less than $50…

You’ll already get 3 smart leak sensors you can place across your house. 

Despite being affordable, though… 

This YouLink sensor still provides the features you’d want from a smart leak detector.

And the best part?

This device doesn’t need to connect to your WiFi. 

Because it communicates to its hub directly. 

So, even if you experience a WiFi outage… 

You’ll still know if there’s a leak in your house. 

#18: Moen 920-005 Flo

Not only does this device detect moisture…

It also notifies you of any unusual humidity or temperature level in its area.

So, you’ll also know if there are any possible leaks in nearby spots. Even if your detector can’t physically reach them.

Moreover, this device’s sensing disc is attached to a 48-inch extension cable.

So, you can regularly change the spots you’re monitoring. Without having to start the setup process from scratch. 

Smart sprinkler controllers 

Let’s be honest… 

Watering and taking care of your lawn isn’t child’s play. 

And the hardest part of doing so is watering it regularly. 

Luckily though, smart sprinklers got your back.

Because with this device…

You won’t even need to think about hydrating your grass. 

#19: Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler

Imagine this:

You just watered your lawn.

But then hours later, it starts raining. 

Frustrating scenario, isn’t it?

After all, you wasted both your time and money.

However, you can completely avoid this scenario with the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler.

Because this device monitors your local weather forecast.

And it won’t water your lawn if there’s heavy rainfall approaching. 

On top of this helpful feature… 

The Rachio 3 also has a flow meter.

So, it’ll automatically shut down if a leak is detected. 

#20: Orbit B-Hyve smart sprinkler controller

Like the previous model…

This device also monitors your local weather. 

So it’ll avoid watering your lawn when there’s forecasted rain. 

But fortunately, compared to the Rachio 3 earlier…

This Orbit B-Hyve is slightly cheaper (only about $100). 

Now, I’ll be honest. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing controller with its bulky LCD screen. 

However, it’s still a good deal if your priorities lie in saving money. 

Smart bedside lamps

I’m a huge fan of reading books while lying down at night. 

But I often found myself falling asleep before I could even turn my regular bedside lamp OFF. 

Which, of course, wasted energy. 

Wanna avoid this problem?

Grab a smart bedside lamp as I did. 

Because this device automatically turns OFF at your scheduled time. 

Here are my top recommendations: 

#21: Lepro Smart Table Lamp

This device lets you dim your lights to as low as 5%.

And since the lower the brightness, the more energy-efficient a bulb is…

You’ll have total control over how much electricity you want to save. 

Of course, the Lepro Smart Table Lamp also responds to voice commands. 

And my favorite feature out of all? 

Being able to choose between 16 million light colors.

#22: Echo Glow 

Kids deserve a high-quality table lamp too.

And this is where the Echo Glow comes to play. 

This device glows at 100 lumens. Making it perfect as mood lighting. And more energy-efficient because it isn’t too bright. 

Is privacy your concern?

Don’t worry. 

Unlike most Echo devices…

This lamp doesn’t have a mic or speaker. So, you can keep your kid completely safe away from the privacy risks of having a smart home

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Smart cameras 

Sure, you can check if smart appliances are ON/OFF remotely.

But regular devices? 

Well, you’ll have to check whether they’re ON in person.

But wait, there’s another workaround for this process. 

And that’s to incorporate smart cameras into your household.

See, these devices can act as your eyes inside your home.

So, whenever you’re unsure if you’ve forgotten to turn OFF your regular appliances… 

You can simply launch a smart camera app. And double-check that you’re not wasting electricity. 

As a bonus…

Smart cameras also protect your smart home from crimes like burglary. Which can make you lose thousands overnight. 

#23: Vimtag Mini G3 Security Camera

This is an all-in-one camera you can use in or outdoors.

And it also has a night vision feature which makes it reliable even at night. 

Unlike some smart cameras…

The Vimtag Mini also lets you save footage both offline and online.

So, you won’t leave your house unprotected even without WiFi. 

#24: Blink Mini

A smart camera powered with a built-in 2-way speaker?

That’s Blink Mini for you.

It offers every feature you’d expect from a smart camera. 

But it’s way easier to set up than most models on the market. You only need to set aside several minutes to do so. 

Smart locks

Your door’s lock is your house’s first layer of security against intruders. 

So, what’s a better way to avoid getting robbed than securing it? 

Let me help you do so with these 2 smart locks I’ve been the most impressed with: 

#25: August WiFi (4th Generation) Smart Lock

Easy to install but dependable.

That’s how I’d describe this smart lock to anyone. 

This device automatically locks after a certain period. Or during a specific time of the day. 

Plus, it also logs every action that happens to your door. Which makes it perfect for monitoring any suspicious activities. 

#26: Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro with Wi-Fi

This one’s the best lock for places you regularly rent out, like an Airbnb.

Because it lets you create unique smart codes that only work for a certain duration. 

So, you can always guarantee your guests’ safety. 

And, of course, you’ll protect the space you’re renting out. Preventing you from losing money. 

Streaming devices 

#27: Amazon Firestick

Let’s say you want to upgrade to a smart TV. 

However, you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars. 

Is it possible?


Because streaming devices like this Amazon Firestick can turn any regular TV smart.

All you have to do is plug this device into your big screen’s USB port.

And it’ll allow you to access the most popular streaming apps like:

  • Hulu.
  • Netflix.
  • Disney Plus.  

You pay less than $30 instead of half a grand. What’s a better money-saving deal than that?