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7 Steps To Know If Your LG TV Is A Smart TV (2023 Guide)

Is My LG TV A Smart TV

As you look for a successor to your basic LG TV, you’ve read:

“4k smart TV.”

“Smart UHD TV.”

“Smart OLED evo TV.”

Now you’re wondering… 

“What makes an LG TV a “smart” one?”

Then, you look at your old LG TV…

Maybe it’s smart, too?

But how can you know?

Continue reading to learn:

  • 9 simple ways to know if your LG TV is a smart TV.
  • The differences between normal LG TVs and smart LG TVs (must-know).
  • And many more…

Is my LG TV a Smart TV?

Your LG TV is a Smart TV if it can connect to your Internet. A Smart TV allows you to access various kinds of online content, such as images, videos, and music. Moreover, it also lets you download content and install apps on your drive.

How to know if your LG TV is a Smart TV – 7 steps

#1: Check your Internet connection

Check Your Internet Connection

A prominent feature of LG Smart TVs is their ability to connect to the Internet. 

Your TV’s Internet connection allows you to:

  • View photos.
  • Stream music and videos.
  • Browse and download different kinds of online content.

To check if your TV can connect to the Internet, go to your TV’s settings. Then look for Wi-Fi or Network settings.

If any options appear, then your TV is a smart TV. Otherwise, it’s a normal TV.

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#2: Look at your screen

Your LG TV’s screen should be the first one you check. With it, you can tell whether your TV is a smart or normal one. 


It’s easy.

Flat-screen TVs are smart. While those thick ones are what’s considered basic.

“So why do smart TVs have flat screens?”

It’s because Smart TVs don’t have analog boxes in them.

In contrast, normal TVs have them. And these boxes transmit signals from the antenna to audio and video on your screen.

#3: Switch on your TV 

Another big difference between analog LG TVs and LG Smart TVs is their picture.

Images and videos on LG Smart TVs appear:

  • Vivid.
  • Bright. 
  • In widescreen (16:19) format.

They enhance your watching experience as they’re visually appealing.

On the other hand, analog LG TVs have subpar video quality. Not to mention they have smaller (4:3) screens.

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#4: Examine your remote

Did you know all LG Smart TVs have Home button on their remote?

The Home button directs you to the Home Screen. That’s where you can access various LG Smart TV apps installed on your TV.

To go to your Home Screen, just simply press the Home button on your remote.

Also, LG Smart TVs allow you to personalize your Home Screen by rearranging your apps. This feature would let you choose which apps to use and delete.

As you watch your smart TV, it’ll recognize your preferences and then suggest content to you.

So, to customize your Home Screen, move to the right and look for the Edit (pencil) icon. Then, hover your pointer over the app you wish to remove or rearrange.

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#5: Look for your internal storage

If you can install apps and download content on your LG Smart TV…

Then, it must have internal storage.

And this would be another distinct feature of the LG Smart TV from normal ones.

To search for your TV’s internal storage, go to settings, then search for Storage

If it appears, then your LG TV is a smart TV. If not, then your LG TV is a basic one.

#6: Determine your signal transmission

Another contrasting feature between analog TVs and smart TVs is the signal transmission.

First of all, analog LG TVs transmit signals that travel by air. Hence, buildings could make your audio static and videos fluctuate.

On the other hand, LG Smart TVs transmit signals used by computers. These signals transfer codes of 1 and 0, which can only be disrupted by disconnection.

Thus, a stable connection would make your audio and video clear and consistent.

So to determine if your LG TV is smart or analog, look for a physical antenna. It’s the distinct feature of analog TVs to transmit signals.

And if your LG TV lacks one, then it’s smart. 

#7: Your LG Smart TV works like a PC

That makes your LG TV smart because it runs with an operating system. Particularly the LG WebOS.

“What’s that?”

The LG WebOS manages your LG Smart TV’s settings and apps. It also allows you to work on several apps at the same time. 

Furthermore, it lets you work with your smartphone and other smart home devices.

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Differences between a normal LG TV and a smart LG TV

To be precise, LG Smart TVs have more various features you can enjoy. That includes:

  • Browsing the Internet.
  • Streaming and downloading content.
  • Wide screens with bright and vivid colors.

On the other hand, regular LG TVs don’t have an operating system to have these features.

To learn more, here’s a brief comparison between the following:

Normal LG TVs

  • Have screens in 4:3 format.
  • Don’t have pre-installed apps.
  • Can’t download online content.
  • Remotes don’t have a Home button.
  • Use signals transmitted over airwaves.
  • Have no means for Internet connection.
  • Analog boxes give a bulky appearance.
  • You can only watch 1 channel at a time.
  • Go directly to the channel after switching on.
  • Audio and video can be obscured by buildings, etc.

Smart LG TVs

  • Can access the Internet.
  • Transmit codes as signals.
  • Have screen format in 16:9.
  • Can personalize Home Screen.
  • Pictures appear in HD, UHD, or 4k.
  • Work with several apps opened at the same time.
  • Have flat, wide screens that give off a sleek design.
  • Internal storage allows downloading apps and content.
  • Once switched on, the Home Screen appears right after.
  • The Home button is a prominent feature of their remotes.
  • Buildings don’t affect connection; a stable connection guarantees clear audio and video.

Are all LG TVs smart?

Not all LG TVs in the market are smart ones. That’s because analog LG TVs still exist today.

If you’re looking at Amazon right now, LG TVs sold there are mainly smart TVs. Not to mention that they’re in demand, but they also deliver convenience and visual appeal well.

And those features count on what’s selling well in today’s digital age.

On the other hand, normal LG TVs are largely found on Craigslist and eBay. You might say that vintage collectors make up the market for analog TVs, but schools, shelters, and non-profit organizations, too.

Are smart LG TVs worth it?

Obviously, LG Smart TVs are worth it as they give the best watching experience. 

Not to mention that they come up with incredible sound and display on widescreen. They also take into account your convenience in watching your desired content.

Who doesn’t want convenience and indulgence? No one.

So, go over the points above and see what makes LG Smart TVs smart.