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How To Remove A Ring Doorbell From The Bracket? 3 Steps

How To Remove A Ring Doorbell From The Bracket

Owning a Ring doorbell is fantastic, but sometimes you need to remove this smart doorbell from the bracket.

Maybe you want to see more of the front yard, or perhaps you just need to slide it a few inches up or down.

Removing a Ring doorbell from the bracket isn’t complicated at all, and you don’t even need the special tool from Ring to do it! 

Here’s how to remove the Ring doorbell from the bracket in 3 steps: 

  1. Look at how everything is connected.
  2. Loosen the security screws.
  3. Slide the Ring doorbell upwards gently until it separates from the bracket.

If you want to adjust your Ring doorbell, read on.

By the time you’re through, you’ll be removing Ring doorbells from brackets like you were a professional doorbell installer.

How to Remove Ring Doorbell Without Tool

If you have misplaced your tool that came with your Ring doorbell, don’t panic. While the tool is helpful, it is not absolutely necessary.

So long as you have a T6 screwdriver, removing and reinstalling your Ring doorbell is a simple process.

1. Look at How Everything Is Connected

Before you dive in, make sure that you look at the manual. It will tell you what you need.

You have to understand where everything is located before you go poking around and potentially damage your Ring doorbell.  

2. Loosen the Security Screws

Take a look at the bottom of the Ring doorbell setup. There are security screws in place.

You’ll need either the tool that came with the box, or you can use a T6 screwdriver to loosen the screws. 

You may already have a T6 (also called a “Torx”) screwdriver at home. T6 screws are used in many computers and consumer electronics. If you do not, T6 screwdrivers are widely available.

This Channelock T6 2” Torx Screwdriver (available on Amazon) is an inexpensive solution to your Ring doorbell removal problems, and it’s made in America too! 

Take your time and loosen the screws one at a time. Rushing is the number one cause of stripping the screws and ruining the mounting bracket. 

It sounds simple, right? This is the top mistake we see when people are trying to remove the mounting bracket, so it has to be said. 

3. Apply Pressure to the Space Between Device and Bracket

Apply Pressure To The Space Between Device And Bracket

Grab the doorbell while it’s still attached to the bracket.

If you’ve gently loosened the security screws, it should just come off as you push upwards.

If you need to loosen it, a small plastic flat knife can help you get things moving. 

Don’t push hard, or you’ll damage the mounting bracket. Just like the security screws, you need to take your time. 

Once the doorbell is separate from the bracket, take the time to wipe down all surfaces with either alcohol wipes or a microfiber cloth.

Sometimes dust collects on these surfaces, making it harder to disassemble your doorbell. 

If any bugs are sticking to the camera, make sure that you get that off your camera. After all, a clear lens gives you the best protection.  

A little maintenance now goes a long way in making your Ring doorbell last.

Sure, you might want to upgrade but taking good care of the device makes it easier to wait for the next doorbell camera release. 

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Get the Battery Out

For most people, the Ring 2 doesn’t need to be charged very often. The manual indicates that one full charge can last up to 12 months. That’s great! 

But what if you have a more high traffic area?

If you tend to get lots of Amazon packages, your Ring doorbell is already working overtime in terms of motion detection. So you could need a charge sooner than you think.  

Some people that have a lot of traffic around their homes go one step further and get a second battery. It lets you have a fully charged battery at all times. 

It cuts down on waiting time, and that’s a plus. 

Speaking of chargers, this is a great Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack on for your Ring 2. 

While you already have the device taken apart, you might as well take the battery out.

To do that, you’re going to hold down the black tab while also pulling down on the battery section. Check the manual for more details on how this looks. 

Want to go even beyond battery power?

There is a Solar Charger for Ring Video Doorbell on for the Ring 2 that will let you access the energy already coming down from the sun. 

While you’re taking advantage of a sunny day, your video security camera setup can also benefit from full sun coverage. 

All of the solar setups that we saw come with easy instructions; you can do it! 

This is an optional setup that can give you extended time between charges. 

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What’s Next? Go Adjustable

So, let’s say that you follow the steps here and completely handle your Ring doorbell 2 mounting bracket removal. What’s next? 

That’s easy: you have to upgrade to an adjustable mount for your smart doorbell. 

You can’t take your security for granted. Porch pirates are still looking for easy targets.

Thieves are learning that people have smart security, but even smart devices can’t protect you from everything. 

This is critical if you get many packages or have an increasing amount of valuables in your home.

While a lot of people work from home, not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to do so. 

Don’t be an easy target! 

What Does an Adjustable Mount Do for Your Ring Doorbell 2

Two words: viewing area.

When you get an adjustable mount, you’re changing the overall angle of what your Ring doorbell 2 will see.

The stock mount is suitable for many people, but if you have a doorbell that’s off to the side, you could have big blind spots. 

Think about it: have you ever read a report of a theft, but nobody can identify the thief even with surveillance?

That’s because, through sheer luck or careful planning, a thief can hide from your camera if they think they know the full angle. 

The adjustable mount stops this immediately. But you will have to change out one mount for the other. 

Check out this HOMONO Waterproof Adjustable Mount from It’s affordable and expands the view of your front porch. It is also waterproof, which is a handy feature for areas that get a lot of rain. 

Once you get the adjustable mount, you’ll want to follow the instructions in this guide and then simply replace one mount for the other.

The adjustable mount comes with its own instructions, but it is a fairly easy switch to make.

If you’re unsure of what the new mount will pick up, you can always pull out the Ring app and look at things once you finish installing the mount.

It will show you what the camera can see vs. the way it was before.  

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Video security is only going to get better from here. The Ring doorbell is easy to set up and easy to monitor. Adding accessories to it only makes it better.

A good battery charger gives you the power to swap out batteries and keep your device in use longer. 

Don’t settle for a limited view of your porch when you can upgrade to an adjustable mount. As you can see, they are cheap to buy and give you a better idea of your front porch. 

There are multiple reasons why you want to remove a Ring doorbell from the bracket. Maybe you don’t want to upgrade anything, but just move the doorbell to a better position.

Knowing how to remove the smart camera from the bracket lets you put it anywhere you think will be a better fit.