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13 Steps to Installing a Ring Peephole Camera (No Peephole)

How To Install Ring Peephole Camera Without Peephole

Home security cameras have become increasingly more available over the past few years.

But installing the cameras isn’t always easy and straightforward.

So, how do you install a Ring Peephole Camera if your door doesn’t have a peephole?

Here’s how to install a Ring Peephole Camera without a peephole in 13 steps:

  1. Fully charge the Ring Peephole Camera battery.
  2. Drill a hole into the door where the Peephole would be.
  3. Use the Peephole key to make your new Peephole smooth.
  4. Insert the outside unit of the Ring Peephole Camera.
  5. Check if the Peephole adapter can fit onto the tube.
  6. Remove the cover from the indoor unit.
  7. Put the indoor unit over the Ring Peephole Camera tube.
  8. Take the connector cable out of the tube.
  9. Tighten the outdoor unit with the tightening nut.
  10. Connect the cable to the indoor unit.
  11. Install the battery.
  12. Set up the Ring Peephole Camera through the app.
  13. Mount the indoor unit cover.

You can’t install a Ring Peephole Camera without a peephole, so drilling is an obligatory step.

This article will go over all the steps mentioned above in great detail so that you can install your new camera hassle-free.

1. Fully Charge the Ring Peephole Camera Battery

Before you do anything, it’s best to charge the included battery pack. The battery can take up to 10 hours to fully charge.

But don’t worry. You can install the Ring Peephole Camera now. Slide the battery pack in once it’s completely full.

Use the included USB cable to charge the battery. Connect the cable to any USB port to charge the battery.

Use a powerful quick charger for faster charging.

2. Drill a Hole Into the Door Where the Peephole Would Be

Installing a Ring Peephole Camera is easy if you already have a peephole. You can remove it using the included peephole key.

But since you’re here, that means you don’t have a peephole, to begin with.

Fortunately, it’s quite easy to make a new peephole. You only need a drill with a standard ½” (12.7 cm) drill bit. You’ll also need a tape measure and a pencil.

The Ring tube can fit slightly larger holes, too, with the included adapter. The adapter is a cylinder tube that came with the camera.

Here’s how to drill a new peephole in your door:

  1. Determine the height of the peephole. Ideally, it should be at eye height. Ensure all family members could see through it comfortably.
  2. Use a tape measure to determine the horizontal center of the door.
  3. Mark the center with a pencil.
  4. Mark the other side of the door as well. Ensure the two marks are the exact same height.
  5. Slowly start drilling on one side of the door until you reach the middle.
  6. Finish the hole from the other side to prevent splintering.
  7. Vacuum the sawdust.

3. Use the Peephole Key To Make Your New Peephole Smooth

Now that you have a hole in your door, it’s time to prepare it for the camera. The included peephole key is a handy little tool.

Run it along the edge of the hole to make it completely smooth.

Be careful with it because it’s very sharp.

4. Insert the Outside Unit of the Ring Peephole Camera

It’s finally time to install the camera. The outside assembly is the one with the camera and long tube.

The tube goes through the peephole. That’s why we drilled a hole, to begin with.

If there’s yellow tape or an orange tip on the tube, you can now remove it.

5. Check if the Peephole Adapter Can Fit Onto the Tube

Ring includes a peephole adapter with the camera. It’s a shiny tube that sits between the tube and your peephole.

Slide it over the tube and try to fit it into the peephole. You only need it if you used a drill bit slightly larger than ½” (12.7 cm).

If it doesn’t fit, you don’t need it. If it does, slide it all the way in.

6. Remove the Cover From the Indoor Unit

Remove The Ring Camera Cover From The Indoor Unit

The indoor unit is a white plastic assembly. It’s the same size as the camera unit, but it doesn’t have a tube.

The assembly is made up of a cover and a base. Remove the cover by pinching the plastic on the bottom. You’ll hear the two tabs pop.

7. Put the Indoor Unit Over the Ring Peephole Camera Tube

Install the base of the indoor assembly by placing it flush to the door. 

The outside unit tube should protrude through the hole in the indoor unit. 

Hold the outdoor assembly with your other hand when doing this so that it doesn’t fall out.

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8. Take the Connector Cable Out of the Tube

Gently pull the tab with the connector cable out of the tube.

Be careful because the cable is extremely delicate. Make sure you pull out the whole cable, though.

9. Tighten the Outdoor Unit With the Tightening Nut

The tightening nut is a gray piece of plastic that came with the camera.

Slide it onto the tube and slowly tighten it with your hand. When it’s hand-tight, make one or two more turns using the peephole key.

There are two small inserts on the nut for the key.

While tightening the nut, ask someone to hold the outdoor camera. It may slide around.

10. Connect the Cable to the Indoor Unit

The cable has a connector and a small plastic tab. First, insert the connector into the indoor assembly.

Next, gently guide the plastic tab into the channel below. The cable slack should sit in the channel, with the tab holding it in place.

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11. Install the Battery

You’ll know that the battery is fully charged if the green LED is on and the orange LED is off. If both are still on, allow it to charge fully.

Slide the battery into the battery compartment under the indoor assembly. Orient it so that the metal tab is facing you.

You’ll hear a click when it’s in.

12. Set Up the Ring Peephole Camera Through the App

Your Ring Peephole Camera is now ready for set up. 

If this is your first Ring product, you’ll have to download the Ring app from the Play Store or the App Store.

Create a new account and log in.

Once you do, here’s how to pair the Ring Peephole Camera to your smartphone:

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Go to Set Up a Device.
  3. Select Doorbells.
  4. Scan the QR or Mac ID code with the camera. Find the code on the box or Quick Start Guide.
  5. Enter your location.
  6. Give the camera a new name. This will help you identify it if you have more than one Ring camera.
  7. Press the button on the Peephole camera.
  8. Connect to the temporary Ring WiFi network with your phone.
  9. Connect your camera to your home router through the app.
  10. Make sure the camera is working correctly.

If there’s an issue with the camera, try to slide the battery pack out, wait for 10 seconds, and put it back in. Re-pair the device if that doesn’t help.

13. Mount the Indoor Unit Cover

Now that you know everything is in good order with your flashy new peephole, it’s time to put the cover on.

Gently push the indoor assembly cover onto the unit until it clicks on both sides. There shouldn’t be any gaps between the cover and the camera.

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