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4 Best Ways To Mount an Arlo Camera Without Screws (How-To)

How To Mount An Arlo Camera Without Screws

The wireless Arlo security camera has a lot of advantages, including mounting flexibility.

Because it doesn’t need to be wired in, you can put it almost anywhere.

But what do you do if you can’t screw it into place?

To mount an Arlo camera without screws, you will need a mount that attaches with adhesive, magnets, or hooks. Alternatively, you can use a camera mount that wraps around the camera and the object you are mounting it on. Whichever option you choose, it needs to be strong enough to outlast bad weather.

In this article, I’ll discuss 4 different options to mount your Arlo camera without relying on screws.

I’ll also talk about the precautions you need to take before installing your camera.

Read on to learn more.

Things To Consider Before Mounting Your Camera

Whether you’re mounting your camera indoors or outdoors, pick a place that gives you a good view while keeping the camera safe.

You also need easy access to recharge it.

Because Arlo cameras are wireless, you need to place them within 300 feet of the base station.

Make sure it’s closer if there are brick or concrete walls between the camera and the base.

You’ll need a strong signal for the camera to work.

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Secure Location

If you’re mounting your camera outdoors, you’ll want to put it in a place that’s hard for thieves to reach.

Replacing your camera is a hassle, and any device that’s connected to your smartphone can be a potential security risk in the hands of a skilled hacker.

The best location to mount your camera is one that is out of the way.

You want it to be difficult for someone passing by to take it but accessible for you to get it down. 

Additionally, you don’t want to put your camera directly in bad weather.

Arlo cameras are weatherproof, but powerful winds could knock it down or carry it away. 

Mounting Without Damage

Mounting The Arlo Camera Without Damaging The Wall

Indoors or outdoors, you don’t want to damage your home when you mount your camera.

Even without screws, a mount could damage your walls or paint.

Adhesive or strong magnets could pull off paint or plaster.

Before you mount your camera, read all of the directions on the mount.

If you’re unsure whether an adhesive is too strong, do a test with a small piece of adhesive on a part of the wall that isn’t noticeable. 

If you’re hanging the camera, make sure that the object you hang it from is strong enough to handle the weight of both the camera and the mount.

If it’s too heavy, it could damage your home or the camera. 

Ways to Mount an Arlo Camera Without Screws 

The ideal mount will keep your Arlo camera securely attached without making it too difficult to take down for charging.

Mounting it without screws also lets you change where you position it as needed without leaving screw holes all over your home. 

There are 4 primary ways to mount an Arlo camera safely without screws. 

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1. Gutter Mounts

Gutter mounts are a great choice for mounting an outdoor camera.

Most gutters wrap around the whole exterior of your home, so you can hang your camera from any angle. 

Be careful if your area gets a lot of rain. If your gutters fill up with too much water too fast, it could knock the mount off. 

Amazon sells the Wasserstein Gutter Mount for the Arlo camera.

It tightens the back of the mount to the edge of the gutter without needing to drill holes in your gutter. You can move it easily when you have the need.

Hanging your camera from your gutter will give you a wide view of your property.

It’s also high enough that you’ll need a ladder to reach it, which will discourage thieves.

However, it’s simple to attach and reattach, so you won’t have any issues taking it down for charging or moving it. 

2. Wrap Mounts

A wrap mount is a versatile option that works for both indoor and outdoor hanging.

It’s secure but still movable and won’t damage your home at all.

Wrap mounts come in two distinct shapes: a long tail or a flexible X. 

The first type is more flexible. A screw in the top of the tail attaches to the camera, and then you can wrap the tail around an object to mount it. Poles, hooks, and other narrow objects are great anchor points for this version.

The Uogw Flexible Twist Mount from Amazon is a great example of a long tail mount. It’s made from aluminum and silicone and is over a foot long, so you can wrap it around a variety of objects. 

The second type, the flexible X or quad mount, has the advantage of doubling as a tripod. The camera sits in the center of the X, and you can bend the legs into any configuration you need.

The Arlo Quadpod Mount is the Arlo brand version of an X mount, and it is for sale on Amazon. You can attach the camera to the center or to one of the four legs. The mount will work standing up or wrapped around thinner objects. 

3. Adhesive Mounts

When you don’t have anything to wrap a camera mount around, you could try an adhesive mount.

Adhesive mounts work like heavy-duty Command Strips to hold your Arlo camera up.

These mounts can go anywhere inside or out.

The mount screws into the back of the camera so you can take the camera down without pulling off the adhesive.

Before you put the mount on your home, double-check that it won’t harm the surface you want to attach it to.

Not all adhesives work on the same surfaces, so you might need a different adhesive to put your camera on a glass surface than on a wooden one. 

The Aobelieve Adhesive Mount from Amazon is a great choice for an all-purpose adhesive.

It sticks to most surfaces and comes off all the way when you apply heat to it.

You can use it inside or outside, as rain and snow won’t make the adhesive fall off.

4. Magnetic Mounts

The last kind of mount you can use to mount your Arlo camera is a magnetic mount.

The Arlo camera can be attached to any strong magnetic surface.

There are multiple brands and shapes of magnetic mounts for the Arlo, but you don’t need to buy a special shape. 

If you want to hang your camera on a metal surface, you can put a powerful magnet on the metal surface and attach the camera to the magnet.

Check the magnetic charge of your magnet first, so you know it’s compatible with your camera. 

You can always opt for a magnetic mount, but some of them might need screws to install them.

Since the Arlo camera is magnetic, you just need a magnet with the opposite charge to make this method work. 

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Final Thoughts 

There are 4 main options for mounting an Arlo camera without screws: a gutter mount, a wrap mount, an adhesive mount, or a magnetic mount.

None of these mounts will damage your home or leave permanent marks.

Installing your camera with any of these methods can keep it secure, so you can keep your family secure.

The method that works best for you depends on what your home looks like and where you need the camera to be.

No matter which one you choose, these methods will work every time.