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(5 Fixes) Funimation Not Working On PS4 [Updated 2023]

Funimation Not Working On PS4

Watching your favorite anime is always easy with Funimation. 

Except when Funimation won’t work on your PS4…

But wait…

Before you get worried, or worse, frustrated…

Continue reading to know:

  • 5 Reasons why Funimation isn’t loading on PS4.
  • Whether your PS4 is compatible with Funimation or not.
  • How disabling browser extensions on PS4 can help fix this.
  • And much more…

Why is Funimation not working on PS4?

The reason why Funimation is not working on PS4 is because of hardware or software issues. It’s possible that the app did not download properly or you have a knockoff console. Aside from that, it’s likely that the Funimation app is having a hard time loading because of poor internet service. 

Funimation not working on PS4: 5 fixes

#1: Restart your internet connection

In most cases, the reason why an app wouldn’t work or load is because of a poor internet connection.

Funimation is a video streaming app that is available on a lot of devices. 

Much like other streaming platforms, Funimation needs a good internet connection to work. 

Netflix is a similar app and it takes 1 GB to stream on standard definition video settings. 

On the other hand, YouTube needs about 1.5 GB to stream at 1080p.

It is safe to say that running the Funimation app requires just as much. The app eats a lot of data to even load its home screen which is already graphic heavy.

If you have a weak signal, this can make it difficult for Funimation to start up.

Don’t let slow or poor internet connection stop you from watching your favorite anime.

There is nothing worse than missing the latest episode update!

To troubleshoot your internet connection, start by restarting your router or modem.

  1. Unplug the router and modem from their power source.
  2. Wait for a minute for the router to completely go offline.
  3. Turn the device back on and wait for it to successfully boot up.
  4. Run some diagnostics to see if the internet performance improved.

Watch this video to know more: 

#2: Disable blocked browser settings or extensions

You can access Funimation through a browser.

However, an ad block or extension may stop you from loading the Funimation page.

If this happens, you need to remove all restrictions on your browser.

To do this:

  1. Go to browser settings.
  2. Disable the Private Browsing feature.
  3. Head to Privacy and Security.
  4. Select Site Settings and Additional Permissions.

From here, you can turn off the Do Not Track option, remove Adblockers, and disable Script blockers.

#3: Update the Funimation app

Update Funimation App

Online apps need updates to improve their design and services.

Some updates improve UI and design while others deal with bug fixes to improve UX.

Missing a major performance update may stop your app from working completely.

If you’re using Funimation on PS4, it is important to see if you have the latest app updates.

When updating apps and games on PS4, you have two options:

  1. Update apps one by one manually.
  2. Set the automatic game updates feature.

If all you want to update is the Funimation app on your PS4, it is best to do it manually. 

  1. Head over to your app/game library.
  2. Open the Options menu.
  3. Select Check for Update.
  4. Finish updating if there is any available.

You can enable the automatic app updates if you don’t want to worry about it anymore in the future. 

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select the System tab.
  3. Find Automatic Downloads on the menu.
  4. Enable Application Update Files.

Note: This feature wouldn’t work if your console is set on Power Saving Mode or Rest Mode. 

To change this:

  1. Go to the Power Save Settings. 
  2. Then, select Set Functions Available in Rest Mode.
  3. Mark the Enable Turning on PS4 from Network.

#4: Download the Funimation again

It’s possible for apps to not download properly.

If you just downloaded the Funimation app for the first time and it wouldn’t work, maybe that is exactly the case. 

This can also happen if an update didn’t download and work the way it should.

To fix this, simply uninstall and re-download the app again.

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If you were able to use the app before and it suddenly stopped working, you can try to reset the app on your console. 

Resetting an app on your PS4 deletes all details and information. However, it is important to know how to reset just one app and not the whole console.

To reset the Funimation app on your PS4:

  1. Hold down the power button on the console.
  2. Wait for the system menu pops up.
  3. Look for Funimation and choose Restart.

Warning: Be careful not to select the Restart Console on the system menu. This will revert your PS4 to factory settings. All your games, apps, and information will be gone.

#5: Use a Funimation-compatible device

Funimation is available on different platforms and operating systems. 

You can download the app on mobile, desktop, and console. If that is the case, why are you having trouble running the app?

Although unlikely, it is possible that you are using a knockoff console.

So even if Funimation is compatible with different systems, it can’t run on a fake device.

Fake consoles are not compatible with original apps such as Funimation. 

Make sure that you have a real PS4 by checking the device serial number.