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(5 Fixes) TCL TV Won’t Turn On (Updated 2023 Guide)

TCL TV Won't Turn On

Planning to watch a movie?

What would you do if your TCL TV won’t turn on all of a sudden? 

There may be several reasons why this happens. 

Fixing it can be as easy as changing batteries. 

Continue reading to learn: 

  • 5 likely reasons why your TCL TV won’t turn on.
  • What bad capacitors in your TV are and how they could be causing this.
  • The difference between factory reset and force starting and how it can fix your issue.
  • And many more…

Why won’t my TCL TV turn on?

Hardware and software problems could be reasons why your TCL TV won’t turn on. It can also be a result of poor wiring and connection issues. Power outages and interruptions can also be a reason why your TCL TV wouldn’t turn on. 

TCL TV won’t turn on: 6 fixes

#1: Check for TCL remote control issues

TCL is one of the most durable electronic brands. So when your TV won’t turn on, it is possible that the problem has nothing to do with the device.

One of the first things that you can check when you’re TV stops working is the remote control.

There are tell-tale signs that all you’re dealing with is an unresponsive remote:

  • There power light of your TV is on
  • You can turn the TV on with the built-in power button

If it’s a remote control problem, it is a relatively easier fix.

Want to know more about this fix? Check this video out: 

At this time, you’re either dealing with a remote with no power or a device with a blocked infrared signal. 

#2: Make sure the remote IR is clear

If the problem was only caused by dead batteries, then you would have nothing to worry about.

But how do you deal with a remote with a blocked infrared signal?

Well, it’s fairly simple too.

  • Make sure that there is nothing blocking the remote’s IR blaster and the TV’s receiver
  • Check if the TV’s receiver responds with the remote’s input
  • See if you can power the TV without using the remote

If you can still use the TV without the remote, it’s most likely that the issue is solely on the remote control. 

In cases where changing batteries won’t work, opt to buy a new universal TV remote control.

Tip: A  universal TV remote control is compatible with A/V devices regardless of brand. You can use it as a replacement for a broken RC or you can use it to consolidate many remote control features into one.

#3: Fix loose cable connections

Did you recently move your TV to a different location?

Moving your TV from the living room to the bedroom would need you to detach all wires and cables. This includes HDMI, AV, and the power cord. 

If the power cord is loose on the back of the TV, the device wouldn’t have any power to run.

You can also check if it’s a power-related issue if the power light on your TCL TV does not turn on.

If you spot a loose cable, simply re-attach and secure the cord back on before turning the TV back on. 

However, a frayed cable would need some more fixing. You can either patch it up or replace the cable completely.

Warning: Make sure that the device is not plugged in when dealing with its cables. Although it wouldn’t be as painful, you can still get shocked because of the live current running.

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#4: Test for a faulty power source

Speaking of power sources, it’s also possible that the issue is with the socket or extension the TV is plugged to. 

Aside from checking the TV’s cord and connections, see if the outlet is working. Plug in a different device or connect your TV to a different socket.

It’s possible that the connection for that outlet tripped. Thus, cutting power from the source to your TLC TV. 

#5: Replace broken LCD capacitors

If nothing you’ve done so far works, it is most likely that you’re TLC TV has hardware issues. 

Hardware TV problems are a lot more difficult to deal with at home. Especially if you are not an expert.

You can bring your TV to a technician to get it serviced or replace it completely. 

But before doing that, you can try to tinker with the TV yourself.  

One of the most common reasons why a TV won’t turn on is due to broken LCD capacitors.

Bad capacitors can cause your TV to not turn on. It is also possible for the TV to power up but there wouldn’t be any video output showing.

Luckily, broken LCD capacitors are relatively easy to replace. 

In addition, you would only need minimal tools that you most likely have at home.

You would need the following:

  • Pliers.
  • Wire cutters.
  • Philips screwdriver.
  • Replacement capacitors.
  • Soldering iron and solder.

The following are not necessary, but they can help you do the fix faster and better:

  • Flux pen.
  • Multi-meter.
  • Solder sucker.
  • Desoldering wick.
  • Cordless screwdriver.

Tip: A multimeter is perfect for beginners. It can help find bad capacitors if there are no visual signs such as bulging vents and leaking.

Removing the bad capacitors

Step 1: Before starting with the fix, remember to unplug your TV from any electric source. 

Step 2: Place the TV on a flat and secure surface to avoid any accidents.

Step 3: Start by removing the TV from its bracket or stand to gain access to the back of the device.

Tip: Get a small container that you can use to keep all the screws you removed from the TV.

Step 4: Once your TV is loose, lay it flat down. You can place a soft fabric on the surface to prevent scratches on the screen.

Step 5: Remove the back casing to reveal the TV’s electrical boards. 

Step 6: There will be several boards on your TCL TV. The one you would be working on is the power board. 

This piece features can-shaped capacitors, just like the replacements you have.

Step 7: Tug on the wiring harnesses surrounding the board. Make sure to be gentle to avoid damaging any connection.

Note: Although the power board is not as sensitive, it is best to still handle it with care. Only hold the board by the edges and avoid touching its electrical components. 

Step 8: With the board in hand, identify the TV’s bad capacitors.

It’s either leaking or has a bulging vent on one end. 

Once you identify which ones to remove, you need to look at them closer.

Capacitors are like batteries that have positive and negative ends.

Step 9: Keep track of which direction each ends face. You would have to put the replacements the same way. 

Tip: Use your phone to take pictures so it’s easier to see the changes.

Removing the bad capacitors needs more care and effort. 

Step 10: Gently turn the board over and identify which ends belong to the bad capacitors. You can use a pen to mark each piece.

Step 11: With your soldering iron, melt the solder on the capacitor. 

Step 12: On the other end of the board, use your pliers to carefully tug on the capacitors. 

Step 13: Continue melting the soldered points until the piece comes off. Repeat these steps for all the bad capacitors on the board. 

Once you remove all the bad capacitors, it’s time to…

Install the replacements:

  1. Place the replacements on the board.
  2. Push the pins through and bend them in place.
  3. Solder the ends of the capacitors.
  4. Cut the excess length of the pins.

With the replacement capacitors in place, you can start screwing things back into place.

Reattach the board and connect all the wiring.

Screw the casing back on and test if the TV would turn back on.

If the TV still won’t power back on, it is best to contact the TLC customer support for help. 

#BONUS: Update for TCL software bugs

Update For TCL Software Bugs

Software bugs can cause power-up problems, especially on older TLC TV models. 

If your device is missing an update, it can cause it not to function properly.

In this case, you would need to download TCL’s latest software update.

Here’s how to download the latest software upgrade for TLC TVs:

  1. On a computer, head over to TCL’s official website.
  2. Go to the Support and download page.
  3. Look for your device using the site’s search bar.
  4. Type in the product reference of your TV’s specific model. 
  5. Click on the “Software” tab.
  6. Open the second file on the list.
  7. Download the file.
  8. Copy the downloaded file on an external drive.
  9. Plug the external drive into your TLC TV while the device is off.
  10. Power the device and wait for the LED indicator to turn red.
  11. Wait for the download prompt to appear before proceeding with the update.
  12. Follow the download instructions to complete the update.

People also ask:

Is there a reset button on a TCL TV?

There is a reset button located on the back of a TCL TV. It features a recessed button. 

This is only accessible using a straightened paper clip or a thin ball-point pen. 

Pressing the button and holding it for more than 10 seconds would initiate the TV to factory reset. 

How do I force restart my TCL TV?

If the device is no longer responsive, you can manually force restart your TCL TV. 

Step 1: Start by unplugging the device from the electric outlet. 

Step 2: Press the power button of the TV for 5 to 10 seconds. 

Step 3: Wait for 1 to 2 minutes before plugging the device and turning it back on. 

Cycling the power from your TV gets rid of all the current, allowing electronic components to restart and recycle.

If the device is still responsive, you can simply press and hold the power button on your remote. 

A shutdown message will appear and the device would automatically restart for 1 to 2 minutes. Both options will power cycle your device.