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9 Reasons Netflix Is Not Working On Your Smart TV (2023)

Why Is Netflix Not Working On My Smart TV

Ah, Netflix.

The one thing that brings you so much joy… 

And that which minor inconveniences are sure to ruin anyone’s day. 

Especially when Netflix doesn’t work on your smart TV.

Stay cool. There are sure-fire ways to fix the issue.

Continue reading to find out: 

  • Why outdated Smart TVs don’t work with Netflix.
  • 9 reasons why Netflix doesn’t work on your smart TV.
  • Easy ways to deal with Netflix not working on your smart TV.
  • And much, much more…

Why is Netflix not working on my smart TV?

Netflix isn’t working on your smart TV because the latter’s firmware is out-of-date. Older TV models aren’t compatible with running Netflix anymore. Errors also happen if the connection is unstable or when Netflix’s servers are down. You might also need to renew your Netflix subscription.

9 reasons why Netflix is not working on your smart TV + fixes

#1: You have network issues

A slow internet connection prevents Netflix from loading on your smart TV.

Netflix says you need at least 1 Mbps to stream standard definition (the clarity of the video) or SD videos.

Note that this is the lowest quality there is. And the video quality would be… well, bad. 

The buffering will be unbearable too. Likewise, videos will take a really long time to start. 

Besides, high-definition or HD streaming needs higher speeds.

Below is Netflix’s recommended download speed:

  1. 1 Mbps for watching Standard Definition (SD) videos. 
  2. 3-5 Mbps for watching High Definition (HD) videos. 
  3. At least 15 Mbps for watching 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) videos.

Next on your list is to check whether your current network is compatible with loading Netflix. So run a quick speed test. 

Sites like can gauge your network in an instant. There and then you’d know if you’re experiencing a slow internet connection. 

“What to do if my internet is too slow?”

Apart from calling your internet provider (which takes too long)…

You can restart your router. It’s simple but very effective in fixing internet problems. 

Simply hold your router’s power button until it turns off. After about 30 seconds, press the power button again to complete the restart. 

Another way is to unplug your router directly from the power supply. Then plug it back after 30 seconds or more. 

Note: It’s also possible to check your network speed in the Netflix app. Open “Settings”, “Get Help”, then “Check Network.”

Here are other points to remember to avoid internet-related issues when streaming Netflix:

  • Consider using a WiFi extender.
  • Restart your router at least once a month. 
  • Don’t let too many devices connect to the WiFi.
  • Don’t put the WiFi router too far from your smart TV.
  • Connect your smart TV to the router using an ethernet cable.

Now you’re kind of an expert at fixing your own connection. Especially when trying to watch Netflix.

#2: Netflix servers are down

After making sure that your internet isn’t the problem…

Check Netflix servers next. 

Server errors might be why Netflix isn’t connecting to your smart TV. 

By the way, if Netflix keeps freezing, that’s another indicator that their server isn’t working well. 

Netflix has too many subscribers worldwide. And sometimes the servers go down… 

I don’t know about you, but I used to blame my internet connection every time this happened. 

And get frustrated if it doesn’t get fixed…

“So what do I do now?”

But really, if it’s a server error, there’s nothing you can do but wait. 

Or check whether Netflix servers are down.

Third-party websites like Downdetector can also tell you what’s going on. 

#3: Your smart TV needs to restart

I swear this works. Though it’s getting kind of cliché, yes. 

This is almost like a magic spell that works on the spot.

Not needing incantations or drawing pentagrams…

The point is you should restart your smart device. That’s because machines need a time out too. 

So a restart will refresh your TV’s system and fix problems. That includes not being able to connect to Netflix.

All in all, restarting is very easy. Besides, you can do this with or without a remote.

To manually restart your smart TV without a remote:

  1. Press the TV’s power button.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the socket.
  3. Leave your smart TV without power for a bit.
  4. After about 2 minutes, re-plug and power your TV. 

It’s easier with a remote. Just point and press the remote’s power button until the TV screen turns black. 

Then, wait for 2 minutes before turning the TV on again. Check Netflix to see if the restart fixed the problem. 

#4: You have to log out of Netflix

The method is straightforward.

Sometimes, user accounts get corrupted. A way to fix it is just to log out and re-login to Netflix.

Note: The following steps work on any smart TV brand or game console.

To log out of Netflix from your smart TV, you need to:

  1. Open Netflix on your TV.
  2. Select your Profile.
  3. On the Netflix homepage, press Left on the remote control.
  4. Find Get Help on the bottom of the screen.
  5. Another page will open, and you need to scroll down.
  6. Select Sign Out. 
  7. Confirm your action. 

After this, the app will restart and bring you to the “Get Started” display screen.

From there, you can re-login to your account.

#5: You need to uninstall Netflix

This is a solution that often works on a smartphone. Still, it’s a fix that’s worth trying for your TV. 

You see, a smart TV is just a big smartphone. They operate following the same mechanism.

So let’s get right to it.

Note: This applies to Samsung smart TVs.

To uninstall the Netflix app: 

  1. Press Home on your remote control.
  2. Explore the Apps tab and look for Settings.
  3. Find Netflix and choose Delete.

To install Netflix again, do the following:

  1. Open the Smart Hub screen.
  2. Look for the magnifying glass.
  3. Key in Netflix and search (you can also use voice command).
  4. Finally, click the Install button.

After installing Netflix back, just log in to your account. And check if uninstalling the program works. 

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#6: Your smart TV isn’t updated

Your Smart TV Isn't Updated

Your TV is already smart, but it gets much smarter every time it receives an update.

Moreover, updates are the life and blood of your device. May it be a TV, a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.

The latest updates also bring new features and fix bugs in the system.

Applications like Netflix also work better when your device gets the update it needs.

And Netflix isn’t working on your smart TV because the device isn’t updated.

To update your smart TV, you need to:

  1. Find your TV’s Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Additional Settings.
  3. Look for Device Preferences.
  4. Once there, click on About.
  5. Wait for your device to finish Checking for updates.

Note: A stable internet connection is necessary for a smooth update.

If your device needs to update, proceed with the on-screen instructions. You’ll see your smart TV screen install the necessary system updates. 

After the system has been updated, repeat the instructions above. And once the update is successful, your TV should display: “Your system is up to date.”

Check out this video about how to update your smart TV:

#7: Your Netflix subscription has ended

This is obvious, but hear me out.

I know. It’s easy to forget subscription due dates. And though payments are automatically deducted…

Sometimes banking errors occur, such as when credit cards get declined.

So have you checked if your Netflix plan is still active? This could be the reason why Netflix doesn’t work on your smart TV.

Even if you have an excellent connection…

Or your TV and apps are up-to-date…

Netflix won’t play if you haven’t paid your dues.

So it’s best to check your account and rule this out.

#8: Netflix isn’t available in your location

Restrictions are everywhere.

You might already know that some Netflix shows aren’t available in some regions. 

Yet what’s more surprising is that there are still countries that don’t allow Netflix:

These countries are:

  • Syria.
  • China.
  • Crimea.
  • North Korea. 

Moreover, people who use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can have Netflix access problems.

First of all, VPNs hide your location. 

Say you’re using it for security reasons.

But geo-restricted services such as Netflix don’t like VPNs. So they automatically block them.

So if you happen to use a VPN or are currently in those countries mentioned…

This could be why you can’t access Netflix on your smart TV. 

#9: Your smart TV is obsolete 

There’s no easy way to say this…

But your smart TV might be too old to support Netflix.

As mentioned, Netflix constantly releases new updates. That’s why your device needs to update too.

But older smart TVs sometimes can’t update anymore. And that’s why it’s not compatible with Netflix now.

Technical limitations are the main reasons why this happens.

“Do I need to buy a new TV?”

Of course not. Don’t trash your old smart TV just yet. 

You see, there are a lot of affordable third-party streaming devices nowadays. You can actually get one for your old smart TV.

They’ll work like a charm.

Some of today’s best media streaming devices are: 

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