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(9 Fixes) Hulu Not Working On Samsung TV [Updated 2023]

Hulu Not Working On Samsung TV

After having a hell of a week…

Finally, you got time to relax and stream your favorite series.

Only to find out Hulu isn’t working on your Samsung TV.

Seems like you can’t catch a break, eh? 

Stay calm. 

And let me tell you something…

You can solve this problem in a matter of minutes.


Continue reading to find out:

  • How to reset Hulu on a Samsung TV.
  • Whether your Samsung TV still supports Hulu.
  • 9 proven fixes for Hulu not working on Samsung TV.
  • Why you’re having trouble playing Hulu on your Samsung TV.
  • And so much more…

Why is Hulu not working on my Samsung TV?

Hulu isn’t working on your Samsung TV because of corrupted application data. Old firmware, slow internet speed, and device updates also cause the program to crash. Problems with the Smart Hub can prevent Hulu from working on Samsung TVs, too. 

Hulu not working on Samsung TV: 9 fixes

#1: Clear app data

Let’s get technical first. 

You might be wondering what’s a cache. And how to clear it.

The cache is a special storage space. This is where your device keeps all temporary files. 

“What are temporary files?”

As the name suggests, temporary files (or temp files) collect temporary information. They’re much necessary for programs to work well.

Now, Hulu (and other apps) have a cache. But over time, the files here can get corrupted.

And they cause performance errors in programs. This could be why Hulu isn’t working on your Samsung TV.

It’s really important to clear files and cache data so Hulu will be more stable. Clearing the cache will also solve any issue related to streaming. 

Here’s how you can clear Hulu’s cache on your Samsung TV:

  1. On your remote, click the Home button (to open Smart Hub).
  2. Look for Settings.
  3. Next, head to Apps.
  4. Then select System Apps.
  5. Find Hulu.
  6. Choose Clear Cache, then press OK.

It’s that easy to clear the app’s cache. And now’s the moment of truth. 

Check whether the Hulu app works on your Samsung TV. Sign in to your account once and see if deleting the cache fixed the issue. 

#2: Power cycle your television

Power cycling your Samsung TV is an excellent way to get Hulu working again. 

It’s when you’re disconnecting any device from a power source. 

And it’s as simple as it can get. In fact, it’s one of the very first steps to try if you encounter errors with any electronic device.

That’s because a power cycle gives your device a fresh start. Plus, it’s very easy to do.

You can perform a power cycle on your Samsung TV by doing this:

  1. Turn off your Samsung TV. 
  2. Then, disconnect the power cord from the outlet. 
  3. Leave it be for about 5 minutes.
  4. Now, plug in the TV’s power cord again.
  5. Turn on your TV and launch Hulu. 

See if it fixes your streaming issues with Hulu. If it doesn’t, time to jump right to the next fix. 

#3: Update the Hulu app

An out-of-date Hulu application will give you a headache. It’ll keep crashing and freezing simultaneously. 

Needless to say, outdated apps are of no use. That’s why updates are necessary to keep applications working in top shape.

Updates also fix bugs. They aren’t the cute kind but a menace to your device’s system.

That’s why you need the latest version update of the Hulu app. 

Follow these steps to check and update the app on your Samsung TV:

  1. Open the Smart Hub on your remote.
  2. Find Hulu.
  3. Press and hold down the Enter button. 
  4. When a submenu comes on screen, release the buttons.
  5. Select Update Apps.
  6. Choose Select All followed by Update.

The necessary update will now install. And check the Hulu app once the process is complete. 

Note: A reliable internet connection is necessary to ensure a smooth update.

#4: Uninstall the Hulu app

If nothing has worked so far, it’s time to go to the next best solution.

And that’s uninstalling the Hulu app and reinstalling it right back. It shouldn’t take too long to do, too. 

You see, Hulu’s data can get corrupted. When this happens, the communication between the servers and your device gets hazy.

This results in Hulu not working on your device. But a quick uninstall will make this right. 

To uninstall Hulu: 

  1. On your remote, press Home to access Smart Hub.
  2. Open Settings and choose App.
  3. Find System App.
  4. Look for Hulu.
  5. Choose Delete, then click OK.

Wait while your Samsung TV uninstalls Hulu completely. After it’s done, reinstall the program.

Follow these steps to reinstall Hulu:

  1. Press down the Home button on the remote.
  2. Open Apps.
  3. Look for the search bar.
  4. Key in “Hulu.
  5. Select and install Hulu.

After the app has finished installing, log in to your Hulu account. Check if it’s working correctly this time. 

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#5: Reset the Hulu app

“Do I need to reset Hulu?”

Resetting indeed solves a lot of errors and issues in most devices.

After a long period of use, it’s quite normal for apps to misbehave. Be it on your smartphone, tablet, or pc. 

If you reset Hulu, there’s a huge possibility of it solving crashing issues on your Samsung TV.

Note: This reset method works for all smart TVs, too.

To reset Hulu on your Samsung TV, do the following:

  1. Open the Hulu app on your TV.
  2. On the remote, hold down the Back button.
  3. Wait until you see your TV’s homepage.
  4. If you see the homepage, Hulu has automatically reset.

And you’re done with the reset. Open the Hulu app and see if it worked. 

#6: Reset Samsung’s Smart Hub

The “Smart Hub” on your Samsung TV is mainly just your device’s own app store.

It gives you access to all your TV’s functions. And holds all your account information. 

Note: Resetting the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV will restore the settings to factory default.

You can try this if Hulu still doesn’t work on your Samsung TV. And also, if none of the solutions above have worked for you so far.

Let’s reset your Samsung Smart Hub:

  1. Check Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Support.
  3. Click and find Self Diagnosis.
  4. Look for the Reset Smart Hub option. 

A prompt will appear next, and you need to key in your TV’s PIN. The default pin is “0000” but if you recently changed yours, use that instead. 

Watch this video to see how to perform a Smart Hub reset:

#7: Check your internet connection


You’ve done everything so far, but the problem remains. Hulu still isn’t working on your Samsung TV.

But have you tried checking your internet connection today?

As you know, a crappy internet connection will make it extra hard to stream Hulu. Or any other platforms. 

So run a quick internet speed test and check the result. Maybe after all this time, your connection is the culprit.

Note: Focus on the number in the download speed. This is because streaming is a download process.

According to Hulu, the ideal download speed for smooth access to their content is 16 Mbps or more. 

So if your speed test result is much lower, then it could be why Hulu isn’t working. 

“But I pay for a 100 Mbps internet plan!”

If this is the case, don’t worry. You can simply restart your internet router next.

To do this, just unplug the router from the power cord. After a minute, plug it back in.

Do another speed test to see if your session has refreshed. 

If the speed result still comes in slow, there could be other factors such as:

  • Old or low-quality router.
  • Your router is too far from the TV.
  • Too many devices are connecting to your network. 

You may consider buying a new router or using a Wi-Fi extender. You may disconnect unused devices that connect to your network, too. 

#8: Update your Samsung TV

Update Your Samsung TV

Like its apps, your Samsung TV also needs an update. 

Developers work on releasing regular updates.

And if your device isn’t auto-installing these update packs, then that’s why Hulu doesn’t work on your TV.

A Samsung TV can have a lot of errors if the software is out of date. That’s why regular updates are important to keep it working like new. 

Luckily, you can correct this problem easily. 

Here’s how to check (and install) Samsung TV OS updates:

  1. Open your TV’s settings.
  2. Go to Support.
  3. Select Software Update.
  4. Click on the Update Software option. 

After this, your TV will automatically update itself. This process could take several minutes to complete.

Make a habit of checking your Samsung TV for updates. This way, you can prevent apps like Hulu from malfunctioning.

#9: Perform a factory reset on your Samsung TV

You’re finally here. 

All hail. The final resort, the last of the fixes. The epitome of all solutions – the factory reset. 

Seriously though, when everything fails, this is the way to go. 

As with any other device, your TV could’ve become corrupted. And it’s not compatible to operate Hulu app anymore.

This doesn’t mean you should just replace your device with something new. In fact, if you perform a factory reset, it’ll be like new. 

Warning: Before completing this action, you should back up your data. That’s because a factory reset will wipe out everything. 

Here are the steps to do a factory reset on your Samsung TV:

  1. On the remote, access the Home button to open the Smart Hub.
  2. Tap on Settings, then click Support.
  3. Go to Self Diagnosis.
  4. Look for Reset.
  5. Confirm the action by entering the “0000” reset pin. 

After your TV has completed the factory reset, re-configure everything. Then, install the Hulu app and check if it’s running properly.

People also ask:

Does Samsung no longer support Hulu?

Samsung still supports Hulu. But you need to check if your current device is Hulu-supported

Samsung TV models from 2016 or later can download and run the most recent Hulu app version. 

So if your TV is from this period, you can enjoy all the latest features and access the Hulu library. 

If you own a Samsung TV from 2013 to 2015, you can install the classic Hulu app.

Hulu classic also supports Samsung Tizen Blu-Ray Players

Refer to Samsung’s official list of TV model groups. So you can be certain which Samsung TV model you’re using. 

What’s more, another reason why Hulu may not work on your Samsung device is geo-restriction. This means you wouldn’t be able to access Hulu if you’re not in the USA. 

One way to get around geo-restrictions is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Why does my Hulu app keep crashing on my Samsung Smart TV?

Hulu keeps crashing on your Samsung Smart TV because of software-related issues. It’s also possible that your device isn’t compatible with streaming Hulu any longer. Outdated Smart TV models don’t get new updates to support new applications like Hulu anymore. 

“Does that mean I have to buy a new Smart TV?”

If you’re in the market to buy a new TV, then yes. You should buy a new Smart TV.

Smart TVs available in the market nowadays have so many cool features. They’re also more optimized to work perfectly with streaming sites such as Hulu. 

But if you’re on a tight budget, that’s okay. Who says you can’t use your old smart TV?

In fact, you can get some features of a new smart TV minus the cost. 


By using a streaming stick, that’s how. 

Streaming sticks are super helpful when paired with smart TVs. Here are some benefits that you may find appealing:

  • Wireless casting.
  • Voice control features.
  • Enhanced surround sound.
  • More access to applications. 

Note: Smart TV and streaming stick features vary depending on the model and brand. 

That’s why many people use streaming sticks these days. Pair it up with a smart TV, and you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Here are some of the most popular streaming sticks at present:

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