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7 Steps To Download Disney Plus On PC In 2023 (How-To)

Disney Plus Download PC

Disney Plus contains not only recent international shows and movies…

But also exclusive classics that everyone grew up watching. 

So if you want to download Disney+ to stream on your PC… 

I can help you do it with ease using only 7 steps. 

Read on to learn:

  • How to make a Disney Plus account. 
  • 7 steps to download Disney Plus on PC. 
  • What browsers allow you to download Disney Plus. 
  • And much, much more… 

7 steps to download Disney Plus on PC (how-to)

Before we proceed to the 7 steps… 

First, I want to clarify that Disney+ doesn’t have an app for Windows 10. 

“What? I thought you were going to tell me how to download one?”

Yes, I’ll teach you how to download Disney Plus. 

But to be specific, a PWA for it. 

“I don’t even know what that is.”

Don’t worry. I’ll explain it simply. 

PWA stands for a progressive web app. 

And according to Google developers, they are web applications designed to be more reliable, installable, and capable. 

In simple terms, it’s a website that behaves like a mobile app and has its own shortcut. 

For more information about what PWAs are, watch this:

Now, let’s proceed to the 7 steps you need to download Disney+ on PC. 

#1: Choose the right browser

The first step in installing a Disney Plus app is choosing the right browser. 

To install a PWA for Disney Plus, you can only use these two browsers: Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Chromium-Based).

So if you don’t have one of these browsers installed yet…

Get one. 

However, a lot of people use Google Chrome.

Regardless of which one you choose… 

#2: Go to the Disney website

Go To The Disney Website

Once you open your respective browser, head to the Disney+ website. 

Note: If you only see “Keep Me Updated” on the window that pops up, your country isn’t eligible for Disney Plus access. For more information, visit Disney’s official help page.

Assuming you’re eligible for Disney Plus access… 

The window you’ll see will depend on whether or not you already have an account signed in. 

If you’re already logged in, you can skip the 3rd step and head to step #4. 

But if you’re not logged in yet: 

#3: Log in to your account

If you already have a Disney Plus account, simply input your credentials once you log in. 

If you don’t, let me guide you in creating one. 

Steps to sign up for Disney Plus: 

  1. Make sure that you’re on the official Disney+ website. 
  2. Click Sign Up in the upper right corner. 
  3. Enter a valid email address you’d like to use for your account. 
  4. Enter your password. 
  5. Choose a subscription type. 
  6. Enter your payment method. 
  7. Click on Start Watching.

Keep in mind: Disney+ is a paid streaming platform. Unless you include a payment method, you can’t create an account. 

After setting up your account and logging in… 

#4: Click the menu on your browser’s toolbar

For both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, the toolbar will be on the upper right of your browser. 

Click the 3 succeeding dots to access the menu options. 

And once you do this, a dropdown window will show up. 

This is the window where you’ll… 

#5: Create and name your shortcut 

The steps you need to take will be different depending on your browser from this point forward.

For Google Chrome users:

  1. From your menu options, select More Tools.
  2. Click on Create Shortcut. 
  3. Name the shortcut Disney+ or as you’d like. 
  4. Tick the Open as Window box. 
  5. Press Create. 

For Microsoft Edge:

  1. Click Apps on the dropdown window. 
  2. Select Install this site as an app. 
  3. Name your shortcut Disney+.
  4. Press install. 

After completing these steps, no matter what browser you have… 

#6: Disney+ will now appear as a shortcut

You now have your Disney+ shortcut installed on your PC. 

Ideally, it will automatically show up on your desktop.  

But if it doesn’t, find it in your Start Menu and access it from there. 

Once you click on it, it will open up as an independent window, just like any other app.

So it’ll save you the trouble of having to search for the website every time. 

And now for the last step… 

Let’s not skip the most exciting step of this process which is to… 

#7: Start watching your favorite shows 

You did all the previous steps to reach this point, so let’s not waste time and continue. 

Open up your Disney+ shortcut and log in. 

Once you’re logged in… 

Try playing a few titles to check if the video and audio are both working well. 

If they do, you can continue enjoying watching Disney+ on your PC.

People also ask:

Can I watch Disney Plus on my pc without the app?

You can watch Disney Plus on your PC without the app by streaming through your browser. You don’t necessarily need the PWA shortcut. To stream without the PWA Disney+ on your PC, head to the Disney+ website, sign in, and access their content online. 

Can I watch Disney Plus offline on my pc?

You can’t watch Disney Plus offline on your PC, as of now. Disney+’s offline-viewing option is only limited to ios and android devices.

If you really want to watch on a bigger screen, you can get around this. 

You can either connect your mobile device to your monitor.

Or use various screen mirroring options to mirror your mobile’s view to a wider screen. 

Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay are 2 of the most popular screen mirroring options with Disney+. 

This last method works, but I don’t recommend it.

And it’s by… 

Using third-party apps that offer Disney+ video downloads.

Warning: Third-party interventions aren’t associated with Disney themselves. They could breach Disney’s terms and conditions, getting your account banned. So as much as possible, stay away from them.

And stick to linking your mobile device to your TV or PC monitor instead. 

Why can’t I download Disney Plus movies on my pc?

You can’t download Disney Plus movies on your PC because video downloads aren’t available for PC and Mac users. You can only download movies through mobile devices at the moment.

Refer to the question above to learn how to get around this problem. 

You may also wonder: Why is Disney Plus not working on my projector?