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23 Steps To Find The 4-Digit Code For Samsung TV (2023)

4 Digit Code Samsung TV

I was about to watch the movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” 

Until suddenly, I need a 4-digit code to control my Samsung TV. 

Well, these codes may not be beasts, but I know where to find them.

So, buckle up ‘cause I’ll lead the way.  

Continue reading to find out: 

  • The eye-opening purpose of Samsung TV’s 4-digit codes. 
  • An easy 23-step process for finding your Samsung TV 4-digit code. 
  • 3 effortless ways to reset your Samsung TV even if you don’t have a PIN. 
  • And this is just the beginning…

How to find the 4-digit code for Samsung TV – 23 steps

Method 1: Code Search remote function (8 steps)  

#1: Turn on your Samsung TV

Most people look for the 4-digit code for the following reason:

Programming a universal remote to control the TV. 

And if you’re that person, I bet you can’t turn the TV on without a remote,  

Regardless, follow this simple 3-step process to power on your TV: 

  1. Find the TV’s Control buttons.
  2. Locate the Center button of the Control buttons.  
  3. Long press the Center button

Note: The Control buttons could be in 1 of these places: 

  • Back of the TV.
  • Under one side of the front panel. 
  • Under the middle part of the front panel. 

#2: Press the TV button on your universal remote 

Once you do that, the same button will blink once

And the universal remote is now ready to enter the Code Search function. 

Note: At this point, you still can’t use the universal remote to control your TV. You’re only using the remote right now to access the Code Search function.

#3: Press and hold the Setup key on the remote 

Hold the Setup key until the TV button flashes twice

#4: Press 991

If you follow that order correctly, the TV button will blink twice

#5: Tap 1 on the TV remote 

Again the TV button will flash twice

#6: Press the remote’s Power button once 

For this step, aim the remote toward your Samsung TV. 

Your TV is now in the “Code Search” mode.

#7: Tap and release the CH+ or Channel up key

Repeat this step until the TV turns off. 

But make sure you pause for 1-2 seconds between each tap.    

#8: Press the Setup button once again

Your TV will then lock in on the 4-digit code. 

Note: You won’t see or know the code. But, you can use the remote to control your TV immediately. 

In other words, you’ve skipped the manual programming process. 

However, if you really want to know the Samsung 4-digit code…

Proceed to the following methods. 

Method 2: The universal remote’s programming list (3 steps)

#1: Bring out your remote’s manual

As you know, your universal remote came in a box. 

And in that same box, you’ll find a small booklet, a.k.a, the manual.   

#2: Go to the Samsung section

In the manual, you’ll see many brands and crunching codes. 

And that could get you a little dizzy, so skip to the Samsung section. 

#3: Look for your Samsung TV model 

Depending on your remote’s manual, you could see codes for your specific model. 

But if you can’t remember what your model is… 

Just check the back of your TV, and you’ll find it there. 

Now, go back to your manual and list down the codes. 

“I can’t find codes for my TV model.”

If so, try the non-model-specific Samsung codes on the manual. 


They could be Samsung’s universal 4-digit codes that work for all their TV models. 

Or, you could try…

Method 3: Website search (3 steps) 

#1: Open your web browser

#2: Go to a search engine

I recommend you go to Google as it’s arguably the most powerful search engine in the world. 

#3: Type “Samsung TV 4-digit remote control codes” 

Wait for the search results, and list all the codes you can find. 

As they say, “The more, the merrier.”

Method 4: “Blink out” code (8 steps)

#1: Press the TV key once

#2: Press and hold the Shift key 

Note: You won’t see the word “Shift” on the remote. Instead, you’ll see “Aa.” 

#3: Enter 9 9 0

Then, wait for 1-2 seconds before proceeding to the next step.

#4: Press 1 

After that, The TV key will start flashing. 

The number of blinks is the 1st digit of the 4-digit code.  

But, if you can’t see any blinks, then the 1st digit is 0.

#5: Press 2

After pressing, the number of blinks is the 2nd digit. 

#6. Press 3 

Count the blinks to get the 3rd digit. 

#7. Press

This time, the number of blinks is the 4th digit. 

#8: Assemble the 4-digit code 

And now you should have your Samsung TV’s code.  

Method 5: Remote manufacturer (1 step)

Contact Remote Manufacturer

#1: Contact the remote manufacturer 

If any of the codes you got on the previous methods didn’t work… 

Then it’s time to contact the remote’s manufacturer.

It may be your last resort, but it’s a dependable 1. 

Now, there are a lot of universal remote brands out there. 

But I’ll provide you with the 7 most popular remote brands’ contact details. Just check out the table below: 

Brand Contact Details
LogitechContact Logitech
CaavoSupport Center
AmazonCustomer Service
HarmonyContact Us
Philipps Support Home
IntesetContact Us
RCARemote Support

What is the 4-digit code used for?

The 4-digit code is mainly used for setting up a universal remote. But, there’s also a 4-digit code to protect and access the Samsung TV known as the PIN. This PIN also allows users to perform various TV functions. That includes changing settings, buying, installing, and using TV apps. 

“What’s a universal remote?”

Have you ever lost your TV remote? Or even misplace it somewhere? 

Well, you’re not alone. 

In fact, 71% of Americans also lose their TV remotes at least once a month. 

And if it weren’t for universal remotes, that finding would’ve been much more concerning. 


A universal remote can fill an original TV remote’s shoes quite well. 

And that’s because you could perform essential TV functions with it, such as: 

  • Choosing channels.
  • Adjusting the volume. 
  • Changing the input device. 
  • Turning the TV ON and OFF. 

Pretty good, right? 

But here’s the thing: 

Before you can do that, you must set up the universal remote first. 

That means you need to make your TV understand the new remote’s commands. 

And for you to do that, you need a 4-digit code. 

It’s like how we use English to communicate with each other. 

Now, remember, there’s more to the setup process than just the code.

With that said, if you want to look at the whole procedure…

Then, check out this helpful video below: 

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How do I reset my Samsung TV without a pin?

There are 3 ways to reset your Samsung TV without a PIN. You could do it using a Samsung remote, whether Smart or non-Smart. Or, you can use a universal remote. Lastly, you could reset it via the Samsung remote app on your mobile phone. 

Now, I’ll elaborate on each method. Starting with…

Reset via Samsung remote:

If you have a Samsung remote, whether Smart or non-Smart…

You can follow these steps to reset your Samsung TV PIN: 

  1. Turn on your TV. 
  2. Press the Volume button. 
  3. Tap the volume up (+) key.
  4. Press the Return button. 
  5. Tap the volume down (-) key. 
  6. Press the Return button. 
  7. Again, Tap the volume up (+) key.
  8. Press the Return button. 

Reset via Universal remote:

Don’t have a Samsung remote? 

If so, you could also reset your Samsung TV PIN using a universal remote. 

And here’s how to do that: 

  1. Turn on your TV. 
  2. Press the Mute button. 
  3. Tap the volume up (+) key.
  4. Press the Return button. 
  5. Tap the volume down (-) key. 
  6. Press the Return button. 
  7. Again, Tap the volume up (+) key.
  8. Press the Return button. 

Reset via Samsung remote app: 

The Samsung remote app is also an effective way to reset your Samsung TV PIN. 

Just follow this simple 5-step process: 

  1. Download the Samsung remote app (iOS and Google Play).
  2. Turn on your TV. 
  3. Open the Samsung remote app. 
  4. Press Mute>8>2>4>Power
  5. Choose Reset PIN

Note: The PIN would be reset to the default 0000 no matter which method you use. 

Now that you’ve reset your PIN… 

I highly recommend you change it. 


Remember, 1 of a PIN’s purposes is to provide security from unwanted access. 

And I doubt it’s protecting you well when it’s set to default. 

“So, what’s the best PIN?”

Now, I can’t tell you that, but I can show you what PINs to avoid. So that other people won’t find your PIN easy to guess. 

With that said, you should avoid these 5 most common PINs, according to research

  • 1111.
  • 1234.
  • 2580. 
  • 0000.
  • 5555.

Have your PIN in mind? 

Then, let me show you…

A 7-step process to change your Samsung TV PIN 

  1. Press the Home button.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Open General > System Manager.
  4. Press Change PIN
  5. Enter your desired PIN.
  6. Confirm the new PIN.  
  7. Press the Select button.