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Is Samsung TV Remote Universal? 5 Surprising Facts (2023)

Is Samsung TV Remote Universal

One day, I lost my TV remote. 

After looking for hours, I found one…

But it was my old Samsung TV remote. And my new TV’s from a different brand. 

So, I researched if this remote was universal and if it could control my TV.  

Wanna know what I found out?

Continue reading to discover: 

  • An easy 5-step process to set up your universal remote. 
  • Whether Samsung TV remotes can control other devices.
  • A step-by-step guide to using your phone as a Samsung TV remote. 
  • And this is just the beginning…

Are Samsung TV Remotes Universal?

Samsung TV Remotes aren’t universal. And that’s because you can’t use them to control all brands’ TV models and devices. However, you can operate various Samsung TVs with them. And you can control some devices via a Samsung TV remote. But only if these devices are connected to the Samsung TV.

What universal remote is compatible with Samsung TV?

Most universal remotes are compatible with Samsung TVs. 

Just ensure that the remote’s description states that it works for Samsung TVs.

But I’d like to save you from all that trouble of finding the one… 

So, I’ve prepared a list of my top 3 universal remote recommendations. They are: 

Yes, there are many more options than the ones I’ve listed above. 

But I guarantee you, those are perfect fits for your Samsung TV. 

And that’s because you don’t need any extra steps to use them. Basically, they’re your out-of-the-box options. 

So, you can use one of these remotes to control your Samsung TV immediately. 

Quite easy, right? 

But, if you’re planning to get a different universal remote… 

Or you already have one… 

Then, you may need to program it before you can actually use it to control your TV. 


That’s because your Samsung TV needs to understand your remote’s commands. 

And that’s only achievable through programming. 

You can even think of it as a learning process. 

But don’t worry. This process doesn’t need a tech genius. 

In fact, it’s very straightforward.

How to set up a universal remote: 

Step 1: Put the universal remote in setup mode. 

To do that, press and hold your universal remote’s setup button

Wait until you see a red light. That’s your confirmation that the remote’s ready for the setup process.

Step 2: Press the TV button on your universal remote. 

Note: Proceed to the next step once you see the red light turn ON again. 

Step 3: Enter a 4-digit universal remote control code for your Samsung TV. 

You can check them out below: 

  • 0105. 
  • 0077.
  • 0076. 
  • 0109.
  • 0007. 
  • 0009. 
  • 0005. 
  • 0085. 
  • 0004. 
  • 0172. 
  • 0012. 
  • 0015. 
  • 0942. 
  • 0358. 
  • 0080. 
  • 0106. 
  • 0104.

Note: After pressing the last digit, the red light should turn OFF. If it didn’t, reattach the remote’s batteries and go back to step 1. 

Step 4: Perform basic remote functions. 

Such as: 

  • Selecting sources. 
  • Powering ON/OFF. 
  • Changing channels. 
  • Adjusting the volume. 

Note: Point the universal remote in the TV’s direction.

And if the TV responded correctly to the remote. 

Then, the setup process is complete. And you can now use it to control your TV. 

But if it didn’t, proceed to:

Step 5: Try every 4-digit universal remote control code.

Yes, this will need your patience. But eventually, a code will work. 

And you’ll enjoy your Samsung TV again. 

Would you rather have a visual guide to the universal remote setup process? 

Then, watch this helpful and detailed video below: 

But here’s the thing about universal remotes: 

They don’t allow you to enjoy the whole Samsung TV remote experience. 

I’m talking about: 

  • Directional pad. 
  • Multi-View button.
  • Game mode button. 
  • Virtual number pad button. 
  • Microphone button for the AI assistant. 

So if you don’t like missing out on all these Smart features… 

Then, you have two choices:

Order a TV remote replacement from this website

Or, get yourself a Samsung BN59-01259E, a.k.a the “Universal” Samsung TV remote. 

Either way, you’ll gain access to all the features your Samsung TV has to offer.

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Do Samsung TV remotes work on old TVs?

Samsung TV remotes work on old TVs. But, that’s only the case if the TV is from Samsung as well.

Otherwise, the remote won’t work. 

To give you a better picture: 

Let’s say that you have a 2013 Samsung TV model. 

And then, you decided to upgrade to a much more recent one.

So, you can use that brand-new Samsung TV remote to operate your older TV. 

“How’s that possible?” 

You see, remotes have codes

And these codes are like the language in which a remote and a TV communicate. 

That said, Samsung’s codes have remained the same throughout the years. 

So, even if you use a new Samsung TV remote to control an older Samsung TV… 

The old TV can still understand the new remote’s commands. 

But if the earlier TV model isn’t from Samsung…. 

It won’t be able to recognize the Samsung remote’s instructions.  

And that’s because it has a different set of codes.

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Can a Samsung TV remote control other devices?

A Samsung TV remote can control other devices, but only if they’re connected to your Samsung TV. 

“How’s that possible?”

I’ll tell you how: 

It’s because of the Samsung TV’s Universal Remote feature. 

With this feature, you can control devices such as: 

And the best part? 

You get to operate these devices all at the same time, with just your Samsung TV remote. 

So, you could put those extra remotes away. And start utilizing the Universal Remote feature.  

That’s pretty convenient if you’d ask me. 

“How to set up the Universal Remote feature?”

Step 1: Connect an external device to the TV’s HDMI port.

Note: Make sure your Samsung TV’s turned ON for this step. 

Step 2: Power ON the external device. 

Now, the Samsung TV will scan the device in the HDMI port. 

Afterward, your TV will switch the output to the device. 

Step 3: Press the Home button on your remote. 

That’ll take you to the Home Screen


Step 4: Go to the Source menu. 

You can do this by placing the selector over the Source

Step 5: Press UP on the directional pad and access the Universal Remote

Then, tap Universal Remote on the Source screen. 

Step 6: Select Start and setup the external device. 

Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. 

Note: The instructions may vary depending on the external device. 

Pro tip: Remove obstacles between the TV remote and the device. By doing so, you’ll ensure that the Universal Remote feature works. 

Can you use a Samsung TV without the remote control?

You can use a Samsung TV without the remote control. With that said, you can use your phone to operate a Samsung TV instead. And to do that, you must install and set up the SmartThings app on your phone. 

How to use phone as a remote for Samsung TV

Using the SmartThings app: 

Using SmartThings App In Phone As A Remote For Samsung TV

Step 1: Turn ON your Samsung TV that you want to connect to. 

Step 2: Download the SmartThings app (iOS and Android) on your phone.  

Step 3: Open the app. Then log in to your SmartThings account. 

If you don’t have an account, you can sign up here

Step 4: On the SmartThings app: 

  1. Go to the Device tab. 
  2. Press the Home icon. 
  3. Choose a location where you want to add the TV. 
  4. Click Add or + sign
  5. Press Add device

Step 5: On the By device type tab: 

  1. Press TV
  2. Tap Samsung
  3. Click TV again. 
  4. Select Start.

Step 6: Choose the Smart TV you want to add from the list of available devices. 

Step 7: Complete the setup on your Samsung TV. 

But doing that depends on your TV model:  

  1. 2016 models: Use the buttons on the TV to click Allow.
  2. 2017-2019 models: Input the PIN shown on the screen into your phone.  
  3. 2020-2021 models: Use the remote to press OK.  

Step 8: Rename the TV and tap Done

After that, the setup process should be complete. 

Step 9: Use the SmartThings app to give commands, such as: 

  • Change channels. 
  • Power TV ON/OFF. 
  • Adjust the TV volume. 

And the best part is? 

You can do all those things even if you’re not in the same room with your TV. 

Just make sure you’re connected to the Internet.