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13 Steps To Change WiFi On HP Printer In 13 Seconds (2023)

How To Change WiFi On HP Printer

Setting up your HP printer with your Wifi for the first time is easy.

But changing your network for the 2nd or 3rd time can be confusing, right? 

As a fellow HP printer owner, I can relate.  

However, fret not. Because I’m here to show you how to do that. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • 13 quick steps to change the Wifi on your HP printer. 
  • The reasons why your HP printer isn’t connecting to your new network. 
  • 5 effortless fixes to try if you can encounter some problems during this process. 
  • And this is just the beginning… 

How to change WiFi on HP Printer – 13 steps

#1: Bring your printer close to your Wifi router

While HP has no strict rule regarding how near their products should be from the Wifi…

I recommend keeping your HP printer within 30 feet of your router. 

This way, your device won’t have a hard time connecting to the network. 

And you’ll also be able to print wirelessly faster down the road. 

#2: Load your printer’s tray with paper

Because if you don’t, you might get an “Out of Paper” error that prevents you from connecting to the Wifi.

Now, if you’re wondering… 

“Do I need to load a specific paper?”

No, you don’t. 

That’s because your printer detects all types of printing paper. Regardless of their kind and size. 

#3: Plug your printer into its power source

Ensure that your printer is firmly connected to its power cable.

And plug its adapter into the wall outlet. 

After doing so… 

#4: Turn your HP printer ON

Press and hold the power button on your device until its screen lights up. 

Now, if your printer doesn’t turn ON like it’s supposed to… 

Try troubleshooting it by using this video as a guide: 

That said, once your printer is ON, proceed to… 

#5: Tap the Wireless icon on your printer’s control panel

This is usually at the bottom of your printer’s home screen.

And it’ll be the icon in the middle, shaped like a small tower with 2 curved lines on each side. 

#6: Head to Settings

Now, you’ll be on the Wireless page of your printer.

And here, you’ll see information about the Wifi network your device is currently connected to. 

That said, on the lower-left corner of your printer’s screen…

Tap the gear icon to head to your device’s Settings page. 

#7: Select Restore Network Settings

Scroll down the page you’re currently on…

And select Restore Network Settings. 

Can’t find this option?

Then look for Restore Network Defaults instead. Because that’s how it’s labeled on some models. 

Now, if you’re wondering…

“What does this option do?”

Put simply: it’ll disconnect your printer from the Wifi it’s currently connected to. And by doing so, you can easily connect your device to a new Wifi network. 

#8: Tap Yes

A confirmation message will pop up on your screen.

And it’ll ask you if you’re sure about restoring the original network settings of your printer.

That said, simply tap Yes at the lower-right corner of your printer’s screen. And then…

#9: Click OK

After your printer restores its network defaults…

A new message will pop up informing you that the process is done.

So just click the OK option at the bottom-right corner, and… 

#10: Head to the Wireless Setup Wizard

You should still be on the Settings page of your printer.

So from here, simply scroll up and select Wireless Setup Wizard.

Now, wait for your printer to load, and then…

#11: Select your Wifi’s name from the list

You’ll see all the Wifi networks your printer can detect.

So from this list, simply select the name of your router and proceed to… 

#12: Enter your Wifi password

Using the keys on your printer’s screen…

Enter the password of your network. 

After doing so, select Done and… 

#13: Tap OK 

Wait until you see the Connection Succesful page on your screen. And for the wireless light indication on your device to turn blue. 

After that, simply select the OK option at the lower-right corner of your printer’s screen.

And just like that, your HP printer is now connected to a new Wifi. 

Note: If these steps don’t apply to your device, head to the official HP page. And there, you can check how to connect every HP printer model to a new network. 

Why isn’t my HP Printer connecting to my new WiFi?

Your HP printer isn’t connecting to your new Wifi because your router is glitching or your Internet is too slow. Sometimes, this also happens because your printer’s Wifi settings are glitching.  And in other cases, this issue occurs because your router is too far from your printer. 

But fret not. I’ll show you… 

5 easy fixes to HP printer not connecting to Wifi problem

#1: Bring your router closer to the printer

The most common reason HP printers don’t connect to the Wifi is that…

They’re too far from their Internet source. 

As mentioned earlier, your printer should be within 30 feet of the router. 

However, if you still have connection problems despite abiding with this distance… 

You should bring your printer within 15 feet of your router. 

That’s because some router models have a shorter range. 

So your printer won’t be able to detect the network if it’s placed further than 15 feet. 

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#2: Restart your router

In some cases, your router is the cause of this problem. 

But fortunately, it’s easy to reset this device. 

See, all you need to do is…

Power cycle your Wifi router:
  1. Unplug it from the outlet.
  2. Wait for 1 minute.
  3. Plug it back again.

Now, wait for your router’s LED lights to turn green.

Note: Contact your Internet service provider if some lights turn red or yellow. Because this means your router has connection problems. 

That said, once all the lights on your router turn green…

Try to connect your printer to the Wifi again. 

#3: Test your Internet speed

Test Your Internet Speed

Still having connection problems?

Then your Internet may be too slow.

See, technological devices, including your printer…

Sometimes reject Wifi networks if they’re not fast enough.  

See, the optimal Internet speed is at least 5 Mbps. 

So if your Wifi is slower than that…

It won’t be able to provide a stable network for all your devices, including your HP printer. 

That said, you should test your Internet speed now. And see if it fits the 5 Mbps standard.

“I don’t know how to do that.”

Fret not. I’ll teach you the step-by-step process to…

Test the Internet speed of your Wifi:

Step 1: Prepare a PC or a mobile device. 

Ensure it’s using the network you’re trying to connect your printer to. 

Step 2: Launch any browser.

Step 3: Head to

Step 4: Wait for the website to load.

Step 5: Tap the GO button in the middle of your screen.

Step 6: Wait for your results to come out. 

Now, did you get an Internet speed faster than 5 Mbps?

If you did, then proceed to the next fix.

But if you didn’t, follow these… 

2 simple tips to improve your Wifi network’s speed:

Tip 1: Remove other devices from your network.

All Wifi network slows down if they’re too congested.

So if your Internet is slow, I recommend disconnecting other gadgets from it. 

Pro tip: Change your Wifi password if you want to remove all devices from your network. 

Tip 2: Optimize your router’s placement. 

That said, I highly recommend placing your router:

  • Away from the windows. 
  • In the middle of your room.
  • In rooms above the ground (avoid basements).

This way, not only will your printer connect to the Wifi with ease… 

All the gadgets in your household will also enjoy an improved Internet connection.

After trying these 2 tips out, measure your Internet speed again. 

If you’re now getting at least 5 Mbps, try connecting your HP printer to the network once more. 

But if you’re still getting a speed lower than that…

Contact your Internet service provider.

Or you might also want to consider changing your Internet-providing company entirely. 

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#4: Restart your printer’s wireless connection

The first 3 fixes ensured that your router wasn’t causing this issue.

So now, it’s time to check if your printer is the problem. 

That said, locate the wireless light on your HP printer now. And observe its color. 

Does it display a solid blue light? 

If it does, then proceed to the next fix.

But if the wireless light is blinking, or it’s OFF, follow along with these…

Steps to restart your printer’s wireless connection:
  1. Turn your printer OFF.
  2. Unplug it from the outlet. 
  3. Disconnect your router from its power source as well. 
  4. Wait for 1 minute.
  5. Plug the router into the outlet again.
  6. Connect your printer to its power source.
  7. Turn your HP printer ON. 

After doing this restart, proceed to… 

#5: Restore your Wifi’s setup mode

For HP printers with a touchscreen panel:
  1. Turn your device ON.
  2. Tap the Wireless icon at the bottom of your printer’s home screen.
  3. Select the gear icon. 
  4. Tap Network setup or Settings.
  5. Click Restore Network Settings. 
For HP printers without a touchscreen:
  1. Turn your device ON.
  2. Locate the Wireless icon on your printer. (This looks like a Wifi logo).
  3. Find the Cancel (X) button as well. 
  4. Press and hold both the Wireless and Cancel buttons.
  5. Let go when the power button of your printer flashes.
  6. Wait for the wireless led light to flash.
For Envy and Tango HP printers:
  1. Turn your device ON.
  2. Press and hold the wireless button located at the back of your device.
  3. Let go after 5 seconds. 
  4. Wait for the status light on your printer to flash blue or purple.

Note: If none of these steps apply to your printer, visit this official HP website

After restoring your printer’s Wifi setup mode, try connecting it to your network again. 

Bonus: Contact HP support

If you’ve tried all 5 fixes yet you’re still having trouble connecting your printer to a new Wifi…

Contact HP’s support team so that their assistants can help you. 

Or you may also head to this page if you want to immediately communicate with their virtual agents.