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9 Real Reasons Why You Should Get a Smart TV (Updated 2023)

Why Smart TV

If you’re planning to get a new TV…

Then don’t think twice about buying a smart model instead of a regular one. 

That’s because Smart TVs have many helpful features.

And I know several reasons you shouldn’t miss out on this convenient device.

Continue reading to find out:

  • How your phone can interact with this device. 
  • 9 practical reasons why you should get a Smart TV.
  • How a Smart TV can help you spend less money in the long-term.
  • And this is just the beginning… 

Why you should get a Smart TV – 9 reasons

#1: Access to dozens of streaming apps 

1 of the most popular reasons why people get Smart TVs is their ability to access dozens of streaming apps. 

See, while TV companies and cable networks also offer “on-demand” programs…

They can’t beat the convenience of using the streaming apps on Smart TVs.

That’s because when you have this device… 

You just need to access the home screen. And you’ll be able to see most, if not all, of your TV’s streaming apps.

Now, compare that to switching channels or programs on a regular TV. A device where you need to remember what numbers are assigned to your favorite channels. 

Indeed, a Smart TV is much more convenient, right?

And not just that…

You’ll also have access to thousands of shows you can play anytime with Smart TVs. 

As you know, if you want to enjoy your favorite TV shows on cable networks…

You’d need to tune in during specific times. Or else you’ll miss the episode completely unless you record it. 

Now, that pressure vanishes when you have a Smart TV. 

Because regardless if it’s in the middle of the day or night… 

You can enjoy the shows or movies you want with this device. 

So if you want the convenience of accessing thousands of shows and dozens of apps…

You won’t regret getting a Smart TV.

#2: Reliable high-picture quality

Smart TVs have better video processors.

So most of the time, their picture quality is way better than regular TVs. 

Let me give you an example.

See, the TV manufacturing company Philips includes a P5 processor with AI in their Smart TVs. 

And these are responsible for displaying more-realistic images on Philips’ devices. 

To explain further, the P5 processor is responsible for improving the TV screen’s:

  • Color.
  • Motion. 
  • Contrast.
  • Sharpness.
  • Source signal.

On top of that, the AI is responsible for deciding where a clip falls within these categories:

  • Dark.
  • Face.
  • Other.
  • Nature.
  • Movement. 

And once it categorizes an image, it’ll adjust the intensity of the P5 components accordingly. So that the shows and movies on Philips Smart TVs look as realistic as possible. 

See, these complicated programming and mechanisms don’t exist on regular TVs. Mainly because they don’t have AIs in the first place.

However, this isn’t the only reason Smart TVs have better picture quality.

As you know, to watch channels on regular TVs, you’d need to connect input sources like:

  • DVD Player.
  • Cable boxes.
  • HDTV antenna. 

And to plug these devices into your TV, you’d need to use HDMI cables.

That said, if the cable you use is loose or faulty in any manner… 

Your TV display’s picture quality will also suffer.

With that, since Smart TVs don’t need to rely on cables to launch their apps…

Their picture quality is less likely to be negatively affected. 

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#3: Only 1 remote for everything

Back when I was still using a regular TV…

Sometimes preparing to watch my favorite shows was annoying, not comforting.

That’s because I kept forgetting that the TV’s remote is different from the controller of the cable box. So I frequently mistook 1 of them for the other. 

Tell you what, I always had more than 5 remotes near my couch back then.

But really, that was inevitable because each input source had a different controller.

Fortunately, though, that era has long been gone since I now use a Smart TV.

With that, I only need to use 1 remote for everything. Regardless of which app I’m on. 

Moreover, I can also use my Smart TV remote to control other streaming devices I have. 

“That’s possible?”

Yes, it is. 

For example, when I want to use my Amazon Firestick…

I don’t need to use the Fire TV controller to launch its apps. 

That’s because my TV remote is also compatible with this input device. So I just continue using the same controller I always have. 

See, this is only possible thanks to the HDMI-CEC that most modern Smart TVs now have. 

“What’s that?”

Simply speaking…

It’s responsible for letting your TV remote communicate with other devices. 

And if you’re interested in knowing more about HDMI-CEC, watch this video:

Note: The name of this feature varies depending on the Smart TV brand. 

#4: Phone compatibility

Another reason why getting a Smart TV is worth it is its compatibility with smartphones. 

For sure, you also have 1. And most likely, you never go anywhere without it.

That said, you’ll be glad to know that you can also use your phone to… 

Control your Smart TV 

I mentioned earlier that you only need 1 remote for your Smart TV. 

But honestly, you can even stream on your device without its designated controller.

That’s because most Smart TVs now have a dedicated mobile application.

So simply said, you can just use an app on your phone to control your TV.

For example, since I have a Samsung Smart TV…

I can use Samsung’s SmartThings app (iOS or Android) to control my device.

With that, I can simply use my phone to navigate on my TV, which is very convenient. 

Chromecast feature

Some days, I prefer watching Netflix movies on my phone.

But when they get to the climactic scenes, I like watching on the bigger display instead. 

And fortunately, it’s never been easier to transfer media from your phone to the TV.

Because thanks to Google Chromecast

It just takes a few screen taps to transfer a show from your mobile device to the bigger screen. 

Screen Mirroring

If you want to show your phone’s entire display on your Smart TV…

You can just activate your mobile device’s screen mirroring feature. 

This way, you can project not just shows or movies…

But also your phone’s apps or browser to the bigger screen. 

#5: Easy to set up

Setting up a Smart TV is extremely easy.

So you’ll have no problems controlling your Smart TV even if you haven’t had 1 before.

See, when you need to set up a regular TV, here’s what you usually need to do:

  1. Plug your TV into the outlet. 
  2. Find a suitable input source.
  3. Connect the input device to your TV.
  4. Power up your input.
  5. Set your TV to the right input settings. 
  6. Start watching TV. 

However, with Smart TVs, the process becomes much shorter. Because all you need to do is:

  1. Plug your TV into its power source.
  2. Connect it to the Internet.
  3. Start streaming.

For this reason, setting your Smart TV up takes only a couple of minutes. And it isn’t a complicated process at all. 

#6: You save more money

Smart TVs are usually more expensive than regular models.

However, it’s worth noting that in the long run…

You’ll save more money with Smart TVs than their regular counterparts. 


Because Smart TVs already have the services that input devices can offer.

And that being the case, you won’t need to buy a Blu-ray disc or a DVD player to watch new movies.

Now, if you’re thinking…

“How about antenna channels?”

Well, you’ll be glad to know that Smart TVs also let you access local TV networks even without a cable box. And that’s all thanks to the app Youtube TV.

See, for only $65 monthly, this application lets you access more than 85 cable channels.

In fact, unlike a regular cable box…

You can watch on the same Youtube TV account on 3 devices simultaneously. 

For example, if you’re watching ESPN on your Smart TV…

Other people in your household can still enjoy different networks on their phones or PCs.

All that said, if you want to spend less money on streaming devices, you should get a Smart TV. 

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#7: Aesthetically pleasing

Since Smart TVs don’t need bulky input devices around them to function…

For the most part, they’re more visually pleasing than their regular counterparts. 

Not only that, but they’re also thin enough that you can turn them into wall art pieces when they’re not in use.

Let’s talk about Samsung’s Smart TV lineup, The Frame QLED for example.

See, this is how the brand introduces this TV series: 

“TV when it’s on. Art when it’s off.”

That’s because these QLED TVs are designed with customized frames and bezels. So customers can place their own personalities on their devices. 

Moreover, these Smart TVs also have a built-in Art Mode. Which displays various pieces of art when you’re not streaming on your device. 

Now, of course, Samsung isn’t the only company that creates aesthetic Smart TVs. 

Because these brands also emphasize the designs of their devices:

  • LG.
  • Sony.
  • Philips.

So really, you should consider grabbing a Smart TV if you want to improve the aesthetics of a room. Because it can make any boring space look modern and sophisticated. 

#8: Access the web and other apps 

You Should Get A Smart TV To Access The Web And Other Apps

I always struggled reading the recipe list on my phone’s tiny screen while cooking before.

But when I got a Smart TV, it became a much easier task.

That’s because this device also lets you access the browser.

So if you ever want to read any document or even the news on the bigger screen… 

You just need to launch the web on your Smart TV. 

On top of that, you can also download thousands of apps on this device. 

And no, they’re not all just for streaming shows and movies.

As a matter of fact, Smart TVs also have gaming applications.

So you can easily enjoy offline and online games on them while you’re bored.

Moreover, they also have music streaming apps like:

And that means you can also use your TV to enjoy your favorite songs or radio stations for free. 

In addition, it’s also worth noting that…

Smart TVs also have apps dedicated to improving your lifestyle

Helping you work out

Smart TVs have fitness apps like Sworkit

And they can help you stay active with their thousands of workout videos.

That said, you can simply launch apps like these on your Smart TV. Then, follow along with the video on your screen to exercise. 

Now, while most fitness videos you’ll see are for adults…

Bear in mind that there are also applications for kids to exercise with the help of Smart TVs. 

For example, the app Sworkit I mentioned earlier also has Youth Workout. And Animal-Inspired exercises that encourage children aged 4-7 to stay active. 

Checking the weather

The popular AccuWeather app is also available on Smart TVs.

So if you’re someone who likes checking the exact temperature before suiting up…

A Smart TV will make your mornings much more convenient. Because you can quickly see the expected weather for the day on the big screen. 

Controlling your Smart home devices

If you have smart devices like these ones: 

Then you’ll be glad to know that you can control them through your Smart TV.

For example, I can say this verbal command to my device: 

“Alexa, dim the lights.”

And the smart lamp beside my living room will automatically become dimmer.

Moreover, I can also ask:

“Alexa, show me the door footage.”

And I’ll automatically be able to see the live camera feed from my front door’s Ring Doorbell.

So if you also have several smart devices around or are interested in getting some…

You should also add a Smart TV to the mix to make your home more intelligent than it currently is. 

Note: Some models don’t have this feature. So if you’re interested in using it, ensure that the TV you’re buying can control Smart devices. And you can do that by talking to the support team of the TV brand or reading its user manual.  

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#9: A Smart TV still functions as a regular TV

Last but not least…

You should get a Smart TV because you won’t lose out on any features of regular TVs.

See, this device can do everything that its non-smart version can.

To be specific, you can still use your Smart TV to:

  • Play DVD players. 
  • Connect cable boxes.
  • Enjoy other streaming devices. 
  • Project any HDMI input sources. 

So, if you’re planning to get a regular TV, you should just buy a Smart TV instead. Because there’s really nothing to lose. 

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Is a Smart TV worth the extra money?

A Smart TV is worth the extra money. As mentioned throughout this article, this device:

  • Lets you access hundreds of apps.
  • Lets you control other smart devices.
  • Improves the aesthetics of its surroundings.
  • Allow you to stream thousands of movies and shows.
  • Helps you save money from buying several input devices. 

Moreover, it also integrates well with your smartphone. And its high picture quality won’t disappoint you. 

All that said, as a tech expert and as a Smart TV user myself…

I highly recommend spending that extra bucks on getting this device. 

Because trust me, the convenience that a Smart TV brings to you is more valuable than its price.