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9 Easy Steps To Replace Roomba Battery In 3 Minutes (2023)

Roomba Battery Replacement

Roombas are nifty cleaning partners. 

They’re self-efficient.

They can vacuum-clean the house with little to no supervision.

They’re almost perfect.


Did you know that Roombas have a limited battery life?

Continue reading to find out:

  • If you can replace Roomba’s battery.
  • 9 easy steps to replace a Roomba battery.
  • Battery replacement for your iRobot Roomba model.
  • What tools you need to install the replacement battery.
  • And a lot more…

Can I replace my Roombas battery?

You can replace your Roomba’s battery. For that, you’ll need a replacement battery and a few screwdrivers. Also make sure that you’re wearing gloves. That’s to avoid leaving fingerprints inside your Roomba.

Roomba battery replacement: 9 easy steps

#1: Get a replacement battery

Before this, you need to know the model number of your Roomba.

You can check the model number in the manual if it’s still available. 

Now, it’s important to know your model’s exact battery type.

Usually, older Roomba models use NiMH batteries (batteries with a nominal voltage of 1.2 volts per cell). 

Newer models have Lithium-ion batteries (batteries with nominal voltage of 3.7 volts per cell).

“How do I check my Roomba’s model number?”

You can find your model number:

  • Next to the left wheel or in between the wheel’s space.
  • On a white sticker behind the dust bin, along with the serial number.

This replacement battery pack is compatible with Roomba 500, 600, and 700 series.

Once you’ve found the correct model number and bought a replacement battery, you can move ahead to the next step. 

Warning: According to iRobot’s limited warranty coverage, using a third-party part such as batteries can nullify your existing warranty. 

#2: Locate your iRobot’s Roomba battery pack 

Your Roomba’s battery pack is hiding under its panel.

You need to flip your Roomba over to access it.

Then, you have to remove this bottom panel to see the battery pack. 

To remove the bottom panel, you’ll need: 

  • Phillips #1 (standard) screwdriver.
  • Tri-point screwdriver (for older Roomba models).
  • Rubber gloves (Optional – to avoid leaving fingerprint marks inside the machine).

#3: Take out the panel screws

Use your Phillips head #1 screwdriver to perform this task. 

Remove the screws that hold the bottom panel. And make sure to keep these screws aside.

Remember, you need to put them back again later.

Note: Older Roomba series has 4 screws while series 700, 800, and 900 have 2. 

Pre-2010 Roombas models need a screwdriver with a triangle-looking head.

It’s possible to use a Torx 6 screwdriver.

Watch this video of a Roomba 980 getting its battery replaced:

#4: Remove the panel

Once you’ve removed the screws, remove the panel next.

And be careful of side brushes.

Note: You should first remove the side brush of your Roomba 600 series.

Newer Roomba models have an additional protective cover. 

You need to lift and pull this out gently.

An older Roomba’s panel will come straight off.

#5: Take out the old battery

After removing the Roomba’s cover panel, remove the old battery.

Do this by carefully grabbing both top tabs and lifting the battery out. 

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#6: Put in the new battery 

Note that iRobot official batteries require you to place the iRobot logo up.

Like before, hold the opposing top tabs of the replacement battery and insert it. 

For unofficial batteries, it’s better to check with the manufacturer to avoid errors.

All Roomba batteries look alike.

But there are instances when people force the wrong end in. 

Roombas are expensive. Replacement batteries are expensive. 

Therefore, you don’t want to break either of them. 

#7: Put back the bottom cover

“Are we done yet?”

Not quite.

What’s taken apart must be put back. 

You can now put back the bottom cover if you’re sure that the new battery is in place.

Don’t forget the side brushes (if you’ve taken out any).

Double-check that you attached every parts correctly. You don’t want any leftover screws, by the way.

Otherwise, you need to figure out where that screw should go before moving forward.

#8: Charge your Roomba

Charge Your Roomba

Many think it’s okay to use the Roomba directly after replacing the battery.

You can’t do this.

According to iRobot, new batteries should charge for at least 2 hours before use.

The same goes for your replacement battery.

#9: Let your Roomba Work

Congrats! You’ve made it this far.

Now is the time to put your new batteries into action. 

Keep an eye on it to see if everything is working properly. 

If you notice some problems, it may be time to buy a new Roomba or contact customer support. 

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