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8 Steps To Fix “Roomba Error 15” In Seconds (2023 How-To)

Roomba Error 15

Several things can cause “Roomba Error 15” to appear.

But troubleshooting this issue is not rocket science.

I promise you’d just have to press some buttons…

And you’ll be able to use your Roomba vacuum again!

Continue reading to learn:

  • 8 steps to fix “Roomba Error 15” in seconds.
  • How to reboot and factory reset a Roomba device.
  • How reverting the Smart Map resolves “Roomba Error 15.”
  • What causes internal navigation errors in a Roomba vacuum.

Why does my Roomba display error 15?

Your Roomba displays Error 15 due to internal navigation errors. Error 15 happens when a Roomba fails to navigate due to miscommunication with the home base or the iRobot Home app. System glitches, generic bugs, and mapping errors are often the causes of internal navigation errors in a Roomba.

8 steps to fix “Roomba error 15”

#1: Press the “Clean” button once

Does your Roomba display “Error 15. Press CLEAN to restart”?

If it does, then it means that your device is encountering internal errors.

Error 15 happens when your Roomba fails to navigate due to miscommunication with its Home Base or the app.

If you see that error in your device, just follow what it says: Press the “CLEAN” button once.

It’s located at the very center of the Roomba.

And it has a “CLEAN” label on it. So, you shouldn’t have a problem finding it.

Doing this restarts your Roomba system. Which removes any possible system glitches.

After pressing the “CLEAN” button, you should be able to use your Roomba without problems.

Important note: “Error 15” and “Charging Error 15” are completely different errors. This guide only applies to “Error 15.”

“Is Roomba Error 15 a serious problem? Should I be worried about it?”

Error 15 indicates internal navigation errors in your device.

It can happen periodically. But it’s really not a big deal.

Normally, a Roomba device fixes internal errors by itself.

So, if you’ve seen an “Error 15” on your Roomba display after reinserting its battery…

It’s just your Roomba saying, “Hey! There was an internal error. But I already fixed it.”

#2: Force close the iRobot Home app

“I’ve already pressed the ‘CLEAN’ button. But there’s still an ‘Error 15’ on my Roomba display…”

Maybe simply restarting your Roomba device didn’t resolve the internal errors.

If that’s the case, you may try to force close your iRobot Home app.

Your Roomba works by communicating with the iRobot Home app.

So, once the app encounters any problem, Roomba can fail to map your house. Causing your device to display “Error 15.”

So, to resolve it, force close your iRobot Home app.

Note: Force close is different from simply exiting the app.

To force close your iRobot Home app:

  1. Access the apps preview page of your phone.
  2. Swipe left and right to find the iRobot Home app.
  3. Swipe up the iRobot Home app to force close it.

Additional note: Depending on your phone, steps 2 and 3 may require different actions. For example, you may have to swipe the app to the left or right to force close it.

“Why do I have to force close the iRobot Home app?”

Force closing the app helps refresh its system.

Doing this removes temporary memory data (RAM) and app caches. 

Which may be slowing down your app. And affecting the communication between your Roomba and the iRobot Home app.

In other words, force closing the app allows your Roomba to reconnect properly with it.

If it doesn’t resolve anything, proceed to step #3.

#3: Reboot your Roomba 

Reboot Roomba

Don’t lose your hope yet!

In some instances, pressing the “CLEAN” button doesn’t work.

But you still have another option. And that is to reboot your Roomba device.

“What makes rebooting different?”

Restarting is simply activating your Roomba device. While rebooting is refreshing its system. 

Doing this removes system glitches and generic bugs. Which can hinder communication between devices.

And no, rebooting doesn’t delete data.

Reminder: Depending on the Roomba series you have, rebooting it follows specific instructions. So, make sure to place close attention to the instructions below.

For 700, 800, and 900 series

Press and hold the “CLEAN” button for 10 seconds.

Once released, you should hear a reboot tone. This tone indicates a successful process.

For s and i series

Press and hold the “CLEAN” button for 20 seconds.

Once released, its light ring should swirl clockwise in white. When it shuts off, it means that the reboot process is complete.

You may have to wait 1.5 minutes for your Roomba to turn on.

Note:  In the s series, the light ring is around the bin lid.

For e, 500, 600, and WiFi-enabled 800 series

Press and hold the “HOME” and “SPOT CLEAN” buttons for 10 seconds.

Once released, you should hear a reboot tone. This tone indicates a successful process.

Note: This instruction applies to both regular and WiFi-enabled Roomba 600 series.

After this, place your Roomba to its Home Base or its previous location to continue its cleaning mode.

Does your Roomba still display “Error 15”? Then, proceed to step #4.

#4: Revert your “Smart Map” to a previous version

If you’re still here, your Roomba device must have much more complicated internal errors.

Don’t worry! There’s something you can still do.

If Error 15 remains, try reverting your Smart Map.

The latest version in your iRobot Home Map may have run into some errors. 

When that happens, your Roomba will not work no matter how many reboots you perform.

So, instead, try to revert your Smart Map to its previous version.

That way, your Roomba can perform cleaning mode without issues.

“What’s the benefit of doing this?”

Your device can work more seamlessly when you revert your Roomba Smart Map to a previous version.

That’s because your Roomba is already familiar with the previous map. So, it’s easier for your device to navigate with it.

Plus, if you’ve been using this many times before, it’s less likely for it to have errors.

Important note: This instruction only applies to Roomba devices with “Smart Maps.”

To revert the Roomba Smart Map to its previous version:

  1. Launch the iRobot Home app.
  2. Go to “History.”
  3. View the “Clean Maps” reports.
  4. Select preferred previous map.
  5. Click the overflow menu in the top-right corner.
  6. Then, select “Update Smart Maps.”

After this, the “Error 15” should disappear from your Roomba display.

Still doesn’t work? Proceed to step #5.

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#5: Delete your existing maps

“I’ve tried a lot of troubleshooting steps already. But the Roomba Error 15 still remains…”

If that’s the case, then there must be some errors with your maps.

The best thing you can do is to remap your home.

But before you can do that, you have to delete all your existing maps first.

To delete existing Roomba maps:

  1. Launch the iRobot Home app.
  2. Go to your maps.
  3. Select a map.
  4. Tap the three-horizontal-dots icon.
  5. Then, click “Delete map.”

Continue this process until all your maps have been deleted.

Tip: You may delete all the maps at once by factory resetting your Roomba. But take note that it deletes other important data as well.

“That’s a lot of work. Why do I have to delete my maps?”

Deleting your maps doesn’t only allow you to remap your house.

But it also removes potential glitches and bugs. Which may be causing errors in your existing maps.

Doing this also frees up your device’s memory storage by removing unnecessary data. Allowing your Roomba to perform better.

After this, you should remap your whole house. Proceed to step #6 for the instructions.

#6: Remap your whole house

After deleting your maps, you have to remap your whole house.

Doing this allows your Roomba to recognize and understand the layout of your home again.

Here’s how to remap your Roomba:

  1. Place your Roomba to its Home Base or a specific room.
  2. Press the “CLEAN” button once.
  3. Allow the Roomba to navigate the room.
  4. Once done, rename your new map.

Continue doing the same process until your whole house has been covered.

Note: Step #4 only applies to Roomba models with “Smart Maps.”

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Watch this video to know how to remap your Roomba using the iRobot Home app:

For smooth and remapping, make sure that the room is free from obstructions.

Before you start, do the following:

  • Leave the doors open.
  • Wipe off water or any spilled liquids. 
  • Remove any object lying on the floors.
  • Lean light chairs and tables to the wall.
  • Remove patterned and dark-colored carpets.
  • Close the door if you want to confine the Roomba.
  • Pick up wires or place them in a wire organizer box.

Make sure to do these to prevent errors on your new maps. And further, avoid your Roomba from encountering “Error 15” in the future.

If doing this doesn’t resolve “Error 15,” proceed to step #7.

#7: Factory reset your Roomba 

“This is driving me insane! Everything doesn’t work!”

I know it can be frustrating…

But, breathe in and relax for a moment.

There’s one more thing you can do if your Roomba still displays “Error 15.”

And that is to factory reset your Roomba device.

Warning: Factory reset deletes all data. Including pairing of your Roomba to other devices or programs. So, only do this as your last resort.

Different Roomba models follow different factory resetting processes.

So, make sure to follow a process that applies to your Roomba model.

There are two ways you can factory reset a Roomba. Either through the iRobot Home app or the Roomba device itself.

Here’s how to factory reset a Roomba through the app:

  1. Launch the iRobot Home app.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Then, select “Remove/Factory Reset (robot name).”

This process is highly recommended. Since the process is simple, you’ll be less likely to make mistakes.

Note: Doing this also removes your Roomba device from the iRobot Home app.

A few reminders when factory resetting a Roomba through the iRobot Home app:

  • Ensure that your Roomba vacuum has a charge.
  • Ensure that your Roomba vacuum is powered on.
  • Avoid closing the app while the factory reset process is ongoing.
  • Ensure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.

To factory reset a Roomba using its buttons, follow the following instructions:

For s and i series

Press and hold the “HOME,” “SPOT CLEAN,” and “CLEAN” buttons.

Continue holding until the light ring swirls in white.

For j series

First, remove the dust bin.

Press and hold the “CLEAN” button for 7 seconds. Or until you hear a tone.

Then, click the “CLEAN” button again to confirm the action.

For e series

Press and hold the “HOME,” “SPOT CLEAN,” and “CLEAN” buttons for 20 seconds.

Then, release.

For 900 series

Press and hold the “DOCK,” “SPOT CLEAN,” and “CLEAN” buttons.

Continue holding until all LED lights illuminate.

For WiFi-enabled 600 and 800 series

Press and hold the “DOCK,” “SPOT CLEAN,” and “CLEAN” buttons.

Continue holding until you hear a beep.

Reminder: After factory resetting, you have to connect your Roomba to the iRobot Home app. You’ll also have to remap your whole house again for it to work.

#8: Contact iRobot custom care

Have you already tried all the troubleshooting steps above?

But the Roomba Error 15 still remains?

Then, your next option is to contact iRobot custom care.

They’ll provide other troubleshooting tips that may help resolve the problem.

When calling iRobot custom care, make sure to prepare the following:

  • Roomba’s serial number.
  • Charged Roomba device.

“Can’t I just ask for a replacement?”

If your Roomba device is under warranty, you can request a replacement.

But make sure to review the warranty’s terms and conditions. And see if you didn’t violate any.

Also, iRobot only accepts warranty claims on devices purchased from its authorized retailers.

When claiming a warranty, make sure to prepare the following:

  • Roomba device.
  • Receipt or invoice.

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