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5 Steps To Fix Roomba Charging Error 5 In Seconds (2023)

Roomba Charging Error 5

Having issues with Roomba charging error 5 code?

Don’t worry. 

Many Roomba owners go through the same rough patch. 

And all of them ask the same thing…

“How do I fix Roomba charging error 5?”

Continue reading to find out:

  • 5 easy steps to fix Roomba’s charging error 5.
  • How to know if your Roomba’s battery is faulty.
  • Why your Roomba keeps saying “charging error 5”.
  • And a lot more…

Why does my Roomba keep saying charging error 5?

Your Roomba keeps saying charging error 5 because the battery’s docks or terminals are full of carbon or dust accumulation. It can also happen if you’re using a faulty charging cable or your Roomba’s battery needs a replacement. 

Roomba charging error 5: 5 easy steps to fix it

#1: Clean the battery dock and terminal 

This is usually the top reason why your Roomba encounters charging error 5.

Gunk and dirt pile up on your Roomba’s charging points every day.

Charging points are small metal strips that enable your Roomba to charge. 

If these points are too dirty, electricity won’t flow well.

That’s why you should maintain and clean your Roomba daily. 

“What happens if I don’t?”

It goes to say that issues like this and more will only keep coming. 

Anyway, cleaning the contacts on the battery, as well as the dock terminals, is easy. And it only takes minutes to do. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Take out the screws on the bottom section of the Roomba.
  2. Remove the bottom cover.
  3. Examine if the cables and terminals broke or have damage.
  4. Double-check if the yellow battery tag is removed correctly (for new battery). 
  5. Use a magic eraser to wipe the dock connectors and battery terminals.
  6. After, put back the battery with the iRobot logo facing upwards.
  7. Put back the bottom cover, and secure the screws.
  8. Clean the Roomba’s charging point as well.
  9. Check to see if the Roomba charging error 5 is solved.

Note: If you don’t have a magic eraser available, use household cleaning solutions such as rubbing alcohol. Put this on a soft cloth and use it for wiping battery docks. 

Check out this video to properly clean your Roomba’s charging contacts:

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#2: Replace charging cables

“I’ve cleaned my Roomba, but the error is the same! I’m getting frustrated.”

Relax. Before you throw away your cleaning buddy, think of this:

Like any other smart device, a Roomba needs a proper working charger. 

If the cable that connects to the Home Base is faulty, your Roomba won’t charge.

And it doesn’t matter if you use the charging cable directly to the vacuum either. 

It still won’t work. 

So, why not try and replace the Roomba’s charging power cord?

#3: Reboot your Roomba 

Of course, the classic reboot solution deserves a spot on this list. 

Most electronics only require a reboot after crashing.

And you can try this to deal with your Roomba’s charging error 5. 

It’s one of the most straightforward solutions.

Most devices typically work again after rebooting.

This is also the solution if your Roomba has a software malfunction.

Note: After reboot, your Roomba needs to charge directly from the charging cord for 16 hours.

“Alright. How can I do it?”

It’s simple. Here’s how:

For Roombas with the CLEAN button:

Roomba Clean Button
  1. Press and hold the “CLEAN” button for 20 seconds.
  2. Release the button.
  3. Wait for the white light ring to swirl clockwise.
  4. The reset is complete after the ring light turns off. 

For Roomba I and J series:

  1. Press and hold the “CLEAN” button for 20 seconds (I series robots). 
  2. Hold and press the “CLEAN” button for 10 seconds (J series robots).
  3. Wait for the white light ring to swirl clockwise.
  4. Finally, wait for your Roomba to turn back on.

Note: It may take a minute or so for your Roomba to turn on. 

For Roomba 600 series:

  1. Remove the robot’s bin.
  2. Look for a green dot underneath.
  3. After which, remove the battery of your Roomba. Refer to this complete guide
  4. Removing the battery will reboot your robot. 

Note: Leave out the battery for at least 30 seconds to reboot successfully.

For other Roomba models, click here to check iRobot’s thorough rebooting guide. 

#4: Replace your battery

There are tell-tale signs that your battery needs replacement. 

Some of which are:

  • Your Roomba is old.
  • The battery doesn’t hold a charge.
  • Its power indicator light doesn’t work.
  • Lower performance despite cleaning the bot.
  • Your Roomba’s battery has a shorter run time.
  • Resetting doesn’t improve Roomba’s performance.

If you notice any of these, it’s high time to replace the battery. 

A depleted battery also causes charging error 5 on your Roomba. 

Luckily, iRobot manufactures battery replacements that are available nowadays.

Note: Don’t forget to remove the yellow tag from the replacement Roomba battery.

This tag will interfere with the Roomba’s functions. And cause charging error 5. 

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#5: Hard Reset your Roomba

“I give up! Nothing works!”

Wait! There’s one more you can try.

A hard reset is your last resort if none of the following solutions work. 

Warning: A hard reset is non-reversible. It will restore your Roomba to factory settings. 

This action completely wipes out your Roomba’s memory, settings, and preferences.

The good thing is you can always restart your Roomba’s learning process after performing a hard reset. 

It’s almost like buying a new Roomba. 

Are you sold? 


To factory reset your Roomba 600, 800, 900 series, E-series, and I and S Series:

  1. Open the iRobot Home App.
  2. Your smartphone device and Roomba should connect to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Look for Settings in the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose factory reset. 
  5. After your Roomba restarts, the reset is complete.