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Roomba Clean Button Not Working: 6 Causes & Fixes (2023)

Roomba Clean Button Not Working

“I was trying to press the “CLEAN” button to activate my Roomba. But it doesn’t work…”

Many things can cause it to happen.

But worry not! 

Because once you’ve learned what causes it to not work…

You’d be able to fix the problem in seconds!

Continue reading to discover:

  • Whether you can clean a Roomba button.
  • How to reboot and factory reset a Roomba.
  • 6 causes of Roomba “CLEAN” button not working.
  • 6 ways to easily fix a faulty Roomba “CLEAN” button.
  • And so much more…

Why doesn’t the clean button work on my Roomba?

The “CLEAN” button on your Roomba doesn’t work because it has software bugs and a defective battery. Which affects the connectivity of the Roomba. It’ll also not work if the button and charging contacts are dirty or worn out. Like so, hardware issues, specifically in the PCB, can cause it to happen.

Roomba clean button not working: 6 causes & fixes

#1: Software bugs

If the “CLEAN” button on your Roomba doesn’t work, perhaps your device is infected with software bugs.

Software bugs are errors, faults, or mistakes that develop during coding. Or when the developers update the device’s software.

These bugs can cause your Roomba to malfunction. It can make your vacuum not respond or take any commands.

“Okay, but how do I remove these software bugs on my Roomba?”

Software bugs can be removed by updating the device’s software.

Normally, a Roomba device updates itself automatically. But it sometimes fails to do so due to some other errors.

How to fix it

If your Roomba fails to update itself, you may try to force update it.

Well, you can’t really command it to update. But you can make your Roomba “at rest” for it to receive a software update notification.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Dock your Roomba to its Home Base.
  2. Then, leave it as it is for at least 24 hours.

Before doing this, make sure that your device receives a stable WiFi connection.

If this doesn’t work, try rebooting or factory resetting your Roomba. 

Doing this also helps eliminate software bugs and system glitches.

Warning: Factory reset delete data stored in your Roomba. This includes cleaning schedules, maps, and other custom settings. So, make sure to do this only as a last resort.

You can factory reset your Roomba in two ways. Either by using the iRobot Home app or through the device’s buttons.

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#2: Drained battery

Drained Battery

Sometimes, a super low or drained battery causes the “CLEAN” button to not work.

Your Roomba needs electrical power to work. 

So, when its battery gets drained, your Roomba as a whole can stop working and responding.

“But I always make sure to dock my Roomba on its Home Base!”

Check whether the charging contacts of your Roomba and the Home Base are clean.

If not, then that’s what causes the problem.

Dirty charging contacts can prevent your Roomba from charging. Leaving your vacuum with no electrical charge. Even after docking for several hours.

How to fix it

The first thing you have to do is clean your devices’ charging contacts.

There are 4 charging contacts that you should clean:

  • 2 underneath the Roomba device.
  • 2 at the docking platform of the Home Base.

Charging contacts are sensitive. 

So, make sure to clean them using only a microfiber cloth or melamine foam. This way, you can avoid scratching the contacts. 

After this, power-charge your Roomba vacuum.

You can do this by just leaving your Roomba on its Home Base for at least 24 hours. 

Tip:  Did the charging contacts on the Home Base get damaged? Charge your Roomba directly to the power outlet using the power cord of the Home Base.

#3: Defective battery

“I’ve already charged my Roomba. But the “CLEAN” button still doesn’t work.”

If that’s the case, then maybe your Roomba battery is defective.

If you’ve been using your Roomba for more than a year now, it’s normal for its battery to get defective over time.

This is especially true if you’ve been using your Roomba several times a week.

If your Roomba is just a few months old…

Then, maybe it got faulty for other reasons like:

  • Over usage.
  • Power surges.
  • Electrical circuits.
  • Battery corrosion.

Most of these causes are out of the users’ control. So, preventing it isn’t all that easy.

How to fix it

If your Roomba battery is faulty, replace it immediately.

There’s no trick in troubleshooting a defective battery. But replacing it with a new one.

When buying one, make sure to get an iRobot-certified battery replacement. As you can ensure product quality and safety on such products.

Reminder: Make sure to get one that applies to your Roomba model as well.

To help you out, here’s how to replace a Roomba battery:

  1. Flip your Roomba upside down.
  2. Remove the side brush.
  3. Loosen the screws of the bottom cover.
  4. Unclip the original battery.
  5. Place the replacement battery.
  6. Then, return the bottom cover and side brush.

Warning: The vacuum will turn off 15 minutes after the battery has been removed. So, make sure to have your replacement ready when doing this.

Need visual instruction on how to replace the Roomba i and e series battery? 

Then watch this short video:

#4: Hardware issues

If the battery isn’t the problem, hardware issues must be the cause.

Your Roomba roams over your entire house. It gets in contact with various dirt, and sometimes liquid too.

A Roomba vacuum is not designed to get in contact with any liquid. As it may damage the hardware of the Roomba, specifically its printed circuit board.

A printed circuit board ensures that electricity flows throughout the Roomba’s whole system.

So, once it gets damaged, your Roomba may malfunction. It may fail to receive or store electrical charges.

Without electric charge, the “CLEAN” button on your vacuum won’t work.

How to fix it

Fixing damaged PCB is hard. It requires technical knowledge about electricity and PCBs.

So, if you’re not an expert on it, it would be best to bring your device to a service center.

Allow an electronics technician to diagnose your device and fix it.

Warning: Opening the hardware of the Roomba automatically voids its warranty. So, only do this if your device’s warranty is already expired.

If your Roomba is still under warranty, contact iRobot customer care.

Tell them the condition of your Roomba. And ask them whether you’re eligible to get a Roomba replacement.

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#5: Dirty button contact

The “CLEAN” button on your Roomba may also not work once its contact gets dirty.

Important note: This particular section is only applicable to Roombas with mechanical buttons.

Sometimes, dirt and dust can get underneath the button. 

It doesn’t sound like an issue, isn’t it?

But such dirt and dust can get stuck between the button and button contacts.

The “CLEAN” button communicates with its motherboard by “touching” the button contacts. And when there’s dirt on it, it can fail to communicate.

As a result, the “CLEAN” button will not work.

How to fix it

To resolve this problem, you have to clean the “CLEAN” button.

If your device is still under warranty, never disassemble it.

Instead, use an air duster to blow off dirt and dust stuck underneath the “CLEAN” button.

Just point it on the sides of the mechanical button. You can also use a flashlight to see whether there’s still some dirt stuck on it.

Here’s another way you can do it:

  1. Flip the Roomba upside down.
  2. Use one hand to hold it.
  3. Position the other hand on top of the vacuum.
  4. Then, briskly tap the Roomba to remove stuck dirt.

Tip: To prevent this from happening, make sure to clean the button regularly as well. Once a month should suffice.

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#6: Worn out button

Still doesn’t work?

Worn out button is the last possible reason why it doesn’t work.

Over time, the button can also become worn out, whether mechanical or automatic. 

“But how does it become worn out?”

Several things can cause the “CLEAN” button to easily wear out, including:

  • Over usage.
  • Pressing too hard.
  • Pressing on the edges.

These causes can be controlled. But I’m not saying it’s easy. As these can be easily overlooked as well.

The best thing you can do is avoid doing such actions with your new Roomba vacuum.

How to fix it

iRobot doesn’t sell button replacement. So, even if you know how to replace it, you really can’t do it.

There’s really no other option left but to get a Roomba replacement.

“Can I ask iRobot to replace my vacuum?”

Unfortunately, worn-out buttons aren’t an eligible issue to qualify for a replacement.

Meaning, you have to buy a brand new Roomba. 

For maximum efficiency, consider buying iRobot Roomba j7+! This has the latest Roomba technologies and features.

So, you can expect great performance and cool features with it.