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5 Reasons Roombas Are So Damn Expensive (Updated 2023)

Why Aer Roombas So Expensive

You’re thinking about investing in a robot vacuum.

So you look around. Read reviews. Check the prices.

And you see that Roomba’s high-end robot vacuum charges…

Around $1000 each. Approximately. 

“That much for a vacuum cleaner? Are you serious?”

Well, what if we tell you… It’s actually worth it. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • The most affordable Roomba that you can buy.
  • Impressive Roomba features that make it worth the price. 
  • Why Roombas are a great investment even with their cost. 
  • 3 things to know to extend Roomba’s lifespan to get the most of your money.
  • And much much more…

Why are Roombas so expensive?

Roombas are so expensive because they’re the most technologically-advanced robot vacuums. High-end Roombas can even rival traditional upright vacuums. Both in terms of power and cleaning capability. Roomba also offers excellent support. Plus, you can easily fix or replace Roomba’s various parts.

5 reasons why Roombas are so expensive

#1: Roomba is an industry leader

iRobot, Roomba’s parent company, was founded in 1990. 

Its founders were members of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab. And MIT is among the finest science and engineering schools on the planet.

The company has since built several robots for military defense. 

But it was the release of Roomba in 2002 that really put iRobot on the map. 

The original Roomba was the first robot vacuum to gain success commercially. 

And those early-generation Roombas were a game-changer in how we clean our homes. 

iRobot pretty much created the robot vacuum niche. And soon enough, knockoff products would come out on the market. 

But nothing can quite compare to the original. 

The fact is, the name Roomba has come to mean robot vacuums. 

Just like how Xerox is to photocopy. Band-Aid is to adhesive bandages. Q-Tips is to cotton swabs. And of course, Google is to search engine.  

Roomba is a leader and a pioneer in the robot vacuum industry. And their innovation over the years hasn’t slowed down one bit. 

So when you’re the first of your kind…

And you can still produce the best-quality products…

You have every right to command a premium price.  

#2: Roomba robot vacuums are the most technologically-advanced 

Roomba Robot Vacuums Are The Most Technologically Advanced

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. 

And when you pay a premium price for a Roomba?

What you get is the most advanced robot vacuum on the market. 

Power and cleaning accuracy

Take the Roomba s9+, for instance. 

For a long time, 2 of the most common complaints about robot vacuums are:

  • Poor performance on carpets.
  • Their inability to clean corners.

The Roomba s9+, released in May 2019, solved both of those issues at once.  

It came with a powerful suction that adjusts depending on surfaces. If the s9+ detects carpets, it turns up its suction power. And does the opposite for hard floors

Various reviews even confirm that the s9+ cleans about as well as traditional vacuums. 

And its D-shape design allows it to accurately clean corners. Something that round-shaped robot vacuums typically fail to do. 

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Pet waste and wire avoidance

Another common robot vacuum problem that Roomba has solved…

Avoiding pet waste and wires. 

You’ve probably seen one of those viral videos. A robot vacuum spreading dog poop all over the floor

Nasty. And a nightmare scenario for robot vacuum owners.  

The Roomba J series solves this issue. 

The j7 and j7+ both come with PrecisionVision. 

PrecisionVision is a highly-sophisticated navigation system. Able to recognize obstacles like pet poop and wire. Thus allowing your Roomba to smartly avoid them. 

iRobot is so confident with this feature. That they offer what they call the P.O.O.P. guarantee

It stands for Pet Owner Official Promise. 

Basically if your J series Roomba isn’t able to avoid pet poop…

You get a replacement for free. 

Note: The P.O.O.P. guarantee is good for 1 year from the time of purchase. It’s also only valid for dog and cat waste. 

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Other impressive Roomba features

High-end Roombas also come with other amazing features. 

These include:

  • Self-charging.
  • Auto-emptying dustbins.
  • Accurate mapping capability.
  • Smartphone and apps integration.
  • Collaborative operation with other iRobot products.

In short, Roomba has everything you’ll ever need from a robot vacuum. More than enough reason to justify its expensive price. 

#3: Roomba products are made of high-quality materials

Recently, an engineering company tried to disassemble 2 robot vacuums…

The Roomba 675 and a Pure Clean robot vacuum. 

They did this to try to figure out why Roombas are so expensive. Pure Clean was chosen for the test because they offer some of the cheapest robot vacuums. At less than $100 per unit. 

And immediately, it became obvious. 

The Roomba 675 has around twice as many parts as Pure Clean. And the materials used in Roomba are far superior. 

Proof that iRobot never skimps on Roomba parts. 

From sophisticated 3D optical sensors. To advanced machine-learning software. And sturdy materials for exteriors. 

iRobot really goes all out with the design and engineering of their Roombas. 

You can confidently buy their products. Knowing that you’ll never be shortchanged. 

Check out this video from iRobot’s Youtube channel. Here they disassemble an i7 model:

#4: Replacement Parts for Roomba robot vacuums are easy to find

Another awesome thing about Roomba?

You won’t have a problem looking for replacement parts

Roomba’s parts are readily available for purchase online. Which should help you maintain and even prolong the lifespan of your Roomba. 

Here’s a fun fact:

Did you know that you can still buy replacement parts for first-generation Roomba?

Yes, 20 years after their release. 

Amazing, right? 

Most tech companies will simply leave old products to fade into obscurity. 

With Roomba, even your old model can still be easily repaired. And it’s all because of their parts’ continued availability. 

On the other hand, when you buy a knockoff robot vacuum. One from an obscure brand. 

There’s a good chance that when it breaks down…

You’re going to struggle to find the right replacement parts. 

It’s yet another reason why it’s wise to buy from iRobot. The biggest name in the robot vacuum industry. Even with their relatively expensive price. 

#5: Market dominance allows Roomba to command a premium price

It’s Economics 101. User demand is essentially what dictates the price of any commodity. 

When it comes to Roomba vacuum cleaners…

The demands are still overwhelming. Two decades after the release of their first model. 

Statista, a leading market and consumer data specialist, confirms this. 

According to their early 2022 report, Roomba has an astounding 75% revenue share. This is in North America’s robot vacuum market.

And worldwide, Roomba owns 46% of the market share. This means that about one in every two robot vacuums sold anywhere on the planet is a Roomba. 

Now that’s incredible market dominance.

It just means that people are willing to pay a high price for Roomba robot vacuums. 

And why not?

You know you’re only getting the finest quality with Roomba. You won’t have to worry about your robot vacuum breaking down in a couple of months. 

And as long as that’s the case. As long as Roomba is producing excellent products. And the demand is there. Then, iRobot has no reason to pull its products’ prices down. 

People also ask:

Is a Roomba worth the investment?

Roomba is worth the investment because of the many advanced features you’ll get. Roombas have a powerful vacuum for deep cleaning. They also have a smart sensor to avoid animal waste, and accurate home mapping that’s as good as any brand.   

Perhaps the biggest reason people think twice about Roomba is the price.

After all, it’s easy to find cheaper knockoffs on the market. 

But long-term, though, you might still end up saving more with Roomba. 

“How so?”

For one, knockoffs are not as durable. 

Say you bought the cheapest robot vacuum. At around $100. 

There’s a good chance that within a year or two, it starts breaking down. 

If you try to look for replacement parts, you may struggle. Because they may not be readily available. 

So what do you do?

You end up buying another robot vacuum. Until the expenses eventually add up. 

Roomba offers durability and easy repairability. 

And with proper case. In the long run, you’ll be able to get your money’s worth. Plus, to save yourself time and frustration.

What is the lifespan of a Roomba?

The lifespan of a Roomba is around 4 to 6 years on average. The great thing about Roombas, though, is the ease with which you can replace their parts. Proper care and maintenance should help you prolong your Roomba’s lifespan. 

While the average is 4 to 6 years, your Roomba can definitely go longer than that. 

There are 3 things you should know to keep your Roomba in tip-top shape:

  • How often to clean each part.
  • How often to replace the parts.
  • The proper procedure to clean and replace.

iRobot provides detailed instructions on these. Make sure to read them in your user’s manual.

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How much should I pay for a Roomba?

How much you should pay for a Roomba will largely depend on 2 factors. First, what specs you’d consider as important since Roomba has a wide range of models. Second, your budget and how much money you’re willing to spend on a robot vacuum. 

Some people consider Roomba’s advanced features to be unnecessary. Features like self-charging and self-emptying dustbins. 

If you’re one of them, you may opt for the Roomba 600 series. The Roomba 694 is the most affordable, at around $180. Still an excellent product to automate your vacuum cleaning. 

But if you want even better automation. More powerful suction. And a more efficient cleaning process. Then go for the s, i, and j series. Price ranges from about $250 up to $1000. 

But regardless, you can buy with confidence. Knowing that Roomba is the market leader. 

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