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(5 Fixes) Onn Wireless Earbuds Not Charging [2023]

Onn Wireless Earbuds Not Charging

Onn wireless earbuds don’t have excellent battery life.

Each earpiece only plays for 3 hours straight. 

So, you need to constantly recharge this audio device. 

Unfortunately, your Onn earbuds won’t even store power now. 

But don’t panic. I got the fastest solutions. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • 5 simple fixes for your Onn wireless earbuds that aren’t charging.
  • 3 easy solutions to make your Onn charging case store power again. 
  • The most common reasons your Onn wireless earbuds won’t charge.
  • How putting tissue paper inside your audio device’s case fixes this problem. 
  • And this is just the beginning… 

Why are my Onn Wireless Earbuds not charging?

Your Onn wireless earbuds aren’t charging because their case may not have enough power. This issue also happens if the earpieces aren’t properly sitting on their charging slots. Dirt and debris on your audio device may also prevent it from charging. 

Onn Wireless Earbuds not charging: 5 fixes

#1: Charge the case 

Let’s start with the easiest possible solution for this charging problem.

And that’s to charge your earbuds’ case. 

Because not gonna lie… 

I, myself, am guilty of always forgetting to recharge this component. 

It’s not really surprising, though. 

After all, the case stores 9 hours of additional playtime for your earbuds. 

And if you’re a casual music listener like me… 

That means you only need to recharge the case twice a week or so. 

On that note, follow these steps to…

Charge your audio device’s case: 

Step 1: Prepare the charging cable 

It’s best to stick to your earbuds’ official cord.

Because sometimes, audio devices won’t charge with nongenuine cables. 

Step 2: Connect the smaller connector to your Onn case 

Make sure to firmly insert the cable into the port. 

Step 3: Plug the other connector into a power source

Here are your choices:

  • Power bank.
  • Computer ports.
  • Charging adapter. 

Which 1 do you recommend?”

I always opt for a charging adapter plugged into an outlet.

This is the most reliable power source for your Onn earbuds case. 

After all, audio devices may refuse to charge using power banks and PC ports.

Step 4: Observe if the case charges 

Are the light indicators on your case ON?

If so, your device is charging.

So, keep it connected to power for about 1 hour. Before you check if your earbuds are charging again. 

“I don’t see any light on my Onn case.”

That means it’s not charging. 

And this is most likely the reason why your earbuds won’t charge either. 

So, follow these…

3 fixes for your Onn case that won’t charge: 

Fix 1: Reconnect the cable 

Your charging cable may be too loose.

Hence, the power can’t successfully travel from the power source to the case. 

So, for this fix… 

Reconnect both connectors to their ports.

And ensure you’re plugging them with a little more force this time. 

If this solution doesn’t work…

Fix 2: Use a different charging cable 

The one you’re using may be damaged or faulty.

So, try charging your case with a different USB-C cable. 

For best results, purchase one made by Onn from Walmart’s online or local stores. 

Fix 3: Clean the case’s charging port 
  1. Purchase a compressed air duster.
  2. Position its nozzle 1 inch away from the case’s port.
  3. Spray 2-3x, changing the tip’s angle each time. 

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#2: Place both earpieces properly 

For your earbuds to charge, your device must meet the following conditions:

  • Case’s lid is completely closed. 
  • Earpieces are in their proper slots. 
  • Charging points on the earbuds and case touch directly.

If your devices can’t follow any of them…

Your earbuds won’t charge at all.

So, for this solution…

Make sure that your earpieces are sitting properly in their designated charging slots. 

Note: Place the earpiece with the “R” on the right side of the case. And vice versa. 

Before moving to the next solution…

You should also double-check that the case’s lid is properly closed. 

#3: Clean your audio device

If your earbuds or their case are too dirty… 

Their charging points won’t meet.

And as mentioned earlier, this situation prevents your earbuds from charging. 

Hence, it’s time to…

Clean your Onn audio device:

Step 1: Prepare your materials 

Warning: For this process, you must be super careful about the cleaning solution you use. After all, your earbuds’ charging points are very sensitive to water. Which is what composes most cleaning agents. 

I highly recommend sticking to isopropyl alcohol with a 90% concentration.

This solution is safe for electronic use. As it evaporates before it can cause any harm to your tech’s charging points. 

Once you have your cleaning solution ready… 

Prepare a microfiber cloth and some cotton swabs as well. 

You’ll use these for wiping your audio device later. 

Step 2: Clean your earbuds 
  1. Remove both earpieces from the case.
  2. Place them on a clean surface. 
  3. Dip a new cotton swab into the isopropyl alcohol. 
  4. Grab 1 of the earbuds. 
  5. Wipe the earpiece using the wet cotton swab. 
  6. Place the earbud you just cleaned on top of the microfiber cloth. 
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 on the other earpiece. 

And while your earbuds are naturally air drying… 

Step 3: Remove dirt from the Onn case 

Dip another Q-tip into the 90% alcohol you prepared earlier.

Then, after opening the lid… 

Use the cotton swab to gently scrub the inside part of the charging case. 

Note: Make sure to clean every part. Pay extra attention to the charging pins. Then, the area where your case’s lid sits when it’s closed. Because if this section is dirty, your case might refuse to shut. 

After doing this step… 

Leave your case’s lid open for about 3 minutes. So your audio device can fully dry.

Then, try charging your earbuds again. 

#4: Insert tissue paper inside the case

After 6 months of using these earbuds… 

I’ve found 1 noticeable fault in their design. 

And that’s the fact that after a while…

The earpieces will fail to touch the connectors on their case. 

Of course, I wasn’t really surprised when I found out about this flaw. 

After all, these Onn earbuds only cost less than $30. 

Which is about a quarter of most high-quality audio devices on the market. 

However, when this design flaw happens…

Your Onn earbuds won’t charge.

So, you need to address this issue ASAP. 

Luckily, I have an easy trick to work around this problem.

And all you need to prepare is tissue paper.

I know it sounds odd, but trust me. 

This process may just be the golden key to fixing your audio device’s charging problem.

So, follow these steps to…

Do the tissue paper trick: 

Step 1: Grab a tissue paper

Only 1 sheet will do. 

Step 2: Fold the tissue into a rectangle 

Aim to make a 0.5 x 1 inch (1.3x.2.5 cm) one. 

But don’t worry if the dimensions aren’t that accurate. You can always adjust the size later. 

Step 3: Place the tissue inside the case

Specifically, under the inner part of the lid. 

Note: The tissue needs to cover the head of both earbuds. So, adjust the size of the rectangle if necessary. 

Step 4: Close the case’s lid

Note: If it doesn’t close, adjust the thickness or length of your tissue. 

Once the case’s lid closes… 

Wait for 3 minutes and observe if your audio device’s charging indicator lights turn ON. 

You may watch this video as a guide for this process:

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#5: Drain your earbuds’ battery

Still can’t charge your earbuds?

It’s time to power cycle your audio device.

In other words, drain your earbuds’ battery before charging them again.

Despite the simplicity of this process…

It’s a very efficient solution for all kinds of gadgets. 

After all, a power cycle deletes the glitches and bugs on your earbuds. 

Which often causes technical issues like the charging problem you have. 

To make this fix very easy for you, follow these steps to… 

Power cycle your Onn wireless earbuds: 

  1. Take both earpieces out.
  2. Pair them with any device.
  3. Play music using your Onn earbuds. 
  4. Let your audio device play until it drains all of its battery. 

Note: How long this process takes depends on your earbuds’ current battery level. If they’re fully charged, it’ll take 3 hours.

After draining your audio device’s battery… 

Place both earpieces back in their case again.

And if they still won’t charge… 

Bonus: Replace your earbuds 

Most of the time… 

I recommend contacting your device’s company if you can’t fix its charging problems.

However, in this instance, I won’t.

Because Onn doesn’t provide technical support for its $30 wireless earbuds.

Only more expensive appliances from the brand, like Onn TVs, have it. 

That said, if your earbuds still won’t charge after following the fixes above… 

I highly recommend just buying a replacement from Walmart.