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Beats Solo 3 Won’t Turn Off: 7 Easy Fixes (2023)

Beats Solo 3 Won't Turn Off

You’ve already enjoyed your favorite songs and playlist.

Now, it’s time to let your Beats Solo 3 rest.

But uh-oh…

Your wireless audio device refuses to turn OFF. 

It sucks, doesn’t it? 

But don’t worry. I’ve had the same problem before. 

And it only took me 5 minutes to fix. 

Continue reading to discover:

  • 7 quick fixes for your Beats Solo 3 that won’t turn OFF. 
  • 3 simple steps to reset your audio device and fix this problem.
  • The most common reasons you can’t turn your Beats headphones OFF.
  • And this is just the beginning… 

Why won’t my Beats Solo 3 turn off?

Your Beats Solo 3 won’t turn OFF because you may not be taking the proper steps to do so. This problem also happens if you’ve physically damaged your device. Your Solo 3 may also refuse to turn OFF if it’s still paired with other gadgets. A glitchy firmware also causes this power issue. 

Beats Solo 3 won’t turn off: 7 fixes

#1: Turn OFF your headphones properly 

Before proceeding to the more technical fixes below…

You should ensure that you’re turning OFF your Beats Solo 3 properly. 

See, most new owners try to press and hold these headphones’ power buttons for too long.

In an attempt to turn them OFF. 

But doing this only makes your Beats audio device activate its pairing mode. 

To turn OFF your Solo 3… 

Locate the power button on the right side of your headphones.

Then, press and hold it for only 1-2 seconds. 

I recommend doing this process while you’re not wearing your audio device.

This way, you can let go when the headphones’ Fuel Gauge (5 white LED lights) turns OFF. 

If this solution doesn’t work… 

#2: Check for physical damage 

It’s not always about the software. 

That’s what I always remind myself of when gadgets have power-related problems. 

See, most people hop right into trying to fix the devices’ software. 

With processes like soft resets or updates. 

Hence, they usually forget to do 1 of the most basic way to check what’s wrong with a gadget.

Which is to find any signs of damage. 

If your headphones’ wires or buttons are physically out of place… 

You won’t be able to fix your device’s power-related problem with any software solutions. 

So, to save you the most time… 

Follow these steps to check if your headphones have physical damage: 

Step 1: Bring your device to a well-lit table 

It might be hard to observe the power button later if you’re in a dark area. 

Step 2: Brush OFF dust from your headphones 

You may not spot smaller dents if they’re covered in dirt or debris. 

So, if your audio device is a little dusty…

Use a brush or microfiber cloth to clean the entire surface of your headphones. 

After doing so… 

Step 3: Scan through your audio device 

Run your fingers through your headphones’ bands and earcaps.

This way, you can visually and physically check your audio device simultaneously. 

Pay extra attention to the power button of your headphones.

Make sure it doesn’t have any scratches. 

Then, try pressing and holding the button several times to ensure it’s not loose.

Did you find any signs of damage on your headphones? 

In that case, your best next course of action is to bring your audio device to Apple.

See, it’s best to leave the hardware troubleshooting to professionals. 

As doing this process yourself can do more harm than good to your headphones. 

Note: Check the last section of this article to contact Apple. 

However, if your audio device isn’t physically faulty in any way…

Proceed to the next solutions. 

#3: Disconnect Solo 3 from your devices 

Sometimes, headphones can be frustratingly loyal.


Because they may refuse to turn OFF if they’re currently paired. 

But luckily, if this is what’s causing your Solo 3’s power-related problem… 

The fix is pretty simple. All you need to do is… 

Disconnect your headphones from their paired devices:

Note: The exact steps for this process depend on the brand/type of gadget. 

But to give you some examples… 

I’ll show you how to disconnect your Solo 3 from the most popular mobile devices. 

Android (Samsung)
  1. Turn ON your mobile device.
  2. Open your phone/tablet’s Settings application. 
  3. Click Connections.
  4. Tap the Bluetooth option.
  5. Toggle Bluetooth On. 
  6. Locate your Beats Solo 3’s name from the list of connected devices. 
  7. Touch the Options icon beside it. 
  8. Choose Unpair. 
  9. Wait for the unpairing process to be successful.
  1. Turn your iPhone ON.
  2. Head to its Settings application.
  3. Tap Bluetooth.
  4. Find your Beats headphones’ name. 
  5. Touch the (i) button beside it. 
  6. Choose “Forget This Device.”
  7. Confirm the action to start the unpairing process. 

Note: Disconnect your Solo 3 from all the gadgets you’ve paired them with. Then, turn OFF their Bluetooth settings to completely block the connection. 

After doing this process…

Try turning OFF your audio device by pressing and holding its power button for 2 seconds. 

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#4: Briefly charge your Solo 3 

It seems like your headphones’ power status is stuck to being ON. 

So, to give your device’s system a little refresher… 

Do the charging routine that successfully fixed dozens of Solo 3s that also wouldn’t turn OFF. 

Unfamiliar with this process?

Don’t fret because I got your back. I’ve listed the detailed steps to… 

Refresh your Solo 3’s system by recharging its battery: 

Step 1: Connect your headphones to a power source

For this process, use a wall outlet. 

So you guarantee that your audio device receives the power it needs. 

Step 2: Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds

Don’t count mentally for this step.

Instead, use a timer on your phone/PC.

People tend to count seconds faster than they are. 

And not counting accurately can make this fix unsuccessful. 

Step 3: Wait until the fuel gauge flashes

As mentioned, this refers to the 5 lights under your headphones’ power button. 

Once you see them flashing…

Step 4: Unplug your audio device from power

Pro tip: Don’t wiggle the connector as you unplug it. Doing this can damage the connecting pins of your cable and audio device. Which may cause your Solo 3 to have charging problems in the future. 

Step 5: Turn OFF your headphones

Press and hold your device’s power button for 1-2 seconds again. 

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#5: Reset your audio device 

Your Solo 3 may be glitching. 

And the fastest way to stop it from doing so is to reset your headphones.

Don’t worry. This is a much easier solution than most of the previous ones.

It won’t even take you a minute to…

Reset your Beats Solo 3:

Step 1: Locate your headphones’ Power and Volume Down buttons 

Note: They’re on different earcaps. 

Step 2: Press and hold both keys

Do so for about 10 seconds. Or until your headphones’ LEDs flash. 

Step 3: You’ve successfully reset your headphones 

Just give it 1 more minute to refresh its system totally.

Then, proceed to turn OFF your audio device again.

If you need a visual guide for this reset process, watch this video: 

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#6: Drain your audio device’s battery 

Still can’t turn OFF your headphones?

Then, make it have no choice but to do so by draining your audio device’s battery.

Luckily, this process is super easy.

Since your headphones are already ON…

Just connect them to any device of your choice.

Then, let your Solo 3 play music until its battery runs out.

Note: How long this process takes depends on your headphones’ current battery level. If your audio device is fully charged, it can take up to 40 hours to drain its battery. 

When your Solo 3 runs out of charge, it’ll turn OFF. 

Once it does, charge your audio device to turn it ON again.

And if your headphones still won’t turn OFF the next time you try… 

#7: Contact Apple 

Stubborn problems need the help of professionals. 

Luckily, Apple doesn’t shy away from helping you with your troubleshooting needs.

This company is 1 of the easiest brands to contact. 

You can bring your Solo 3 headphones to any local Apple branch.

Alternatively, you may head to the brand’s official support website for Beats devices.

There, you can choose whether you want to:

  • Schedule a visit.
  • Send your headphones for repair.  

“How much will repairing my Solo 3 cost me?” 

It highly depends on the damage Apple finds on your device.

But according to the company website’s estimate… 

It can cost you anywhere from $79 – $130.

But if you have an AppleCare+ plan, you’ll only need to pay $29.