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11 Easy Steps To Turn Off Bluetooth On A Samsung TV (2023)

How To Turn Off Bluetooth Samsung TV

My Samsung TV had a bad habit before.

See, it kept reminding me that a Bluetooth device was nearby. 

Even though I knew that already.

So when its unnecessary reminders became too annoying for me to handle…

I had to turn OFF the Bluetooth connection of my Samsung TV.

And it was easy to do so…

Continue reading to find out:

  • How to check if your Samsung TV has Bluetooth. 
  • 11 steps to turn OFF the Bluetooth on your Samsung TV. 
  • 7 effortless steps to add the Bluetooth function to any TV model. 
  • And much, much more… 

How to turn off Bluetooth on Samsung TV – 11 steps

#1: Prepare your Samsung TV remote

You can’t turn your Samsung TV’s Bluetooth OFF if you don’t have its controller. 

So first, ensure that you have a functioning Samsung remote. 

“Can I use any model?”

Yes, you can. But just ensure that it’s made by Samsung. 

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#2: Turn your TV OFF

Power OFF your TV but ensure it’s still connected to its power source.

That’s because you’ll have to input codes on the remote in the next step.

And if you’re TV is unplugged from the outlet…

It won’t be able to register the codes in its system. 

#3: Input the code to access your TV’s service menu

Now, there are different codes you can use for this step. 

And the only way to check which 1 will work for your TV model is through trial and error. So you should try out each of them. 

That said, here’s a table that shows the…

7 codes that open Samsung’s service menu

Code Remote keys you should press in quick succession
1Mute + 1 + 8 + 2
2Info + Settings + Mute 
3Mute + 1 + 1 + 9
4Sleep + PSTD + Mute 
5PSTD + Menu + Sleep 
6Display/Info + PSTD + Mute 
7Display/Info + Menu + Mute 

Now, the first code works for most Samsung TV models.

So try inputting it on your remote now, then… 

#4: Turn ON your TV

Press the power button on your Samsung remote.

And wait for your TV to open. 

Note: You should press the power button immediately after clicking the code’s last key. 

After your TV turns ON, observe if a window pops up on your screen.

If nothing appears, go back to step #2. Then try out the 2nd code from the table this time.

That said, you should do steps #2 to #4 for each code. Until you find the 1 that works for your TV. 

Need a visual guide to open the service menu? Watch this video: 

#5: Access the service menu

Once a code launches the service menu of your TV… 

You’ll see a window on the left side of your screen with these options:  

  1. Option.
  2. Control.
  3. Debug.
  4. SVC.
  5. ADC.WB. 

Now you’re probably wondering… 

“What’s this service menu for?”

You can consider it the expert version of your TV’s settings. 

That’s because you can do these advanced actions on the service menu:

  • Calibrate screen. 
  • Mute individual speakers. 
  • Turn [ON/OFF] certain TV modules. 
  • Turn OFF connections like Bluetooth.
  • Put the TV in hotel mode or store mode.
  • Check detailed information about your device. 

And you won’t be able to do any of these in the regular Settings menu of your TV. 

Warning: Don’t modify any settings (except Bluetooth) in the service menu. Unless you’ve used this before. That’s because a little mistake here can make your TV unusable. 

Hence, it’s important that you strictly adhere to the following steps. 

And this way, you can safely turn your Samsung TV’s Bluetooth OFF. 

#6: Click Option 

You’re already highlighting this tab if you haven’t moved your selection.

So simply tap the Select/Enter button on your remote. Or the key between your controller’s navigational pads. 

After doing so… 

#7: Select MRT Option

This is the 5th category on the window you’re on. 

So simply tap the Down key on your remote 4 times.

And select MRT Option. 

#8: Turn BT Support OFF

You’ll see 3 columns on your screen now.

And each will have at least 10 settings you can change.

That said, the BT Support is the 1st setting on the middle column.

So simply tap the Right key on your remote.

And select BT Support.

This will bring you to a new page. So using the Up/Down keys on your controller, turn this setting OFF. 

After that, press the Back button and… 

#9: Turn your TV OFF

Simply press the power button on your TV’s remote.

So that you can exit the service menu of your TV.

“Don’t I need to save the changes?”

You don’t. 

See, the settings you change on the service menu are automatically applied. So you don’t need to save it manually.

#10: Turn your TV ON 

Turn On Your TV

Turn the TV ON once more. 

And this time, you can do so using the physical button on your TV.

Or the power button on your remote.

And as you’ll notice… 

#11: Your TV’s Bluetooth is now OFF

You can now enjoy your Bluetooth-free Samsung TV. 

Why won’t the Bluetooth turn on?

Your Bluetooth won’t turn ON because you can’t turn ON Bluetooth on Samsung TVs.

See, by default, Samsung TV’s Bluetooth is always active.

Because this way…

Your TV can immediately alert you if there’s a Bluetooth device you can connect to nearby. 

So really, unlike the Bluetooth Settings on phones or PCs…

There isn’t a toggle button to turn the Bluetooth ON/OFF on Samsung TVs.

Now, if you’re trying to pair a Bluetooth device to your TV but can’t… 

Then your TV may not have Bluetooth in the first place. 

That said, if you want to know if your TV has this wireless connection or not…

Read on to the next section. 

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Do all Samsung TVs have Bluetooth?

Not all Samsung TVs have Bluetooth. 

That’s because older models don’t have this function. 

However, it’s worth noting that…

Most modern Samsung TVs support Bluetooth, including models:

  • Serif.
  • Sero.
  • Frame.
  • Terrace. 

Now, if you’re wondering…

“How do I know if my TV has Bluetooth?” 

It’s easy. Just follow these steps to…

Check if your Samsung TV has a built-in Bluetooth function:

Step 1: Head to the Settings page of your TV

Turn your TV ON and press the Home button on its remote. 

Now, navigate your selection to the left until you hover over the gear icon. And select it to launch your TV’s Settings. 

Step 2: Select Sound

Tap the Down button on your remote once.

And select Sound. From here… 

Step 3: Select Sound Output

Hover to the right side of your screen.

And select the first option on the list, which is Sound Output. 

Step 4: Check if you see the Bluetooth Speaker List

If you see this option, your TV has Bluetooth.

If you can’t, then your TV isn’t Bluetooth-enabled. 

However, it’s also possible that you can’t use Bluetooth because you’ve turned it OFF before.

And in that case, follow these steps to…

Reactivate Bluetooth on your Samsung TV

Step 1: Turn your TV OFF.

Step 2: Press the code that launches the service menu of your TV.

Note: You can find a table that shows all the codes you can try earlier in this article. 

Step 3: Turn your TV ON.

Step 4: Select Option. 

Step 5: From the list, click MRT Option. 

Step 6: Select BT Support.

You can find this at the top of the middle column of the service menu. 

Step 7: Turn BT Support ON.

Note: If you can’t find this option. Or you can’t turn it ON. Then your TV isn’t compatible with Bluetooth connections. 

Step 8: Restart your TV.

Turn your TV OFF, wait for 30 seconds, and turn it ON again. 

Just like that, you can now use the Bluetooth connection of your TV. 


I mentioned earlier that not all Samsung TVs have Bluetooth.

But luckily, there’s a way to add this wireless function to every Samsung TV. 


It’s by…

Using an adapter to add the Bluetooth function to any Samsung TV

Note: This process will only let your TV connect to Bluetooth speakers. And other audio devices. So it won’t make your TV compatible with wireless controllers. 

Step 1: Get a Bluetooth adapter

There are many Bluetooth adapters available online and in your local stores.

But I highly recommend getting this Bluetooth transmitter by TROND for less than $25. 

That’s because it’s easy to use and durable. Since I’ve had mine for over a year now but it’s still good as new. 

Note: I’ll use this specific adapter for the tutorial. But the same steps will apply to other Bluetooth transmitters. 

Step 2: Connect the Bluetooth adapter to your TV

Bluetooth adapters have AUX ports in their body. 

And they also come with AUX cables in their boxes.

That said, simply connect 1 end of the AUX cord to the port on your adapter.

And plug the other end into the “female” connector of the RCA cable. 

Note: The RCA cable is the cord with red and white connectors on 1 end. And a single black (female) port at the other. 

After that…

Connect the 2 RCA connectors colored red and white to the RCA ports on your Samsung TV.

And ensure that the colors of the ports and connectors match. 

Step 3: Turn ON your Bluetooth adapter

Connect your transmitter to its power source. And press its power button for 3 seconds. 

Now, wait for its LED light to turn ON. Then… 

Step 4: Turn ON your TV

Plug your TV into the wall outlet. 

And turn it ON. 

Step 5: Put your devices in pairing mode

I’m talking about these 2 gadgets: 

  • Your Bluetooth adapter.
  • The device you want to connect to your TV wirelessly. 

Now, the exact steps to put these devices into pairing mode will differ.

But for most wireless speakers, you can simply press and hold their pairing button.

And for your Bluetooth adapter, just double tap its power key. 

Now, your transmitter should pair up with the Bluetooth device automatically.

And once it does… 

Step 6: Change your Samsung TV’s audio output

  1. Head to Settings.
  2. Tap Sound. 
  3. Select Sound Output or Speaker Select.
  4. Tap External Speaker. Or your Bluetooth adapter’s name. 

Step 7: Your TV’s audio will now play through Bluetooth 

The Bluetooth speaker you paired with the adapter is now your TV’s audio output of choice. 

That said, if you ever want to switch to using your TV speakers again…
Do step 6 once more, but this time, select TV speakers as the output choice of your TV.