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3 Easy Ways To Secretly Take A Screenshot On Zoom (2023)

How To Take A Screenshot On Zoom

“If I don’t look radiant, delete.”

Your friend or coworker instructs during a Zoom call.

They’re talking about screenshots.

And going through great lengths to look good in them.

But for giggles, you wonder if you should stop telling them when you take one.

Would they be able to tell?

Read along to find out…

  • 3 easy ways to take screenshots on Zoom.
  • How much of a secret taking screenshots on Zoom actually is.
  • 5 interesting things to consider before taking screenshots on a Zoom call.
  • And a lot more… 

How to secretly take a screenshot on Zoom – 3 ways

Zoom supports taking screenshots in 2 ways.

The first is to use its native screenshot tool.

Here’s how to enable Zoom’s screenshot tool:

  1. Open Zoom.
  2. Click the cogwheel button in the Home tab. This should be under your profile pic. 
  3. Click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.
  4. Expand Chat settings and turn on Screenshot.
  5. For macOS, the shortcut for Zoom’s native screenshot tool is “Command + T.
  6. For Windows 10, use “Ctrl + T.

Note: These steps apply to both the Windows 10 and the macOS app. However, macOS will ask for more permissions to enable screenshots.

Now that the screenshot tool’s active, let’s try using it.

#1: How to take screenshots on the Zoom app

  1. After signing in, look for the “+” symbol at the bottom right-hand corner. 
  2. Click it.
  3. From here, you can drag and crop to your heart’s content.
  4. Select “Capture.” 
  5. Save your screenshot to your desired folder.

There’s more… 

Another way to take screenshots is using your computer’s shortcuts.

#2: How to take screenshots on Your Desktop

On macOS

Step 1: “Command + Shift + 3” will take a full screenshot of your screen.

Step 2: To choose a screenshot in a specific area, use “Command + Shift + 4.” Your cursor will change to crosshair. Use this to drag and choose the portions you want to take a screenshot of, and then release. 

Note: By default, the screenshots will go to your “Pictures” folder.

On Windows 10

  1. Use the shortcut “Win + PrntScrn.” 

Note: The screenshots will be in the Screenshot folder of your Picture library. 

Windows Snipping tool

  1. Click “Win + Shift + S.
  2. This will dim your screen. Choose an area you want to capture.
  3. Choose the shape of your snip in the toolbar. 
  4. The clipboard will copy your screenshot. 
  5. Select the next prompt for editing options.

#3: How to take screenshots on your phone

Sadly, Zoom doesn’t have its inbuilt screenshot tool in the app’s mobile version.

So, if you want to use your phone to take screenshots…

You need to follow the screenshot shortcuts on your mobile device.

Which is usually using the Power and Home/Volume buttons at the same time.

For a visual guide, check out this video:

Fun fact: Zoom is over 11 years old.

Does Zoom notify me if someone takes a screenshot?

Zoom won’t notify you if someone takes a screenshot of your meeting.

So if you’re the one taking the screenshot, snap away.

But if it’s about someone taking a screenshot of you…

There may be some reason to worry.

In this case, you can only hope that they won’t post it online.

Or at least ask for your permission before doing so.

To put a finer point on it, you don’t have to take a screenshot on Zoom in secret.

Because nobody would know anyway.

Having said that, taking a screenshot is different from a screen record.

Which is another Zoom feature that lets you record the entire call.

But there’s no need to worry about this.

Because when someone starts recording a call, you’ll get an alert.

“But I know someone who was caught taking a screenshot on Zoom.”

Like I said…

Zoom doesn’t have the capacity to detect screenshots.

The reason some people get caught isn’t because of a notification.

It’s because whoever took the screenshot had their microphone on.

See, if your mic isn’t on mute when you screen capture, a clicking sound will go off.

And it’s easy for anyone to recognize what that means.

So, if you want to be sneaky…

It’s best not to give yourself away in the same manner.

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Points to think about before taking Zoom screenshots

In any situation where screen captures are possible, it’s always good to be respectful.

Not everyone’s comfortable with the idea of screenshots during a video conference.

In fact, not everybody’s okay with a video call.

But at this point in history, you’ll find yourself in a video meeting sooner or later.

With that in mind, there are several ways to show courtesy.

#1: Advise the meeting’s participants 

Advise The Meeting's Participants

As a host, inform the members in advance that you’ll take screenshots.

Also, if you’ll allow others to do it, they should tell everyone as well.

Bear in mind that it’s important to have consent.

Not only that, but you’ll give everyone a chance to decide if they want to be in the shot.

See, some people are anxious about how they look on screenshots.

If you tell them beforehand, they can prepare.

And if they don’t want to be in the shot, they can disconnect their camera.

#2: Share what you took

It’s polite to share the screenshots you’ve taken with all participants.

Also, do this when the conference is over.

For work calls, the screenshots are useful to keep the minutes of the meeting.

And for social calls, it’s a great way to keep some memories.

#3: Don’t publish without permission

It’s often horrible having someone post your photo online without your knowledge.

So, don’t be the reason that other people would feel that way.

If you want to post Zoom screenshots on social media, ask those involved first.

And make sure “everyone” is ok with it.

Otherwise, don’t post the screenshots.

#4: Turn your mic off

As you already know, taking screenshots on Zoom makes clicking sounds.

So if you’re allowed to do it during the meeting, mute your mic.

#5: Tag with discretion

Tagging allows people to identify others and find their presence online.

For some, it’s like walking in public without clothes on.

Now, this is common in any screenshot or photo of a big group of people.

There’s always at least one who looks awkward or… possessed.

So if that person isn’t looking their best, don’t tag them.