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5 Steps To Connect JLab Earbuds To iPhone (2023 How-To)

How To Connect JLab Earbuds To IPhone

I’ve tried several JLab earbuds over the years.

And while they’re amazing audio devices…

Connecting them to an iPhone can be confusing at times.

But don’t worry. Just follow along with this article… 

And you’ll be able to connect your JLab earbuds to your iPhone in minutes. 

Continue reading to find out: 

  • 5 simple steps to connect your JLab earbuds to your iPhone.
  • 5 quick ways to fix JLab earpieces that won’t connect to your device. 
  • The most common reasons why JLab earbuds won’t pair to your iPhone. 
  • And this is just the beginning… 

How to connect JLab earbuds to iPhone – 5 steps

#1: Charge your devices

A low battery is 1 of the most common reasons why JLab earbuds won’t pair.

So to avoid potential pairing problems later on…

You should charge both your iPhone and earbuds now.

That said, connect your mobile device to its charging adapter, then follow the steps below to…

Ensure that your JLab earbuds are fully charged:

Step 1: Put both earpieces into their case 

After doing so, observe the LED light inside the case. 

If you see red, go to the next step.

But if your case flashes a green color…

Wait for 3 seconds, then skip to step 3. 

Step 2: Charge your case into its power source

The red light you saw earlier means your case has a low battery.

With that, you should plug your JLab device’s cable into another gadget’s USB port.

Or you may also directly connect the cord to an adapter. 

Note: Keep the case connected to power until its LED light turns OFF. Because this indicates that your JLab earbuds’ charging case is now fully charged. 

Step 3: Check the LED light inside your case

Lift the lid of your earbuds’ case if needed.

Then, check the LED light inside. 

If it’s blinking blue, your earbuds are still charging. So you should let it charge for longer. 

But if the light is OFF, then your earbuds are fully charged. So you can continue to the next step. 

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#2: Remove both earpieces from their case

Take both earbuds out of their case at the same time.

Then, observe the LED light on each earpiece.

Now, both earpieces will initially show a solid white light.

But after 30 seconds or so… 

1 of the earbuds will blink a white/blue light alternatively. 

And once this happens…

You can proceed to the next step because your JLab device is now in pairing mode.  

Turn On Your IPhone's Bluetooth

#3: Turn ON your iPhone’s Bluetooth 

  1. Unlock your iPhone.
  2. Head to your device’s Settings app.
  3. Tap the Bluetooth option from the list. 
  4. Toggle Bluetooth ON if it isn’t already. 

After doing so…

#4: Select your Jlab earbuds from the list

Under the MY DEVICES section on your iPhone’s screen…

You’ll see the list of all pairable Bluetooth devices around you.

That said, from all the gadgets that appear…

Select your JLab earbuds’ name to pair it with your iPhone. 

#5: Wait for your earbud to stop blinking

When the earpiece that was blinking white/blue earlier stops flashing…

That means you’ve succeeded in pairing your devices.

So you can start enjoying your iPhone’s music through your JLab earphones. 

Why won’t my JLab earbuds connect to my iPhone?

Your JLAB earbuds won’t connect to your iPhone because your devices might be too far from each other. This also happens when your earbuds are already paired with another Bluetooth gadget. And in other cases, the 2 devices won’t connect because 1 of them is glitching. 

Let’s dive deeper into these reasons, and I’ll also teach you how to fix them. 

JLab earbuds won’t connect (5 reasons + fixes)

#1: Your devices are too far from each other 

Your iPhone and JLab earbuds communicate through Bluetooth (BT).

And since BT devices can only maintain their connection within 30 feet…

Your earbuds won’t pair with your iPhone if they’re farther than that.

With that in mind, for this fix…

You should bring your devices closer. 

Pro tip: During pairing, the closer your gadgets are, the better. So I recommend placing your earbuds within 5 ft of your phone when you connect your devices again. 

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#2: Your iPhone is connected to another Bluetooth device

Your mobile device may already be paired to another Bluetooth speaker or headphones. 

So your iPhone isn’t using your JLab earbuds as its primary audio output.

Fortunately, though, it’s easy to check if this is the case. And it’s even easier to fix this problem. 

That said, you should simply follow the steps below to…

Check if your iPhone is connected to another Bluetooth device: 
  1. Turn ON your phone.
  2. Tap the Settings app. 
  3. Select the Bluetooth options.
  4. Turn Bluetooth ON.
  5. Observe the gadgets listed under the MY DEVICES section.
  6. Ensure that none of them (except your JLAB earbuds) states “Connected” on the right. 

If your iPhone is connected to 1 Bluetooth device or more…

Simply click the information icon on the right side of the gadget’s name. Then, tap the Forget This Device option at the bottom of your screen. 

After doing so, try pairing your earbuds to your iPhone again. 

#3: The earbuds are paired to another gadget

Similar to your iPhone…

Your earbuds won’t connect with a new device if it’s already paired to another gadget like a:

  • PC. 
  • Tablet.
  • Phone.
  • Smart TV.

But luckily, it’s pretty easy to disconnect your earbuds from these devices.

See, there are 2 methods to do this.

But before you try any of them…

You should check if your earbuds are indeed connected to another gadget.

To do so, simply remove both your JLab earpieces from their case simultaneously.

Then, immediately wear 1 or both of them on your ears.

Note: If you hear “Bluetooth connected,” continue reading this solution. But if you don’t, head to the next fix because this 1 doesn’t apply to you.

Method 1: Stay away from other Bluetooth gadgets

As I said earlier…

Bluetooth devices only remain connected within 30 feet of distance. 

So 1 of the easiest ways to disconnect your JLab earbuds from other gadgets is to:

Bring your JLab device to a different location. 

Specifically, you should go to a room or space with no gadgets around. For example, in:

  • Your backyard.
  • The middle of a park.
  • An empty room in your house.

After finding a suitable location…

Remove your earbuds from their case again.

Then, wear them to check if you can still hear the “Bluetooth connected” voice prompt.

If you can’t, follow the 5 steps above to pair your JLab device to your iPhone again. 

But if you still can, try to go to a different place, or you can also try… 

Method 2: Turn OFF other Bluetooth devices around you

If you’re at home and your JLab earbuds are connected to a different device…

You may simply turn OFF other gadgets inside your house, including:

  • PCs.
  • Phones.
  • Smart TVs.

After doing so, try wearing your earbuds again and check if the voice prompt is still there.

If it isn’t, you can proceed to connect your JLab device to your iPhone again.

But if you still can, proceed to the next solution. Because it’s likely that… 

#4: Your JLab earbuds are glitching 

JLab earbuds are small devices.

But like bigger, more complicated gadgets like PCs or Smart TVs, earbuds can also glitch.

And when this happens, your JLab device may:

  • Stop pairing.
  • Regularly disconnect from devices. 
  • Say it’s connected to a gadget when it isn’t. 

Luckily though, you can fix all of these by resetting your device.

And fortunately, it won’t even take you longer than 3 minutes to do so. 

With all that said, here’s how you can…

Reset your JLab earphones:

Step 1: Place both earpieces inside their charging case.

Ensure that they’re sitting on their respective slots. Then, proceed to…

Step 2: Tap 1 of the earbuds 7x. 

It doesn’t matter whether you choose the right or left earpiece.

So simply tap 1 of them 7x, then…

Step 3: Wait for the earbud to flash a blue light 3x.

The earpiece you tapped earlier should flash blue 3x.

Note: If it doesn’t, remove both earpieces from their case. Then, start from step 1 again. 

Step 4: Tap the other earpiece 7x. 

Tap the earbud you didn’t choose earlier 7x as well, then… 

Step 5: Wait for the earpiece to flash blue light 3x. 

Once it does…

Step 6: Remove both earbuds from their case.

1 of the earbuds will show a solid white color.

And the other 1 will flash a white/blue light alternatively. 

When you see these, that means the reset was successful. So you can try pairing your JLab earbuds to your iPhone again. 

And if you want a visual guide for this process, watch this video:

Note: Do this process up to 3x until you’re successful. However, if all attempts fail, check the end of this article for the different ways you can contact JLab. Because this means your device has connection problems that only professionals can fix. 

#5: Your iPhone is glitching

Your iPhone is also prone to glitching.

But most of the time, simply restarting it will be enough to fix the problem. 

That said, here are the simple steps to…

Restart your iPhone: 
  1. Press and hold the power and any volume button of your gadget. 
  2. Let go when a slider appears on your phone’s screen.
  3. Drag the slider at the top to the right. 
  4. Wait for 45 seconds.
  5. Press and hold the power key.
  6. Let go when you see the Apple logo.

Once your device turns ON… 

Try pairing your iPhone with the JLab earbuds again. 

And if you’re still having any problems connecting your devices…

Bonus: Contact JLab 

If none of the fixes above solved the problem…

Then it’s time to ask JLab themselves for assistance.

That’s because your earbuds may be malfunctioning.

Or they have internal or external damages that only the brand’s support team can fix. 

Fortunately, though, there are several ways to contact this company easily:

Note: The company operates from 8 AM to 4:30 PM from Monday to Thursday, Pacific Time. And on Friday, you can reach them from 8 AM to 2 PM.