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37 Funny Alexa Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind (2023 Guide)

Funny Alexa Tricks

Don’t deny it…

You might’ve brought Alexa for her many smart features.

But sometimes, you wanna make fun of her.

After all, it’s extra entertaining because she seems innocent.

So, you think of funny tricks to use on her.

And on this article, I’ll hand many to you.


Continue reading to discover:

  • 37 funny Alexa tricks that’ll blow your mind (especially #7).
  • How to trick Alexa into sounding like a celebrity or fictional character.
  • And much, much more…

What are some fun tricks to do with Alexa?

Some fun tricks to do with Alexa are making her sing or rap, self-destruct. There are many others that can be divided into groups. There are tricks for people fond of music, movies like Star Wars, or TV shows like Game of Thrones. Other than that, her many tricks can be helpful, too.

37 funny Alexa tricks

#1: “Alexa, initiate self-destruct sequence.”

Don’t worry…

This is indeed just a trick.

So, don’t hesitate to do this. I assure you that your Alexa won’t actually self-destruct in command.

But what makes it fun is her varying response towards it.

Alexa’s response

She could either initiate the sequence immediately by saying: 

“Auto-destruction in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Boom! Hmm, that did not go as planned.”

Or, she wants one and final request:

“I’ll start the self-destruct sequence, but only on the understanding that you dramatically cancel it at the last second.”

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#2: “Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A ,start.”

This one’s famous around the video game community. 

It’s called the Konami code, which Kazuhisa Hashimoto made. Other than that, who is he? He’s also a prominent video game developer. 

Now, this popular code of his is used as a cheat by the players. That’s because it grants benefits or extra lives.

But according to NPR, Hashimoto passed away. Despite being gone in 2020, his legendary Konami code continues to thrive.

I say so as it’s still active in pop culture.

And today, Alexa has it as a fun Easter egg. 

Just say the code out loud…

And, hmm…

Will you gain an extra life or win something?

Alexa’s response

“Super Alexa mode activated. Starting reactors. Online. Enabling advanced systems. Online. Raising dongers. Error. Dongers missing. Aborted.”

“Wrong code, try again.”

“Woo-hoo, power up galore.”

#3 to #5: Practice spells with Alexa

Are you a big Harry Potter fan?

You’ll definitely have some fun with this one, whether yes or no.

You might not be at Hogwarts, but you can still practice spells. Do so with Alexa’s help.

Spell #1: “Alexa, wingardium leviosa.”

Alexa’s response

“You’re saying it wrong. It’s wingardium leviosa.”

Spell #2: “Alexa, lumos.”

Alexa’s response

“You light up the room already.”

Spell #3: “Alexa, alohamora.”

Alexa’s response

“I hope you’re not unlocking anything too mischievous. At least, not without your invisibility cloak.”

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#6: “Alexa, what do we say to death?”

Relive an iconic Game of Thrones moment with Alexa using this one…

Alexa’s response

“Not today.”

#7: Improve your music experience

It’s so fun to own your moment while blasting your favorite music.

But it’s more fun to set your music in a setting you absolutely love.

And you know what?

Alexa can help you with that.

When playing a song, you can say something like:

“Alexa, set the bass to the maximum.”

#8: “Alexa, sing me a song.”

Find out Alexa’s singing talents with her different responses to this command.

#9: “Alexa, how much wood a woodchuck would chuck?”

#10: “Alexa, who you gonna call?”

Is there something strange in your neighborhood?

Or you just wanna have a short fun with your Alexa device?

Whichever it is between the two, this is the command that you need.

Alexa’s response


#11: “Alexa, speak like Yoda.”

Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan…

Isn’t it intriguing to see if Alexa can indeed speak like Yoda?

Alexa’s response

“Speak like Yoda I cannot. Master he is, while merely apprentice I am.” 

#12: “Alexa, tell me something interesting.”

Just say this, and she’ll deliver a fun fact.

#13: “Alexa, pick a card.”

She’ll give out a random card every time you’ll ask.

#14: “Alexa, use the force.”

If only you own a lightsaber…

Regardless, you can still somehow experience it.

Simply say this command, and Alexa will play lightsaber noises.

#15: “Alexa, who’s the real slim shady?”

Will she sing a verse or introduce Eminem?

#16: “Alexa, high five.”

Alexa’s response

“I would if I could, but I can’t, so I chant: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!”

#17: “Alexa, beam me up.”

Need help getting out of another planet?

Okay, at least pretend that you do and that you’re inside the Star Trek universe.

And surely, Alexa’s got your back.

Alexa’s response

*Alexa will play Transporter sounds*

Or, before doing that, she’d tell you:

“Let’s do this. I’ll try not to leave any body parts behind.”

#18: “Alexa, Simon says…”

This is a sneaky and fun way to let Alexa say anything.

Oh, you’re set to making her swear?

Unfortunately, this might not work for such. She’ll just beep out the curse word from the sentence.

You might also want to know: How to make Alexa swear?

#19: “Alexa, Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!”

Will Alexa make the magical trickster appear before you?

#20: Ghost hunting with Alexa

Oh, there are many scary stories related to Alexa…

Some people claim that their Alexa is haunted. But others see it as nothing but a malfunction.

That aside, Alexa can be an ally against the horror.

How so?

She can help with an entertaining ghost hunting session around your home.

Make sure to activate the Ghost Detector skill.

Then, just say the command:

“Alexa, launch Ghost Detector.”

Note: You can only capture one ghost per day…

Yep, it’s actually a fun game with Alexa.

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#21: “Alexa, what’s the longest word in the English language?”

Alexa’s response

“It’s pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis…” and she’ll proceed to define the term.

#22: “Alexa, where is Chuck Norris?”

Alexa’s response

“If Chuck Norris wants you to know where he is, he’ll find you. If he doesn’t, you won’t know until it’s too late.”

#23: “Alexa, what is the value of pi?”

Ask Alexa About The Value Of Pi

Alexa’s response

She has two responses to this funny trick.

Alexa might indeed let out the real value of pi.

However, the value of pi is endless. It’s actually made up of trillions of decimal places.

With that, Alexa only goes as far as the 40th digit. And then, she’d say:

“Yowza, this goes on forever!”

She’s not wrong…

But, another response is Alexa immediately refusing to try. And so, she’d just tell you:

“Achoo! I must be allergic to numbers this large.”

#24: “Alexa, play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.”

Yet again, Alexa proves that she isn’t just a know-it-all AI…

She can also play such games with you.

Among many, there’s Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.

Just say the command, and she’ll randomly choose among all of those.

And be ready with your move, of course.

Wait, the rules aren’t clear for you yet? Then, just say…

#25: “Alexa, define ‘rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock.”

Alexa might be competitive, but she’s a fair player.

That’s why she’s willing to explain the game’s rules to you.

All you have to do is ask.

Alexa’s response

“Scissors cuts paper. Paper covers rock. Rock crushes lizard. Lizard poisons Spock. Spock smashes scissors. Scissors decapitates lizard. Lizard eats paper. Paper disproves Spock. Spock vaporizes rock. Rock crushes scissors.”

#26: “Alexa, I’ll take the red pill.”

Will this one trick make you learn a life-changing truth?

Alexa’s response

“Remember, all I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.”

#27: Make her recite the rules of ‘Fight Club’

Alexa has a taste for films…

One worth mentioning is Fight Club.

She knows all the rules to it…

So, go ahead and ask her for all of it.

Tip: There are 8 rules in Fight Club. However, Alexa has a bonus response if you ask for the 9th rule.

#28: Trick her into galactic space calls

This is a reference to the classic movie from 1982 called ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.’

Just say this aloud when Alexa’s around:

“Alexa, E.T. phone home.”

Alexa’s response

“I can’t make intergalactic space calls…yet.”

#29: “Alexa, can you rap?”

Is singing the only talent this wonderful AI has?

Alexa thinks not. Go on and ask if she can rap.

And how amusing it is to hear a serious and robotic voice rap out a verse.

#30: “Alexa, can you beatbox?”

It doesn’t end with singing or rapping.

Make Alexa spew some beats by asking her to beatbox.

And as usual, it’s entertaining to listen to her try.

#31: Make her do a countdown

Are you looking forward to a specific date? 

It might be your or someone else’s birthday…

Or, you’re excited for a specific day to arrive because of some important event.

Regardless of which, Alexa can make your excitement grow.


Ask her this:

“Alexa, how many days until [date]?”

Then, she’d tell you how many more days fall between you and that special day.

#32: Find out when you can see your fave artist

Wanna find out more about your favorite artist’s next concert? 

If yes, Alexa can easily help you with that.

For example, you can say:

“Alexa, when is Ariana Grande coming to New York?”

But if you just wanna go to a concert, no matter who’s performing…

Then, just say:

“Alexa, is anyone performing at [event center] today?”

#33: For when you’re in the mood to party

Wanna get in the zone before going out to a party (or throwing one)?

Let Alexa hype you up.

Say this out loud:

“Alexa, party time!”

#34: The classic knock-knock jokes

Let Alexa tell you a knock-knock joke.

But first, enable the Knock Knock Jokes skill.

After that, say this first:

“Alexa, open Knock Knock.”

Then, Alexa will ask you if you wanna play knock-knock jokes with her. And just tell her yes.

With that, she’ll proceed to tell you one.

#35: Talk to a celebrity or character through Alexa

Wanna goof around with your favorite celebrity or fictional person?

You know, talk to them and feel like it’s a very normal interaction between you two…

Well, Alexa can shift her voice to fit your wish.

But first, here are the celebrities and characters with an Alexa cameo (as of writing):

  • Deadpool.
  • Lord Vader.
  • Chewbacca.
  • Baby Groot.
  • Snoop Dogg.
  • Gordon Ramsay.
  • Star War’s R2D2.
  • Shaquille O’Neal.
  • Morgan Freeman.
  • Melissa McCarthy.
  • Emperor Palpatine.
  • Samuel L. Jackson.

Now, just say something along the lines of the following:

“Alexa, enable [name].”

“Alexa, introduce me to [name].”

And you know what?

You can even demand something from these stars. Just tell them:

“Hey [name], tell me a joke.”

#36: “Alexa, pretend to be a chicken.”

Come on…

There’s no denying, thinking about asking Alexa to do this is funny already.

So it’s surely a silly trick that’ll keep you entertained.

#37: A trick for more tricks

So, you’re still not set after tricking Alexa again and again…

What if I tell you she’ll tell you more herself?

Yes, Alexa is willing to let you have some fun.

All you have to do is say:

“Alexa, tell me an Easter egg.”

Then, she’d go ahead and give you one.

And so, you’ll find out tricks after tricks.