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Element vs Insignia TV: Which Is Better? (2023 Comparison)

Element VS Insignia TV

So, you want a new TV, but you’re on a budget…

Or you just don’t wanna get one from a premium brand… 

And you wanna try a less popular one? 

Whatever reason you have…

You’re looking at 2 choices: 

Element and Insignia. 

And if you find deciding hard…

I know which one’s better. 

Continue reading to discover: 

  • Whether Insignia and Element are good TV brands. 
  • An unbiased comparison between Element and Insignia TVs. 
  • Whether you should choose an Insignia TV or an Element TV.  
  • And this is just the beginning… 

Element vs Insignia TV: overview

Element and Insignia TVs are the most affordable budget TVs on the market. And both brands offer LED, QLED, Full HD, and 4K TVs. Moreover, Insignia has Roku and Fire smart TVs, while Element only has the Roku OS. But, Element 4K TVs are frameless, yet Insignia TVs have thin bezel frames. 

Is Element a good TV brand?

Element is a good TV brand. 

To prove that, here are a few reasons. Starting with the fact that:

They’ve been around since 2012

So, as of writing, it’s been a decade already. 

And if they’ve been in the market for that long… 

That shows Element’s doing a great job at what they do. And that’s producing quality TVs. 

And yes, they’re still a young brand compared to tech giants like Samsung, founded in 1938. 

But here’s the thing: 

Existing for a decade in the competitive tech industry means a lot.

And if you’re wondering how they survived for this long… 

One reason is their…

Promise to deliver affordable yet quality TVs

Element’s mission is to provide everyone access to top-grade TV options.

And they vowed to make that happen. 

But that isn’t just lip service. The brand really kept its word.  

Did you know that their TV’s prices range from 100$ to 1000$? 

Even Element’s 4K TV only costs about a fifth compared to Samsung’s flagship 4K TV models. 

And a 4K quality at that price? Simply amazing. 

That’s why it’s no wonder they’ve gained support from many customers… 

Especially those who are looking for great yet budget-friendly TVs. 

“How are their TV models so cheap?”

Many of the brand’s critics question the quality of Element TVs. 

And that’s because they’re way too cheap

So they’re saying Element is “cutting corners” just to give affordable prices to their TVs. 

What they mean by that is: 

Element TVs parts are of less quality compared to premium brands. 

But here’s the thing: 

In reality, the same factories in China manufacture all these brands’ TV parts. 

You could even see Samsung components inside your Element TV. 

And as you know, Samsung is a well-established brand. So, it’s guaranteed that these Element TVs aren’t made with subpar materials. 

Basically, you’re not getting ripped off. 

And the only reason they’re inexpensive is that….

Element TVs are assembled in the U.S.

The company has a 315,000-square-foot plant in South Carolina.

And that cuts their TV prices. 


You see, TVs are usually both produced and built in China. 

Then, those factories ship the TVs to the U.S. 

As you know, you must handle TV screens carefully. 

So, shipping the newly-produced TVs must be done delicately. Otherwise, they’d arrive shattered and damaged.

And let me tell you…

Fixing a broken TV screen requires a lot of effort and resources. 

All in all, high shipping costs and their fragility significantly increase TV prices.  

That said, having an assembly plant in the U.S. reduces shipping costs. 

And that also lowers their TV prices in the market.  

Now, how about their TV models? 

Element TVs have great features 

Despite being “cheap” options, Element TVs’ specs are no joke. 

And that’s what makes Element a good TV brand as well.

Currently, they have 6 TV series. And each 1 offers something different to suit every customer’s preferences. 

Now, let me introduce them. Starting with: 

Patio Series

The Patio series is an excellent choice for its durability and performance. 

With its weatherproof casing and an operating temperature of -4°F (-20°C) to 104°F (40°C)… 

These TVs could even be your reliable weatherman. 

100 Series

The 100 Series is perfect for those who want a simple TV with few features. 

Note that these TVs aren’t smart, but you can turn them into one

200 Series

Did you know that the TVs from the 200 series are Element’s first smart TVs? 

That’s because they offer WiFi connectivity.

Aside from that, these TVs have a smart feature that gives you access to the following: 

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300 Series

Powered by the Roku OS, the 300 TV line instantly lets you stream movies and series online.

400/450 Series

And if you’re looking for a theater picture quality… 

A 400/450 Series TV would be the most compatible for you. 

That’s because it has 4K resolution, High Dynamic Range, and a frameless bezel. 

Q50 Series

Lastly, the Q50 series is just fantastic if you want to elevate your viewing experience.

Thanks to its QLED technology, you’ll get: 

  • Better contrast. 
  • Greater brightness
  • More accurate colors.

And if you’re looking for a review of an Element TV… 

Then check out this video below:

But I get that these TVs’ quality can still be hard to believe…

Especially if you’ve heard that some customers experienced problems with their Element TV. 

Some examples of those issues are:: 

  • Malfunction. 
  • Screen flickering. 
  • WiFi connectivity issues. 

However, these things can happen on all types of devices. 

But what separates Element is the fact that follows…

Element has a pretty responsive customer support staff

These people show professionalism and valuable knowledge in solving issues. 

In fact, the brand won a Silver 2021 Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service. 

Element Has A Pretty Responsive Customer Support Staff

For sure, that means they really care about customer satisfaction. 

So, even if you encounter problems with their TV models… 

They make sure they don’t leave you hanging out to dry. 

With that said, you can… 

Contact them via: 

Is Insignia a good TV brand?

Insignia isn’t a good TV brand.

But, that doesn’t mean that their TVs don’t have any redeeming qualities. 

After all, their TVs are still very affordable. And those already come with fine specs. 

If anything, that can be a great deal, especially on a tight budget. 

For instance, they offer a 70-inch 4K TV for only under 500$. 

Not to mention that it’s smart and has Amazon Firestick TV features. And I’m talking about: 

  • AI Assistant Alexa. 
  • Sideloading Android apps. 
  • Instant access to the Internet. 
  • Unlimited streaming on many websites. 

How’s that possible? 

In 2018, the e-commerce company Amazon partnered with Best Buy, a.k.a. Insignia’s owner, to produce their Fire TV line.

But, here’s the thing: 

Insignia TVs can’t maximize these Amazon features 

The build quality of Insignia TVs isn’t great. 

In other words, their hardware can’t exactly put up with the Amazon Fire software. 

Picture this: 

In sports, a lot of coaches are retired players. 

And because of their experience, they’re really knowledgeable about the game. 

That said, you could say that their software is top-notch. 

But there’s a reason coaches don’t play the game anymore. And it’s the fact that their bodies can’t keep up. 

Sadly, that’s what’s happening with Insignia TVs – their hardware can’t keep up with the Fire OS.   

And because of that, a lot of customers encountered problems, including:   

  • The remote isn’t working. 
  • The picture and sound go off. 
  • Issues with Alexa command control.
  • Frequent disconnection to the Internet.

Remember that these issues already occur within a few months of use. 

That’s quite disheartening for someone who just got a new TV. 

Why does this happen? 

Their TVs are cheap

What I mean by cheap isn’t inexpensive, but cheaply made. 

Yes, their TVs have low cost too. 

But that’s only possible because of outsourcing labor and low-end materials. 

You see, Insignia is an in-house brand of Best Buy. 

That means it doesn’t manufacture or assemble any of its TVs. 

Best Buy just put the Insignia label on TVs they buy from various companies. 

Basically, they buy different TV parts from companies such as: 

  • LG. 
  • Hisense.
  • Samsung.  

You could notice that these are well-respected brands. 

But, here’s the thing: 

That doesn’t make Insignia TVs good. 

Because the reason these brands sold their parts to Insignia is…

Those TV parts didn’t pass the quality control of their respective companies. 

And they’re only looking to sell them to cut losses. 

Insignia is basically recycling other brands’ waste. 

Plus, they’re using outdated TV components. 

In fact, if you crack a 2021 Insignia TV model… 

You could see 2020 TV parts from other brands. 

Now, that may only be 1 year. But still, the parts aren’t brand new. 

Who could guarantee that the TVs are of high quality? 

On top of that, Insignia hires other factories to assemble the TV. 

So, they don’t have much control over the quality of their TVs at any point. 

You could say that they’re Frankensteining their TVs. 

That’s why if you buy a cheap Insignia TV… 

You’re really getting what you pay for. 

Because at the end of the day, Insignia is just one of Best Buy’s strategies to increase profits. 

And not because it’s focused on providing great TVs to the market. 

Element vs Insignia TV: Which should you choose?

You should choose Element over Insignia. And that’s because Element TVs aren’t just affordable. But they’re also of much better quality. 

Yes, both of these TV brands may offer the cheapest TV deals one could get. 

But, Insignia achieves that because its TV parts are outdated and old. 

Meanwhile, Element can lower its TV prices because of its U.S.-based assembly plant. 

And that doesn’t compromise the quality of their TVs. 

Moreover, Element has better customer support than Insignia. 

So, even if you encounter problems with your Element TV…

You can rest easy knowing they got your back. 

With that said, here’s a list of Element TVs I highly recommend: