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Can A TV Turn On By Itself? 5 Reasons + Fixes (2023)

Can A TV Turn On By Itself

Have you experienced being awakened by your TV suddenly turning on?

I have.

And it was downright spooky.

Especially since I was alone.

Luckily, it ended up being an easy problem to fix.

And I was back to sleeping soundly in no time.

How exactly did I resolve the issue?

Continue reading to find out:

  • 5 possible reasons why your TV is turning on by itself.
  • 5 effective ways to stop your TV from randomly powering on.
  • Specific smart TV features that you should consider disabling.
  • And a lot more…

Can a TV turn on by itself?

A TV can turn on by itself. And it’s likely due to some defect on the remote. The power button likely got stuck. Or the remote’s low battery charge is causing it to send random signals. In addition, certain TV settings such as HDMI-CEC and Timer On can also cause a TV to randomly power on.

5 reasons why your TV is turning on by itself

#1: The remote control is defective

The number one reason why TVs randomly turn on is a defective remote.

For one, the remote’s power button may have gotten stuck. Likely due to dirt or debris build-up. 

Also, your remote’s batteries may be low on charge. And as a result, it sends random signals to the TV.

#2: You’ve enabled the TV’s Timer On setting

Practically every TV, smart or non-smart, has a Timer Off setting. With it, you can set a specific time for your TV to automatically power off.

But recently, a few modern TVs have also added a Timer On feature. An example of this is the Sony Android TV. 

This feature’s perfect if you want to use your TV as an alarm.

For example, you can schedule it to turn on just as your favorite morning show’s starting.

But while this is a good feature, it can also glitch at times. Therefore causing a TV to turn on at random hours instead.

#3: You’re using your TV’s HDMI-CEC feature

Most smart TVs these days have what’s called the HDMI-CEC feature.It’s short for HDMI Consumer Electronics Control.

Basically, this feature allows a TV remote to control HDMI-connected devices.

For example, you plugged a gaming console and a streaming device into your TV.

When the HDMI-CEC is on, you’ll be able to turn on and off those external devices. As well as adjust the volume. And navigate their menu. Using only your TV’s own remote control.

But in exchange…

Those external devices also gain partial control of your TV. And that includes being able to wake the TV from standby mode.

So when one of your external devices is glitching, it can randomly cause the TV to turn on.

And it’s why it isn’t always ideal to use HDMI-CEC. And you should consider switching it off.

Want a more detailed explanation of what HDMI-CEC is? 

If so, this video’s for you:

#4: There’s a glitch in your TV’s OS

Another possible reason why a TV powers on by itself is a glitch in its software.

Just like computers and phones, an operating system powers your smart TV.

However, your TV’s OS isn’t immune to issues. Bugs or errors are bound to appear.

And it usually happens when the software’s already outdated.

That’s why you should also ensure that your TV always has the latest updates.

#5: Your TV’s power supply board is malfunctioning

It’s also likely that your TV’s power supply board is malfunctioning. And that’s why is turning on unexpectedly.

The malfunction can be due to the usual wear and tear. Or it’s because certain parts of the board are already damaged.

If you suspect this is the case with your TV…

It’s best to get in touch with a technician. Attempting to fix your TV’s hardware on your own may only result in more issues.

How to stop a TV from turning on by itself

To stop a TV from turning on by itself, inspect the remote for any defects. Check if the power button got stuck. And replace the batteries if you’ve been using them for a while. Also, you should disable your TV’s HDMI-CEC. As well as the Timer On setting. And ensure that your TV’s OS is up to date.

So I just covered the most common reasons why a TV may turn on by itself. 

But as they say, for every problem, there’s a solution.

And there are plenty of fixes to stop your TV from powering on unexpectedly. Each of which I’ll discuss in detail.

#1: Fix your remote control

Since the remote’s the most likely cause of your TV turning on by itself…

You should therefore check it for any defects. 

You can start by inspecting the power button. See if there are tiny particles that got stuck inside. 

And if there are, try to get them out. You may use a hairpin or a toothpick to scrape those particles out.

Also, try to replace the remote’s batteries.

On average, they last around 6 to 12 months. 

So if you’ve had them for longer than that, take them out. And replace them with fresh ones.

And lastly, ensure that you properly store the remote after use. Place it in a drawer. Or somewhere away from the TV. 

So even if it begins sending out random signals…

It won’t affect your TV at all.

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#2: Unplug your TV when not in use

The easiest way to stop your TV from turning on by itself is to just unplug it. 

Yes, TVs have become so smart these days. They’re now capable of doing so many things.

But even then, no TV is smart enough yet to plug itself into an outlet.

And it’s impossible for it to turn on without a power source.

So make it a habit to unplug your TV.

Aside from preventing your TV from turning on by itself…

There are also several other benefits of regularly unplugging your device.

One, it reduces the risk of fire.

Another is it protects your TV from a sudden power surge.

And, of course, it helps reduce your electric consumption. Which, in turn, will lower your monthly bill.

#3: Switch off your TV’s timer settings

If your TV has a Timer On settings, you should disable it. When you do so, your TV doesn’t turn on by itself.

Here’s how to switch off Timer On on a Sony Android TV:

  1. Go to the main screen by clicking Home on your remote.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Scroll down and select Timers.
  4. Click On Timer and toggle it off.

And if you own another TV brand with a Timer On, the steps should be similar to Sony’s. Just look for the Timer option under Settings.

#4: Disable HDMI-CEC

I already went over what HDMI-CEC is. And how it can affect your TV’s power.

So now, I’ll walk you through the steps to switch it off on various TV brands.

But before that, it’s important to note that manufacturers vary in how they call HDMI-CEC.

On Samsung TVs, it’s called AnyNet+.

On Sony TVs, it’s called either BRAVIA Link or BRAVIA Sync.

On LG TVs, you’ll see it as SimpLink.

And it’s simply called CEC on Vizio, Roku, and Android TV.

How to turn off AnyNet+ on a Samsung TV

  1. Click your Samsung remote’s Home button.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Scroll down and select System.
  4. Look for Expert Settings and click it.
  5. Click AnyNet+ and toggle it on.

How to turn off SimpLink on an LG TV

  1. Press Home on your remote.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. Select General.
  4. Highlight SimpLink and turn it off.

How to disable BRAVIA Sync on a Sony TV

  1. Click Home on your remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Look for the External Inputs option and click it.
  4. Navigate to BRAVIA Sync Settings and select it.
  5. Click BRAVIA Sync Control and select Off.

How to turn off CEC on a Vizio TV

  1. Click Menu on your remote.
  2. Scroll down and select Settings.
  3. Look for CEC and click it.
  4. Select CEC Function and disable it.

How to turn off CEC on a Roku TV

  1. Click your Roku remote’s Home button.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select System.
  4. Click the Control other devices option.
  5. Uncheck System audio control.
  6. Uncheck 1-touch Play.

How to turn off CEC on an Android TV

  1. Press your Android remote’s Home button.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. Scroll down and select System.
  4. Select Consumer Electronics Control (CEC).
  5. Switch off HDMI Control.
  6. Turn off Auto Power On.
  7. Toggle off Auto Standby.

#5: Disconnect all external devices

Turning off HDMI-CEC should be enough to keep external devices from turning on your TV.

However, you may still consider disconnecting those devices. Just to be sure.

At least do it if you’re not going to be using the TV for a while. Such as when you’re going to bed.

Bonus: Contact your TV’s manufacturer for assistance

Contact Your TV's Manufacturer For Assistance

If your TV’s power issue is due to a hardware defect, you should talk to a representative.

You may ask about repair options. And you can verify whether your TV’s warranty can cover the issue.

If you’re a Samsung TV owner, you may call them at 1-800-726-7864. You may also reach out to them via chat on their website.

For LG owners, their tech support number is 1-800-243-0000.

For Vizio, it’s 1-877-698-4946. And for Sony, it’s 1-888-476-6972.

And if you own another TV brand… 

You may try to look for your manufacturer’s support number in this list.